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  1. Exactly. I still say that they should have cut the safety on the spot for that gaff.
  2. Wow, too much finger pointing going on and you want to point the finger at an NFL conspiracy, How freaking ironic is that!
  3. Couldn't even tell you. Good question, what happened to the shut down defense that we saw in the onset of both P.O. games only to fade in the the home stretch? On the flip side, what happened to the dynamic offense in both games that petered out in the 2nd half. Going out on on limb, but could it be that we have a coach/coordinators who, for whatever reason, can't put together a complete game plan, inculding 2nd half adjustments? No excuses why we aren't enroute to New Orleans, none!
  4. Sorry, but in the last two games M. Nolan and the defense choked. Matt Bailed them out against the Hawks, came up short against the 9ERS, simple as that. Deal with and move on.
  5. Hard to say, next year's opponent' s record may not what some of Y'all precieve and where will that leave us? Back to square one , SOS - Falcons didn't beat anyone noteworthy and it's dam funny.
  6. To the OP please provide some facts that u base ur opnion on, otherwise ur just embarrassing yourself.
  7. How bout we let a bit of common sense sink in, if it's possible in your less than objective brain, given the sad state of affairs that we were saddled with with regards to the Atlanta Falcons running game in 2012, would it just be outside the realm of possibilty that any D Coord worth his salt wouldn't game plan against the Falcon's vaunted air attack? Unforntunately, we just couldn't balance that with an effective ground attack, that could keep defenses off stride? Pure and simple as that, and if we could, you would be a distant memory of posters who continue to find fault with the great
  8. Some might disagree, but this loss was on the defense any way you slice it. Falcons were fortunate to get past the Seahawks with the D's 2nd half collapse and their 4th qtr collapse against the 9ers , which imo, just reinforces my belief why we are talking about what could have been, and are forced to deal with the reaility thatwe are currently faced with.
  9. Nope, but if it tickles ur fancy CVS pharmacies have coke on sale 4 12 packs for $10
  10. Didn't bother reading, saw the OP name as thread creator and accurately predicted thread subject. You'ere getting old and, much as hold an open mind to differing opinions, none of your's have merit.
  11. Is it entirely possible that Ryan had a little to do with the impressive nbrs that JJ/RR/TG put up? That, and the "ALL WORLD running game". Give it up my man, your agenda is getting tiresome.
  12. Exactly. Too many ppl fixated on the term "Elite" when decribing a QB, not to sound like a broken record but, he's only as "elite" as his supporting cast allows him to be.
  13. Fam on three. WE got ur back sorry for ur loss.
  14. Tks for the title correction. At first glance, my first thought was the defensive comparisons, which didn't give a great deal of confidence.
  15. A whole bunch of little girls on this forum. Really, Y'all really want to go there? Grasping at straws to make excuses why we lost? My Shoe was untied, sun was in my face, etc. How bout facing reallity, this team just wasn't up to the task Defensiviely and, all the crying isn't going to change a dam thing, all that does is make y'all look like sore losers.
  16. A whole thread was neccessary to make ur point? Why not just use the ignore feature and remain silent - Same results. But no, you have do like some MB divas here do and try to make a "Hey look at m me" thread. Feel free to add me to ur ignore list,
  17. Maybe I'm missing something? 'Best place to watch the game Sunday seems like moot point" at this time.
  18. Sounds liike me after any Falcons loss, this loss was just more tougher to digest.
  19. Financial concerns maybe and, besides Baker wasn't too shabby, and it pains me to say that
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