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  1. Might as well see if Westboro Church and those protesting Sharia Law will show up too. Go full-fledged freak show!
  2. So, if CNN covers protesters that are protesting CNN, is it fake news?
  3. Trump got his inspiration from Vince McMahon. The irony, is that Linda McMahon is part of the Trump cabinet.
  4. Yep, Newt has went full throttle consumption when it comes to Trump and his BS.
  5. I can already see the responses.. "Alt-truth" "Taken out of context" Newt has really fallen for the con that Trump has spread over the Republican party.
  6. A more accurate description would be "Dumb****istansheepright" and "Dumb****istansheepleft".
  7. This is correct. These networks are in the business of ratings and just telling the news will not get ratings. The days of Cronkite, Reynolds, and Chancellor giving just the news are long gone and never to return. I prefer to listen to C-Span when it comes to political news. They give all sides and are insightful. The networks (CNN, Fox, MSNBC) are sensationalized and loaded with BS artists.
  8. It's a great movie... one of my favorites
  9. Hey, that's "lousy sneaky bastage" to you.... fargin icehole!!
  10. Simple solution, don't watch CNN, if you don't like CNN.
  11. Don't underestimate the "fanatics" when it comes to Trump. They will exhaust the world's supply of Febreeze to cover his bull feces.
  12. Nikki should start wearing clothing that looks good with tire tracks.
  13. Trump himself has no idea what it means. Even worse, his "fanatics" have no idea what it means, but they will yell MAGA or sumsht.
  14. No, it's just click-bait to keep his "fanatics" watching.
  15. Let's hope that none of that 110 billion in arms is used against the US in the future.