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  1. With all the news coming out of the justice department this week, only one question needs to be answered... Is this finally the day that Hillary will be indicted and sent to Guantanamo?!?! #MAGA #OwnTheLibs #SmockingGun #EtcEtcEtc.
  2. Meadows represents one of the most red districts around and his re-election is almost automatic. Why in the **** would he even consider serving in the most effed-up administration in the history of this country?
  3. It should be historically accurate. Carve out images of Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman just above the existing images. Carve a "1" beside the Union images, carve a "0" beside the Confederate images, and carve the word "Final" at the bottom.
  4. The way this team is playing/coached, I can't see us winning another game this season.
  5. ROFL how effing stupid can this team get?!?!
  6. No, our team makes themselves look weak and unskilled.
  7. OMG... it's a EFFING MIRACLE... they actually scored a TD?!?! Well even a blind, deaf, and stupid squirrel finds a nut at least once!!
  8. Millions of dollars invested in this offense and the best you can do is 3 MOTHER EFFING POINTS?!?!
  9. I hope they hang 50 on this bunch of inept IDIOTS. Nothing seems to be getting thru to Blank and his minions!
  10. You need a effing yard, so yeah, hand off to the back who is 7 yards deep, since you haven't been able to run the ball all night..... IDIOTS!!!
  11. ******** bunch of effing IDIOTS running this team!!!!!!!!
  12. WTF are these play calls!?!?!?
  13. Well, this team can't cover, tackle, run the ball, take care of the ball, or score... otherwise, we are doing OK.
  14. Wide *** open. How effing sorry can our defense get?