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  1. "Diamond & Silk"?!?! More like "Bull & Sheet"!!
  2. When his 15 minutes of fame are up and the Trump Occult has used him up, Gallagher will end up destroying himself. Most likely he will end up in prison or offing himself.
  3. Van Drew is just your typical dumb effing occult supporter.
  4. Trump definitely belongs right up there with the following, when it comes to being "The Chosen One"....
  5. When it comes to the military, I expect this type of behavior from Trump. He treats those who served and are serving with contempt, ridicule, and utter hatred. In reality, Trump is nothing but a yellow-streak-down-the-back coward with no honor or dignity. Imagine being in the military today knowing that you had to take orders from a lily-livered "commander-in-chief".
  6. Translation: Trump wants to look like he backs Hong Kong, but he is scared sheeitless of Xi.
  7. I don't have any problems with the Trumpsters in my family. We have an agreement. They don't bring up Trump and I don't call them "dumb effing occult members".
  8. Jeff Sessions is a coward and is the definition of a dumb-effing Trump occultist.
  9. Best ignored.... nobody gives a **** about Tulsi or Hillary.
  10. If you believe President "II Duce" wrote that, then I have some ocean-front property in western Kansas that I will sell you! That was definitely written by Ivanka, it looks and sounds like the BS she would say!
  11. Not to mention, making sure her clothing line is exempt from tariffs.
  12. Don't forget about "Daddy's Little Girl" sitting in an office next to him in the White House.
  13. LOL.... a 50 burger!!