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  1. This year he has been nearly a run below the league average ERA. While he may not be dominant, he has been very effective this season, at least so far.
  2. Big fan of Posey...he has been remarkable thus far. The amount of power he has displayed is surprising, but he is a very good contact hitter. He will certainly be one of the best catchers in the game (pretty soon, I believe). I've been very impressed with his defense. Having only been catching since his sophomore(?) year in college, I know the Giants had concerns about his readiness at that position in the majors. But since taking over as the full time catcher after Molina was dealt, he has been very good behind the plate. His throws to second are very accurate, he's pretty quick behind the pl
  3. Good inning. It would have been nice to get that third runner in, but I'll settle for scoring two and taking the lead.
  4. There we go. Nice hit by Diaz.
  5. To be honest, we are probably playing better baseball right now than the Mets and Phillies. The Mets just scored their first run since Sunday (a stretch of like 25 innings or something) and the Phillies should have lost their first three games after the All Star break. Luckily for them, Marmol walked 5 batters and blew the save. But, obviously, we aren't playing well right now.
  6. I wouldn't be too concerned about the pitching. As for the hitting, it's only been 3 games. We caught Dave Bush while he has been on a good streak. As mentioned by Joe Simpson, we often struggle against lefties (not really an excuse). The lineup today won't be the typical lineup to expect on a regular basis. It's also not uncommon for offenses to struggle a bit after the All Star break. I think it's way too early to start thinking something is truly wrong with the team. Losing back to back games to Milwaukee isn't the most pathetic thing a baseball team could do.
  7. If the Giants hold on to that lead and beat the Mets, the Phils would move into second place. And fwiw, the Padres are tied in the 5th inning against ARZ (SD is a half game behind us for best record, atm).
  8. Mets down 5-0 entering the third.
  9. The Mets get shut out once again, so that makes the loss a bit easier to take. 3 hitter by the Giants. Mets struggles continue.
  10. Completely agree. FWIW, his final statline for his debut was 8 IP, 1 H, O R, 6 K, 2BB
  11. Jo Jo Reyes had a no hit bid ended in the 8th inning in AA.
  12. Jo Jo Reyes lost a no hitter bid in the 8th inning. (Wrong thread)
  13. Yeah. You can't expect to sweep a 4 game series. The Brewers are good hitting team and they got a good performance out of Randy Wells tonight. Hopefully, we'll be able to come back and take the next two games.
  14. So then continue being an idiot and think that Hanson is a #4 pitcher.
  15. Let's see. This is his second year. After posting a 2.89 ERA in his rookie year, you may seem correct in thinking that he has regressed this season. However, if anything, he has made a nice progression, even if his ERA doesn't show it. Hanson has been extremely unlucky this season. If a player has a very high BABIP, it may mean they’re getting very lucky on the balls they’ve hit and are due for regression, while players with a low BABIP are probably under-performing their true talent level and are also due for regression. Hanson's BABIP this year is currently at .350. That is extremely high. T
  16. Meet the Most Talented Rotation in the Minors Also, Baseball America has been raving about Teheran, Vizcaino, Minor, and Delgado. They think very highly of Teheran and Vizcaino. I at least one of those pitchers has appeared on Baseball America's prospect hot sheet every week.
  17. Hopefully we can carry the momentum from the 'Stros' series into this one. At this point, we may be better off with Infante in the lineup. I don't think it's a great loss if we see Infante in the lineup for a couple weeks so Escobar can get healthy.
  18. Vazquez has been atrocious this season.
  19. Bold prediction: We will win this series (or at least a game).
  20. I didn't think people really cared enough about the Indians to hate them. My list would be: Mets Phillies Yankees Cubs Red Sox Dodgers Marlins And, still, the Yankees are the "most hated" team but they also have the most fans. The large amount of positive rating they received probably were able to balance out the negative.
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