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  1. This will not matter to the Trump minions. They are permanently lost in his stupidity. Trump could cover himself in fresh feces, walk into a room full of his minions, brag about how good he looks and smells, and those idiots would ask where they could get the same feces to cover themselves.
  2. Yep, and over 4K (and growing) stupid MF'ers "like" and/or agree with that stupid MF'er!
  3. Wait, I thought Obama was a Communist-Nazi-Socialist-AntiChrist-Muslim-Jackbooted-Thug-Terrorist operative born in Kenya??
  4. Dan just needs to understand it is nothing more than "locker room talk and banter".
  5. Children with cancer and battered women do not even register with Trump. Not surprising.
  6. Ignore that person. Anybody that believes that Trump is honest has most likely been eating Tide Pods.
  7. Or has an "(R)" by his/her name.
  8. Oh well, with the evangelicals love of Trump, nothing surprises me.
  9. So, ole "skillet hands" is a MAGA minion?
  10. Yep, Tomi strives to have the bigger Adam's apple though.
  11. Ann Coulter wannabe.
  12. Not only No, but **** EFFING NO!!