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  1. Makes you wonder if Ben Carson has actually tried brain surgery on himself.
  2. **** you Sarkisan.... worthless **** playcalling!!
  3. **** you Sarkisan.... worthless **** playcalling!!
  4. **** you Sarkisan.... worthless **** playcalling!!
  5. Beasley has been terrible tonight.
  6. Now now, don't forget, there were "good people on both sides" and "thoughts and prayers" were offered!!
  7. Only The Best People!
  8. This is "Winning"! Pay no attention to what the FAKE NEWS tells you! /sarcasm off
  9. That is just Shapiro marketing his own brand. If he wants to debate, run for office.
  10. Judge Jeanine would be having nightly on-air orgasms over it!!
  11. Trump and his diseased minions sure are triggered today!!
  12. Don The Con is triggered this morning.
  13. Those people are diseased.
  14. Abrams only chance to win, is if all of the following happens: 1. Huge (probably historic) turnout of minority and 18-24 year old voters. 2. Run up the vote in the cities of Atlanta, Augusta, Athens, Macon, Savannah, and Columbus. 3. Run up the vote in those counties along a corridor between Columbus, Macon, and Augusta. Even with all of that, her chances increase from a "snowball in ****" to an "iceberg in ****".