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  1. We are in cap he'll. Your solution is to spend a pick on a position we don't need. Waste capital for 2 years. Celebrate cause he's two years older? WTH...
  2. I don't need to respond to the statute I cited, it is pretty clear to me how it reads. I will come back in the future to play these games as it is entertaining on so many levels. Have a good day gentlemen.
  3. You may need to brush up on reading comprehension. However, calling me smooth brain is like me calling you a coomer. What is the point?
  4. Kenosha county has requested 2000, and 1500 national guard, they received 125 and 250... At this point the govenors are responsible.
  5. At what point can someone walk down the street, get kicked in the head, and not be expected to defend themselves?
  6. Watch the whole video not the 5 second clip... Then we can have a real conversation. You are absolutely correct, this is not judge Dred. However, police must be allowed to protect themselves, the public, and the kids in the backseat. Remember this a domestic call.
  7. Resist arrest, dont listen, and reach into your car... Why is the mindset of following orders by police and letting a court decide the outcome so f'n stupid? Why is taking responsibility for ones own actions so f'n stupid?
  8. Yes, someone is a psychopath that resists arest, walks from one side of his car to the other and reaches inside the door.
  9. When are democatric govenors going to protect property and businesses? Protests do not equal arson, battery, assault, or any other actions that break the law.
  10. Did you watch the entire video? He could have been reaching in his car for a weapon. When are people going to take responsibility for their own actions?
  11. He litteraly walks to the end of the street with hands in the air, that's not exactly fleeing the scene.
  12. Did you see the other video? The one that shows him resisting arrest after supposedly being tased? If he follows instructions there would not be roits now.
  13. That's hersay, based on video guy was defending himself 100%. Even if he did as you claimed, not the smartest idea to chase a guy with a gun down the street and kick him in the head.
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