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  1. Donald Trump doesn't understand a lot of things.
  2. Brainwashing session going on in Arizona tonight.
  3. Hannity was never going to be waterboarded. He is a sniveling little coward.
  4. If they did that, then I would insist they just blow the **** thing up!
  5. No, they don't need to blow up Stone Mountain. They just need to carve an image of Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman just above the current image, put a "1" beside it and put a "0" beside the current image.
  6. These Trump supporters are almost to the level of Reverend Jim Jones followers.
  7. Here is something for all the Trump supporters to have and to hold while curling up in the fetal position....
  8. He didn't forget. It wasn't a Muslim, minority, gay, or transgender that he could use to push some type of ban or at least, hold another "campaign rally" with his brainwashed minions.
  9. You're wasting your time with these hardcore Trump minions. They are brainwashed way beyond hope. Even worse, they are proud of it.
  10. Scaramucci will fit right in with Trump, con-man in training. At least Kellyanne Conway, will have another "political whore" to communicate with in the cabinet.
  11. Trumps lawyer, Jay Sekulow blames the Secret Service for allowing DJT to meet with the Russians. <SMH> http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/week-transcript-16-17-jay-sekulow-rep-adam/story?id=48655945
  12. Can't be Trump posting this, he doesn't have time to watch the media!!
  13. The Dems should nominate Mark Cuban in 2020. The debates could be moderated by Jim Ross and sponsored by the WWE, MMA, and UFC.