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  1. Yes, forfeit the rest of the game, get on the plane, and go home.
  2. Charmin soft defense.... game over!
  3. Special teams is completely lost.
  4. All aspects of the game starting out terribly.
  5. It's the typical Trump Occult.
  6. Did you call ICE on the wedding party?
  7. It does not matter. His idiot supporters will continue to back him.
  8. The only problem, is that the majority of those who wear these, will do absolutely nothing when confronted with the situation that the t-shirt describes. They are fake patriots.
  9. It's called being a good "member" of the "Trump Occult"
  10. To summarize the above.....
  11. Gaetz is a joke, just like Gym Jordan.
  12. "It's OK, no worries, once Trump implements those tariffs on Mexico, ALL of the plants down there will close up shop and move back to the US...... MAGA!!!"