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  1. Tell me what you think of individual responsibility? Or is that a foreign concept to you coomers?
  2. Again, what did bad orange man do that makes him more responsible than than the local govenors...?
  3. That entire article is quotes out of context and an opinion piece at best. Anything else?
  4. Yet how is it his fault? Are you going to keep asking questions with videos that are snipped and quotes taken out of context? Please explain the presidents direct responsibility so I can blame bad orange man also. You can point your finger at bad orange man, but only if you also point at the govenors, mayors, and individuals, as everyone has had a role in the epidemic.
  5. Fair enough, however your video is edited, he is responding to a question about testing. He is not responsible directly for that. So in that context, he is correct and not responsible.
  6. So he wasn't called a xenophope for locking down our borders when this began? Do you want a president that enforces martial law over the entire country? What actions do you feel like the president was required to take, that could not be handled at a local level?
  7. Potus is the executive branch... What responsibility does he have for mask policy at a local level?
  8. Can someone explain why Bad Orange Man is to blame for Covid? He was called a xenophope for canceling all of the flights from China, while Pelosi was having a press conference in china town, telling the world everything was okay. Just curious... If any govenors, mayors, or individuals have responsibility in this? Or is bad orange man the only scape goat?
  9. This is what happens when you kick the can. Cant rob Peter to pay Paul anymore. Our cap space is a joke and so is anyone that supports winning now at the cost of the future... The future is here boys and we have no money.
  10. Your poor ANALysis needed another thread? Mods please bring back the negative button.
  11. Agreed, some quality moments have been shared. I'm just worried this is going to April 30th here in FL. I can see plenty of peeps going crazy in the next 3 weeks.
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