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  1. It would be interesting to review as a study the current and ex players with psychological and personality disorders in the NFL amongst positions: ie do certain positions on the field and does length of time in the position lead to higher prevalence of disease? like comparing kickers to linebackers, etc
  2. So how does that explain the rest of similarly terrible humans? CTE is a real issue, but it’s also a scape goat for other mental health or personality disorders. It’s likely though that it worsens issues that are already underlying.
  3. He certainly has a different mentality than the average pro that wants to excel at their craft....he probably wants to excel at something else. He doesnt seem like a bad dude. Every profession has people like this....people that are very gifted at that job, but just don't enjoy the job. Just odd he would sign a contract with a different team only to not report
  4. Yeah I mean, if you run a high reliability organization this kind of stuff doesnt matter...but its likely to happen when there are only 1 or 2 people calling the shots towards the top...as someone mentioned earlier, egos prevail.
  5. Tim Dwight and Warrick Dunn for me
  6. I get it....he was different. Electric Fun to watch A humble attitude And for a time seemed to be the fastest person in the NFL...im not saying he was, but when he had a step you figured no one could catch him
  7. I would say Willie Moe over Neal...both have injuries but Willie played in double the games, 16 INT’s, 11 FF’s, 360 tackles, 3 sacks. Both had injury problems, nature of a tough position, but Neal has missed the last 2 whole seasons.
  8. Up here in Maine right now vacationing for a few days. No state has it perfect because who knows what perfect is in this situation. The combination though of a lack of large cities and decent policy has put a number of the New England states in ok positions at this moment. Hopefully it continues this way...but unfortunately premature decisions on other’s parts may play a role.
  9. Good luck to her, I am very sorry for his passing.
  10. Saw a handful of COVID patients yesterday at work, some with no symptoms, one was a middle aged healthy with no medical problems now hospitalized on oxygen. My buddies who are in ER’s in Texas, Florida, Cali and AZ are crushed right now...all in the name of economy, which incidentally is ****ing our economy because the stock market is tanking again.
  11. Carolina against us in 2006? I feel like they ran like 50 times against us. We were very soft team that year...they had Chris Weinke at QB and he threw like 3 times the entire game. It was pathetic...like watching a high school football game where one team is going to state, and the other team is 0-9
  12. So the mom being a nurse and the dad a PA who can prescribe meds tried to home treat her likely COVID, but eventually did bring her to a hospital. TBH, from the report, it’s tough to say what a hospital would have done earlier that would have affected her unfortunate outcome. That being said, I don’t agree on the prescribing to your family method for something like COVID prophylaxis, not to mention Azithro and Hydroxychloroquine even in mid June were already not considered to be premier medications in outcome improvement.
  13. Not gonna lie, I love his honesty on the subject. I hated when UGA played Tech because he was a monster, but I always had respect for the guy. He's very smart(Wonderlic of 41, not to mention he was involved in research projects while at Tech while many football players cruise through their college years) and one of the most athletically talented players to ever step foot on the gridiron.
  14. I will give you the UK, Italy, Span, France....but comparing ourselves to Belgium and Sweden who both have populations that are roughly half the state of New York is not a reasonable comparison(just like having Equador in there is not a fair comparison) In fact, if you compare Belgium to New York State's numbers.....and that is being generous as New York State is 4 times the size of Belgium....New York State has 2x the mortality rate of Belgium. Rhode Island has the 5th highest death/million pop in the US...but I think we understand why that is, and don't comment on their high mortality rate.
  15. I was at the 2007 game against AZ when he put up 315 yards...that was a monster game for that season. The next week he got a W against Seattle with 4 TD’s. In 2009 when Ryan went down with injury he pulled out the W against Tampa. He was a superior player to Harrington and Lefty by that time in the NFL.
  16. Yeah I know, just tough workin as a clinician taking care of sick people that have this stupid virus, and for people to explain it away like it’s not a big deal hurts my soul.
  17. So it depends on what reporting we are talking about wartownfalcon. Of course you have a strong opinion on this topic, because for many this is a political issue more than it is public safety...but COVID-19 testing specifically looks for COVID-19, not the other 5 types of coronavirus that cause human illness. We utilize a test called an RPP(Respiratory pathogen panel), or similar ilk, which tests for a slew of viral illness that cause URI's, in which it tests for some of those coronaviri, but it DOES NOT test for COVID. So if a person has a + COVID PCR test, negative RPP(for other viri) then it IS COVID-19 coronavirus, not a different one. And if a person has a PCR test(the majority of public health and hospital tests utilize this method, not the antibody testing) then they are likely shedding the virus and could either be recovered in the illness or still in the throws of illness. A positive PCR test has nothing to do with antibody testing.
  18. So to be fair, people are making the wrong argument about masks....it’s not about oxygenation. If anything it would raise your CO2 level, which can have some negative temporary effects. And even then it’s trivial but at least it’s a more accurate commentary.
  19. Yeah I was gonna say just off her shoulder when it gives her the close up
  20. hes in there buddy...hes packing some heat
  21. Thats the funny thing about this; people state "I dont care if we dont have choir boys as long as it leads to a championship". The two are not excusive of one another. You want people with a football edge, not Dbags. Beasley is a great athlete, but on a down to down basis didn't have that edge. Guys like Grady, Julio do. Deion Jones does as well...he lost his way a little bit there and that was disheartening to see, but he got his *** in gear as the season went on. I don't recall the last time we have had a great corner.... Trufant was not good in all facets of the game and had a really hard time with interceptions. Alford was a great playmaker and tried hard in run defense, but had a terrible penchant for penalties. Samuel was a borderline HoF in his time, but was not that as a Falcon AND not good in run defense. Dunta with us was OK, decent in most areas but certainly not lockdown(like Chris Houston and Jason Webster). Brent Grimes, honestly, has been the best Falcons cover corner in the last 20+ years. Hall was next in line for a good 2 years or so. Kevin Mathis and Brian Poole would be my picks for run defense.
  22. The picture of the bat in that meme made me laugh out loud
  23. I think it’s just the ridiculousness of social media: Elon Musk and Trump have never participated in contact sports outside of throwing stacks of money at their wealthy friends, but they say some irrational things on Twitter.
  24. I doubt the Falcons would have picked Hill considering the only reason he fell that far was because of his college issues. And it really hasn’t changed significantly, and the guy is still somehow still allowed in the NFL
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