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  1. I get it. All i'm saying, is that Smitty, along with many other team leaders have stated on numerous occasions what has been painfully obvious to even the most novice fan.
  2. We seem to have this reoccurring debate every year. Until the FO realizes that we there is a deficicency in the trenches, then your question is next to impossible to accurately predict.
  3. Putting words in Roddy's mouth? Did Roddy actually say "Smitty should be fired"?, or are you just reading between the lines? Just curious.
  4. Sounds like the old coaching alibi to me. Please stop. Name 1 DL, outside of the Beerman .Drafting talent in the trenches has never been TD's Forte
  5. Hopefully coach Nolan will read these words of wisdom and plan accordingly.
  6. Given the inability to mount an effective pass rush, what our CBs have accomplished thus far is nothing short of a miracle.
  7. Whose the Hot Mama with the Red hair? Nice pics!
  8. Something I don't get either. Must be the ego thing. Didn't like when Roddy was "Disgruntled" about his contract extention, and won't like if the same scenario with Matt plays out. Honor the contract that you willingly endorsed and "let the chips fall where they may".
  9. Los Ang, err I mean, Atlanta Falcons will finish 12-4, tops in the NFCS, Wins the NFCCG, only to lose to the J. Gruden led Oakland Raiders in the SB. Meanwhile, LA will offer Mark Davis a "Deal he can't refuse", relocates them, starting in 2014, and sends Arthur a huge check for his troubles. All's well that ends well for the tax paying citizens of Atlanta
  10. Should probably cut PS to 2 games, as far as the "All star game", prob will be moot, cause it's future is in doubt, besides you watch the Pro Bowl" lately? Barely more physical than 2 hand touch.
  11. Care to reiterate a SINGLE FACT that I could refute? I await with bated breath.
  12. You have a great deal in common with a a rock, and I'm being nice.
  13. I'd be dishonest if I said I even understood that statement, but unfortuntaily the "Top five defense didn't show up twice when it mattered the most!
  14. Sad state of affairs, when we have play the race card to further someone's agenda as to why African Americans aren't proportionatlely represented in coaching opportunities. The Civil War ended some time ago, and some just can't move on to bigger and better things.
  15. My goodness, 42 2nd half pts allowed in the playoffs, and you can't figure out the obvious. Dam!
  16. Which leads to what some just don't get. NFL QBs get too much blame when thing go wrong and, too much praise when thing go well, rather than buying in to the team concept.
  17. Well, not one to critique who is or is not a Falcon fan, and I take exception to anyone here who does so based upon differering opinions. The fact that the past five years under Ryan have been the most prolific in franchise history speaks for itself. Do we all wish things have been different against the Niners? Sure. My question would be why single out an indivuial, who try as some may, can't dispute, that without Ryan, this time is a .500 team at best. Far from a "Homer", and have been a strong distractor as to what I find fault with this team, but Ryan is far down the food chain in th
  18. .That were you're wrong if you had any inkling of my posting history. Do I spout off about preceived deffiencies(Constuctive I would hope), with this team - Sure I do. But you're the one trying to me this personal
  19. First off ,I don't need ur help. Just dam tired of the blame game and endless excuses that were once attributed to past coaches/coordinators, whom have been dropping like flies before our very eyes, and given Nolan's performance lately, he'll will be next up on the list of scapegoats. Think about this for a moment with a clear head, when was the last team that has changed both coordinators/OLC, streghth coach, and I believe secondary coach in such a short time? See something wrong with that picture? The problem lies further up in the "Food chain". If you can't see that, then I can't help you
  20. I'm sorry, but lack of effective Cooordinators/OLC were deemed to be our problem in the past by most here, well those guys aren't around anymore. Whose next on the chopping block? Running out of scapegoats. Smith, as much as I admire him better watch his back
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