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  1. Dude gets it. The queens will have all of thier gaps penetrated by our D before halftime.
  2. Dude has great gap discipline and vision... We might actually have a run d this year.
  3. Five things I know about Dled: 1. Lazy 2. Wears a bowtie, but can't pull it off. 3. Sounds like "(insert derogatory comments here)" 4. Is the Falcons journalist for the local paper, but continues to be out classed by every other organization out there, including bleacher report. 5. Has dirty pictures somewhere on someone.
  4. Bill changes his offensive and defensive schemes every year based on the personnel he has available to him. He changes them week in and week out based on what team he is playing. There is no secret weapon to beating the Patriots other than to have your players ready and execute at a high level.
  5. Wow, just spit my morning coffee everywhere lol .
  6. Hopefully the refs start letting the players play and force the coaches to use a challenge to review the "interference". I live in a fantasy world though.
  7. If I have proof in one hand and wish in the other, will you type in all caps more?
  8. Gonna throw this nugget on this dumpster fire of a thread. Best Julio quote ever: "I don't have an offseason workout regimen, I don't lift weights. I don't run. I don't do anything. I let my body rest. I just eat good."
  9. I know this is the off season... but things are getting kinda weird around here
  10. One day when we get rid of the shiny hood ornaments, chrome wheels, and fuzzy dice off this Ferrari, maybe we win the big one.
  11. Sounds great for a SAM to hold up the point of attack or cover a TE. Why not? Quinn has done crazier things. Campbell is not too far off of those measurables.
  12. Musta been some big *** fireworks.
  13. Tl/dr version : His trainer says hes never seen a 6'6 320 lbs man move like he is, and hes at his personal best benching 520 atm. He is making vet min 720k. Born again and hungry. The other stuff is drama. TD says he is on a short leash.