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  1. Don't quote me, but I think you have to have a minimum 100 posts to start a thread. BTW - Welcome.
  2. Bumpmeister - Slow day at the office eh? Don't you think that you're bit harsh on our Crescent City visitors? :P Round two coming up!
  3. Appears someone's got a lot of time on their hands, bumping a 3yr old thread, Really?
  4. has not set their status

  5. Why are you like that man? This offense is not elite, stick to your guns. Very good, but not elite.
  6. Thank you!. I find it strange, and I don't have the stats handy (sack wise), but it seems to me that not too long ago, the OL was getting Matt killed. I believe the nbr of sacks has decreased significantly. Might there be a direct correlation with MJ12's return, less targeting of Gonzo, and a different blocking scheme in place to hide the OL deficencies? All of the above, in my estimation has allowed Matt more time to go through his reads without fear for his life.
  7. The bumpmiester at it again, eh? Admit it - You live for these moments
  8. Pointless really. Most if not all have left the boards or changed their s/name.
  9. Bammmmmmmmm - Crow Chef strikes again!
  10. You wrote that blog? if you did, kindly explain why didn't you sign your work so fans could research your prior works and maybe discover an hidden agenda?
  11. Yes i was born in anniston, grew up in atlanta, basically around little five points. You, my friend have lot in common. Just click on my profile, and click on add as a friend.!

  12. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/falconstv/?video_id=632738590001 enjoy
  13. Keep the growth and leave the wife :ph34r: Now was that such a tough decision? J/K Of course :P
  14. Yep, guess some habits are hard to overcome. F u MV!
  15. Hmmm, this is surprising to some? Probably had a long night at a Va Bch club. :ph34r:
  16. Just saw the scroll on the NFL network that both Sid and Trey are inactive.
  17. So very many conflicting reports floating about today - Spoon playing, Spoon not playing, Vick #2, Vick # 3 - Sheesh, hard to keep track :P . Get your rest Spoony, see you next week.
  18. That trend should contine today for a vareity of reasons - Eagles OL is sub standard, Kolb is a target wating to happen, Eagle's D against the run, so I'm told, is below avg and prob the most compelling reason is last yr's game, say what you will, but, I believe the Falcons come out with a big, big chip on their shoulders.
  19. True. Your situation does sound screwed up. I really don't care about local TV, cause I have NFL ticket, but would prefer to tape the game as well as watching it live. Now on the NFL ticket channels, it lists the game 1-5:30, so unless I stop recording right after the game, I end up recording nothing but the Directv logo for about 2 1/2 hrs Good luck, hopefully you get the game.
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