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  1. Having the chance to beat the dynasty team and collapsing on the worlds biggest stage. Does everyone realize all you are going to hear about and see for a long long time is highlights of the patriots overcoming the biggest deficit in Super Bowl history at the hands of the once again lowly Atlanta falcons. It's not like the game was close all the way through and lost in the end. We blew another huge lead in the second half and may I remind you this isn't the first time. The one constant in all of this is Matt. He goes cold much to often in big games and makes poor decisions like freezing up ton
  2. All you have to do is look at the game yesterday to know that the chemistry in the organization is screwed up no way the Falcons lay a goose egg and play as horribly as They have the last few weeks unless something is terribly wrong on the inside that should be enough for you to get your answers on this debate this is exactly like Miami was when they were trying to get rid of their head coach. The players stoped playing
  3. I knew we were screwed when Dan and Thomas started calling each other little cutesy pet names. Thomas should of been gone by now for not addressing the pass rush more and the o line. Also we need a proven coach instead of all these rookies mora, petrino, smith, Quinn. Smith was just mostly lucky with a young hungry Matt Ryan and Michael turner winning him a lot of games. Still couldn't win any of the big games.
  4. I'm totally okay with that defense on 4th &19 but just letting them have the needed field goal yardage uncontested is unacceptable on third down. I think everyone will agree that the few times we've blitzed this year they were successful. If it was Brady or Rodgers then it's a different story but a rookie QB, mettenberger, gabbert, etc. PATHETIC sticking with a four man rush all game long
  5. Seems as though some have misunderstood the intent of the post. It is to bring to light that Quinn plays not to lose way to much. Remember the 4th& 2 at San Fran when we brought on the field goal unit down by four. Tony Siragusa during the Titans game asked Quinn at halftime why no blitz. Low and behold we blitzed and shut down the Titans. I understand it was poor tackling but even if we make the tackle they had a comfortable field goal range to tie us. My point was play to win dont even let them in field goal range in the first place. WIN IT THERE
  6. Sorry if already mentioned but why is no one talking about that pathetic defense called on the 3rd &19. Playing not to lose sucks and is unacceptable. It was if Quinn was saying here we are okay with you getting ten yards underneath to get in a comfortable field goal range to tie us. F@$$ that instead of playing everyone back twenty yards WHY NOT BRING THE HEAT and force a bad throw or get a sack and seal the victory and then we wouldn't even be talking about Ryan.
  7. If i were your boss and you are screwing up on the job and I the boss told you that you have to work over everyday one hour and saturdays until you get it corrected. How many saturday's do you think it would take until you GOT FOCUSED? You get the point. Make these overpaid pre madonnas stay over in practice and run extra laps, do more drills, full practices all week long. Now, how long do you think they would want to keep that up before they finally quit bucking up. It worked in high school football because your teammates will whoop your @$$ if you keep screwing them. Quinn needs to quit b
  8. typical day in the life of an Atlanta Falcons fan. We should be used to these huge disappointments by now
  9. If we mix it up there is no doubt in my mind we win
  10. We had 8 minutes to work the ball down field. What a brain freeze on the coaching staff
  11. Bottom line is yeah matt has had many great game winning drives but lately he has been very shaky. GIVE THE DA@$ ball to freeman or pass it to and let him do his thing
  12. Great point about not taking shots down field. Kyle shanahan is starting to concern me. Never a chance at pass interference calls when you dont even try. Worked for tampa today.
  13. Our offensive player of the month doesn't even touch the ball and we play into our biggest weakness. We acted like we had less than a minute to score. Defenses bullrushing knowing we are passing has been our biggest weakness. Why did we not mix it up with some run plays with our second best player on the team. No, we elect to drop matt back whos been nothing but a liabilty as of late and trust him. WHAT GIVES
  14. So many second half collapses dating all the way back to 2008 I think it was when we up on the cardinals by ten at half only to see the cardinals shut us down in the second half and go on to the superbowl. Or 2011 green bay divisional romped in the second half. 2013 seattle game one week and then san fran the next two huge half time leads blown. I started this thread to try to get to the bottom of why this continues to happen through several years now. Trust me no one wants to more positive and excited about this new venture than me but something is terribly wrong. The only common denominato
  15. As much as i want to feel about this win I can't. Yet again we collapse in the second half and blow a big lead and have to rely on the other team to screw up to escape. How can it be that we have completely different coaches and many different players but still look the same in the second half. Soft defense with no blitzing. Bone headed third on one at a crucial time of the game and all we can dial up is a run play sideways that has no chance. Why Why Why was Kroy Bierman in for most of the second half. He is nothing but a liability and tonight he almost cost us the game single handedly. Bea
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