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  1. Or Patrick Willis, Greg Olsen, Joe Staley, Revis, Weddle, Yanda just to name a few....argggh
  2. Odd how the Ravens get to wait to play...but the Broncos don’t..:.be careful NFL your bias is showing....Baltimore and Nawlins getting all the benefit
  3. Anderson was worse by far....he was he was usually banged up, and game by game comparison is not even close; Jam in 60 games; - 4.5 sacks - 12 TFL’s - 19 Qb hits ———- Tak in 49; - 17 sacks - 22 TFL’s - 45 QB hits ————
  4. No. That’s my gut feeling. He is always laying his body on the line regardless of scenario. Similar to Andre Johnson and Gronk.
  5. Right, not a significant portion. Certainly no Brett Favre/Deion Sanders situations
  6. I was wondering if anyone has access to PFF grading from this last week? I’m not usually interested but I’m curious to see what outsiders thought of the wideout, QB, Defensive play. And I will say this about Dirk...I have though the dude is/was not a viable coordinator for some time, but when a very good playmaker in Hurst had no receptions, even with Julio out of 75% of the game is inexusable.
  7. Oh, if the argument was about guys flourishing when they left...then I agree. Even Lofton wasn’t special after he left. most recent guys I can think that played better after they left; Corey Peters, a handful of OL guys who went to other teams recently, Andre Robert’s...not a lot of other dudes have gone on to straight beast when they left
  8. Keith Brooking and Curtis Lofton. Keith did it when he went to the Bota and Lofton had his feelings hurt when he ended up on the Saints
  9. Tough...they have guys that routinely flash at all levels...they dont generate a ton from their pass rush to be fair. Crosby is by far their most consistent pass rusher.
  10. TO and Randy were malcontents...they were on a different scale. Julio is a better comp to Johnson from the Texans or Jerry Rice. That being said, Julio is 31...and Andre had a 1400 yard season in him at 32...and Jerry had a 1900 yard season in him at the age of 33
  11. I’m not a Ryan apologist...and I’m not a Ryan hater. he played like ya age yesterday, and on many plays had time...and they resulted in inappropriate sacks. He has to play better the OL was straight bad...but Koetter is garbage for an OC
  12. Is the whole Saints defensive line up for contract and Ryan/Koetter are trying to get them paid?
  13. Watch a rugby match...if he is physically tired from playing 40 snaps of 5 seconds each with lots and lots of breaks inbetween....he needs to play a new sport. He isnt a Dlinemen or OL who are wrestling every snap.
  14. I don't care if he isnt mobile or not...I do care if he throws the ball down the ****ed field when he has 4 seconds or more to do so. Mobility does little for bad pass blocking. Anticipation and willing to take chances on your guys is what a QB needs. Sometimes Ryan has IT....then there are significant stretches of time that he forgets how to play the game of football.
  15. He has 13 million reasons this season to have better mental and physical stamina. A person in his position should not be one of the highest paid players if he can only play where there is little adversity.
  16. Deion has played like crap this season...and a bunch of last season....he had no aggression in getting after Hill on that play. But Grady was literally being bear hugged the entire play.
  17. Combination of terrible OL play, Matt Ryan playing shell shocked and unathletic, and an O coordinator that has been considered garbage for quite some time. Perfect storm.
  18. Taysom has played 20 snaps as a starting QB....Lamar has received a ton of accolades over the last 2 years, has multiple years of experience, but has played below average season this season and deserves criticism.
  19. Very frustrating...solid wideouts all across the field and Hurst....and no attempt at passing when he had time.
  20. Sunday should be interesting, regardless of which team you root for.
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