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  1. Mike Smith is doin ok....made millions upon millions of hard earned dollars, setting up his family likely with generational money.
  2. Ed Oliver....oh wait...
  3. Wasted career where both have in just salary alone a combined 275 mill at this point....
  4. MNF

    Not to mention that not called PI on the left sideline in the 4th Q where the defender had his arm draped all over the Lions wideout.
  5. Ed so far has all of 11 tackles and 0 sacks...we’ll see if he turns it on as the season gets more underway.
  6. I liked Smitty, but he grew stale...this is just embarrassing what has happened to this team in the last 2 seasons. I gotta say, as much as Quinn and TD should be shown the door today, I blame the players too....when you have Probowl players at so many positions, it isnt a pure talent issue. Its motivation in addition to scheme. Guys like Ryan, Mack, Julio, Sanu, Grady, etc are supposed to be leaders. They should play like it, not just punching the clock to make a paycheck.
  7. Murray has already had some solid games prior to playing us
  8. A combination of Vick and Brady to be specific...and maybe Mahomes’ long lost brotha.
  9. I don’t agree that this is why we are failing though.... Someone mentioned familiarity; it takes special personalities to excel in situations where they are not being constantly pushed....guys like Julio, Grady, Allen come to mind. Most or many people need a real push to continue to excel due to lack of self motivation...I think Tru might be an example of that, Vic certainly shows tendencies of this. Guys like Bosher, Takk imo fall somewhere in between.
  10. Because it doesn’t the agenda...
  11. I don’t disagree with this...historically he either can’t or won’t make the necessary throws in the red zone on the regular. he was more adventurous about it when Tony was here...but you shouldn’t need a HoF TE to score red zone passing TD’s. In particular and oddly backshoulder and jump ball throws have never been his jam.
  12. Never understand the fascination with those places
  13. And Murray to be the first to (insert a gawky stat)
  14. To be fair, there has only been 2 regular season games @ Arizona in the interval(which you are accurate, we lost both)....we have beat them 7 times in the ATL since 2001.
  15. They aren’t paid to have fun, they are paid to compete at a high level, and they aren’t doing that very well.
  16. You are not taking into account how good Mahomes O-coordinator is in KC, and how poor the O coach is in Chicago.
  17. A lot... Lots of talent at various positions...veteran lockerroom with a good mix of younger and middle vets...and likely a top 5 pick in this year's draft.
  18. Well, he did have a drop last week that I remember...and then had a good 20 yard catch.
  19. I would still pick Julio over Thomas even with potential years of future play...Thomas is a possession receiver at its finest, but not worthy of top 5 consideration imo. He is Landry from the Dolphins/Browns, but with a better QB situation.
  20. Thats three playoff wins.... -Seattle in 2016 -GB in 2016 -Rams in 2017
  21. Lindstrom will likely be a good pick...injuries happen unfortunately. I haven’t liked our CB picks on a long time...Trufant was the last one I liked. And he hasn’t been great....ever
  22. We go 5-11 this season, thats my take.
  23. Cant have balance when we are down 2 TD's the entirety of the 2nd half.