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  1. Also, NK will never denuclearize.
  2. SHS is a scumbag.
  3. Anything short of saying that Hillary and Comey should be dressed in orange jumpsuits and ball & chained together was always going to draw this type of response from the Trump minions.
  4. "Only the best people!!"
  5. And the snowflakes begin to fall.
  6. So a Hillary indictment is imminent?
  7. Trump is pure garbage. His tweet didn't surprise me at all. He is already on record saying that he doesn't like POW's.
  8. Trumps minions don't even wait for him to mix the kool-aide, they simply snort the powder.
  9. I am not surprised at all. Remember, Trump said this about McCain.... “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” The people who work in Trump's administration are a reflection of his "leadership". He is a scumbag, therefore they are scumbags too.
  10. It's just locker room talk. No need to take it personal.
  11. Jimmy Kimmel: Hey Sean, can you recommend a good attorney? Sean Hannity: FU Jimmy!!
  12. Comey is loving it. Nothing like having the POTUS helping to sell your book for free!
  13. In Trump's case, Jake is going to be the "heat shield".
  14. Trump's Tax Returns?
  15. The Chinese leadership know they are dealing with an amateur. The scary part is that the rest of the world's dictators know this as well.