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  1. Yup. Gotta be a potato bun. They hold up well with the high fat I like, but squish down when you bite into them unlike other fancy buns. Keep it simple.
  2. I'm in the 25-27% camp. I like to sear them on a hot grill then let them go at about 350-400 until medium. Toasted bun should soak up some, but not all of the yummy juice as you make a giant mess eating it.
  3. Wow... is dled slowly getting his **** together...?!?
  4. Lol... I was looking things up on urban dictionary. Thanks for the clarification 👍
  5. Maybe I'm a mental midget... but I can't make this work... need some help please.
  6. I put up a legit antenna and wired the coax in to the line that direct TV used to be hooked up to. Pulled in 28 different stations all in HD from up to 150 miles away. By using the cable that was already installed to each room from direct TV and a small amplifier I had free TV in every room. The stations sucked for the most part but I was able to get all the major networks. I then found a box that allowed me to use an old hard drive to create my own dvr service. Between the antenna and Netflix I had all the content I could handle for 15$ per month after about 200$ on the antenna.
  7. The secondary should be an improvement. I am more worried about the DLine.
  8. This is the BS the down vote button is for. Please stop posting every random thought that you have into a new thread. Seriously. Stop.
  9. Exactly. I figure if we get it all out now, it will help with coping in the future.
  10. Here ya go... gonna start day 2 with some fun: https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/5/19/17370600/did-the-migos-turn-julio-jones-into-a-money-hungry-diva-serious-investigation-quavo-takeoff
  11. https://www.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/30368/julio-jones-finds-clean-diet-is-key-to-staying-on-field
  12. One would think an athlete of Jones' caliber would spend his offseason time in the weight room chiseling his body for the rigors of the season. The 6-foot-3, 229-pound Jones insists he doesn't even lift weights unless required to in-season. "I don't have an offseason workout regimen," Jones said. "I don't lift weights. I don't run. I don't do anything. I let my body rest. I just eat good."
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