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  1. If Josh Allen's lame duck at the end of yesterday's game was any indication of his arm strength, add him to the list. That was ugly.
  2. If you think chicken wings are better than a good prime steak you may need to get out more. There is a reason one sells for $20 to $100+++ per pound and the other can be purchased from any crappy grocery store for $1.00 a pound.
  3. ^^^ All gas no breaks. You can hate the man for a metric ton of things, but that isn't one of them. Need more hat tipping for the right reasons.
  4. I hope that pick is fake, he looks soft as ****.
  5. Did you actually read the article? It's not bandwagon at all. Trust me I hate the ajc and d led, but I don't think the article says what you think it says...
  6. Just post random porn star pics... more relevant than draft talk in freaking November.
  7. You forgot the purple.
  8. I wasn't on the bash Sark hype train last year... I thought it was a bad hire, I still do. The players are still not executing properly. We are not seeing the slow role out of the playbook one week at a time like KS did in 2016 (that was a thing of beauty, kill them with 13 personel one week, and RBS out of the backfield the next, etc etc). There is no big picture plan like Kyle had. I'm afraid Kyle is going to blow it in SF and come back in a few years (see Patriots). Is Sark doing a "good" job? Sure. But we put up a historically great team in 2016. We have the same team in 2018 plus Riddly... I expect 30 points per game with the offensive weapons we have. I truly believe that 95% of the OCs in the NFL could get the same production with this offense that Sarkisian is or Better.
  9. We can't even get the movies to line up with the correct parts... If we continue to do these can I make a formal request of no force awakens, no menace, clones or sith either. However, if you want to do rogue one or solo, that's perfectly acceptable. Carry on.
  10. Betting over on two weeks for Mash... I think he's put the final nail in the coffin
  11. You can't praise them for two years when we have almost zero, then throw them out on year three when we have some freak things happen. Of course I am assuming you are talking about injuries...
  12. "Get ******* set"
  13. I like smash mouth football more than most. But... it would take two full off seasons just to retool the o line. Blank is not going to sign off on a total 180° turn with DQ at the helm, and DQ (right or wrong) is going to live or die with the ZBS... It sucks, as I think more teams who continue to go light in the pants on defense (like ours) will start getting mauled by a good power team. I think we will see a shift back soon.
  14. We have Coleman, who most agree we can't afford to keep him here next year. So you ride that train the season while Freeman is down. Less miles on Ito that way.