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  1. Isn't capitalism wonderful?
  2. If you don't like GQ magazine (or any other magazine), it is real simple, don't buy it, don't read it.
  3. You mean they will hang 40 on us!
  4. Elliott will probably set the NFL record for rushing yards in a single game in addition to 2 or 3 TD's. Dallas will probably beat us 40-10.
  5. The Falcons had better hope that Elliott's suspension is upheld, because if not, he will run for 200+ yards against us.
  6. When the team plays undisciplined, soft, scared, and stupid, they are not going to win any games.
  7. Undisciplined, soft, scared, and stupid.
  8. Undisciplined, soft, and now scared.
  9. Hooper screwed up there, just like Aikman said.
  10. MAGA .... Manafort And Gates Arrested
  11. And Trumps "Useful Idiot" supporters will buy into every bit of it too.