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  1. Not only No, but **** EFFING NO!!
  2. ROFL!!!!!!!!
  3. The Falcons made a HUGE MISTAKE by hiring Steve Sarkisian and not promoting Matt LaFleur to OC.
  4. It will be 6 after this season.
  5. Sarkisian should be fired right after this game, how f**cking stupid can one OC be?!?!??!?
  6. Complete BONEHEADED play calling in the redzone!!!!!!!!
  7. See what I mean? Danica Sarkisian at the wheel = instant wreck!
  8. We have a Lamborghini offense with Danica Patrick at the wheel.
  9. Agreed, due mostly to stupidity.
  10. No Sack defense.. literally and figuratively.
  11. Piss poor tackle attempt by Neal... again