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  1. This thread is not going in the direction I was hoping for... 🤷‍♂️
  2. So is vomit... like you spew forth from your keyboard with every post. As is urine... like the kind you choose to injest with your cherrios on a daily basis. So are tears... 😭
  3. I have long been an advocating building the trenches, but Grady would like to talk about rule #4.
  4. Yeah, but... 25% into the season and The dude looks lost. The missed tackle on McKissick sums up the whole season so far. Pass coverage was once his strong suit, and now he's worst in the league.
  5. $35... hold up while I get my DeLorean and we go back to 1988. Seriously $35 won't get you into see a movie with your woman with popcorn and a drink. $35 is like 3 hours of work at quick trip. You can't get 4 combo meals for $35. Blank would give out the tickets for free before he charged $35 for a lower level seat. Absolutely blown away that you think this makes any logical sense.
  6. I think Smith addressed this in an earlier press conference when he said the draft picks were "not on scholarships". Sometimes you miss with picks, Sometimes a developmental pick like Mayfield has to take his lumps when Gono and Andrew's go down. 2 deep on the IR list at one position to start the season sucks. Draft picks not dressing reaffirmed that Smith practiced what he preached, and guys will have to earn these spots.
  7. You have been blasting this nonsense all camp. Starting to believe you are the one with the problem. Why are you posting this same crap after every press conference?
  8. "But, I, somehow, someway, keep comin' up with funky *** **** like every single day" Snoop Dang guys... you missed the easy one.
  9. His speech pattern is that of someone who is thinking about their words carefully before speaking. If you have any experience conducting job interviews you would see the same thing. It's not a sign of a speech pattern, rather an intelligent person choosing the right word for the audience. Behind closed doors I'm sure Smith brings the BDE. Doing that with the media would not be the best look.
  10. Man, I am really enjoying Smith. These interviews are super authentic. I really hope he has a successful career here, he says all the right things.
  11. Stay hurt? WTH man. Why would you wish that upon anyone? Seriously as if your Ryan bs wasn't bad enough. Go play in traffic... Stay hurt or just die. The world needs one less mouth to feed.
  12. Yup. Gotta be a potato bun. They hold up well with the high fat I like, but squish down when you bite into them unlike other fancy buns. Keep it simple.
  13. I'm in the 25-27% camp. I like to sear them on a hot grill then let them go at about 350-400 until medium. Toasted bun should soak up some, but not all of the yummy juice as you make a giant mess eating it.
  14. Wow... is dled slowly getting his **** together...?!?
  15. Lol... I was looking things up on urban dictionary. Thanks for the clarification 👍
  16. Maybe I'm a mental midget... but I can't make this work... need some help please.
  17. I put up a legit antenna and wired the coax in to the line that direct TV used to be hooked up to. Pulled in 28 different stations all in HD from up to 150 miles away. By using the cable that was already installed to each room from direct TV and a small amplifier I had free TV in every room. The stations sucked for the most part but I was able to get all the major networks. I then found a box that allowed me to use an old hard drive to create my own dvr service. Between the antenna and Netflix I had all the content I could handle for 15$ per month after about 200$ on the antenna.
  18. The secondary should be an improvement. I am more worried about the DLine.
  19. This is the BS the down vote button is for. Please stop posting every random thought that you have into a new thread. Seriously. Stop.
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