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  1. Question about taxes....when a guy is getting his paycheck from a team in a tax friendly state(Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Washington) for income, do they get taxed on income in that state only? I would ever look to play in New York or New England or Cali then.
  2. Mahomes can read a defense at this stage in the game better than Cam can at this stage. Cam just chucks it as hard as he can every play....Mahomes has the complete throwing skill set Cam has never had.
  3. Certainly a possibility with the our current talent pool, depending on health.
  4. His long speed isnt super special, but that start stop speed....dang. If Quizz can be in the NFL for years, why cant this guy? Maybe he cant pass block?
  5. Why wasnt Green on returns?
  6. Tough, humble, smart hombre. He’s got the chops to make a career of the NFL even if he isn’t a star....and he has the chops to go on leading a very productive life afterwards. That much more look forward to seeing him participate as a Falcon. We too easily forget the tragedy that Warrick Dunn also endured in his younger years. And I’m really for your loss Tandy, time doesn’t seem likely to heal that wound. I hate how unfair life can be.
  7. He ran for over 1600 yards in his last 2 seasons of college and had 22 TD’s in his final did he look bad again?
  8. Generally speaking, if the patient is being discharged on the same day as the accident, then the fracture is stable. Could be a situation he goes home in a hard collar to have outpatient evaluation and surgery...but there’s a chance this means the injury is nonoperative and will heal in 6 weeks. We shall see as things play out.
  9. Calvin had some drops, they happen. I find him a little too soft...I think he can toughen up though as he matures in the league a bit...just a touch skittish last year. Maybe it’s just I’m used to Roddy/Finn/Who/Mo running around with the ball in their hands, and I’m not used to seeing the Tory Holt/Isaac Bruce/Paris Hilton runners on our team
  10. 15 years is a long time....I know it seems like yesterday, but we are all gettin old!
  11. There are 37 current UGA players on NFL its not that hard to think back. Chubb? Michel? Roquan Smith? Thats just a sampling from last season.
  12. Not to mention, we just drafted Senat last year as well....and he was decent as a rook, and likely will continue to improve.
  13. You have literally no idea where Lindstrom would go...pre-draft mocks are useless. Greedy, DJ Metcalf, etc should all be gone by this time and they are sitting in the draft room on day 2. The Duke QB came off the board like 20 spots ahead of his anticipated spot, etc etc. I can tell from the rest of your post that you acknowledge this NFL phenomenon, but in addition to sometimes players being drafted at unusual times historically, we also dont understand the needs of the what the team wants moving forward.
  14. Very good. We know what we got with him, front a locker room standpoint, to preparation, to how we fits into our defensive scheme. Very cool.
  15. Worth the risk
  16. 30 reps puts him around 385-410 lb max category. Thats very good for a 213 lifter. Especially considering he isnt a dedicated power lifter.
  17. He was always overrated imo. Deion is a game changer.
  18. Michael was a strider no doubt...he had solid topend, but was a chest catcher, not a natural widwout. I hope this guy attacks the ball better than Michael did. He’s a nice dude, had a solid career but was never an explosive player in the league despite that 4.4 speed.
  19. Pats don’t get every decent white wideout...Adam Thielen, Beasley, Humphries, Krupp come to mind.
  20. His game is more similar to Eddy’s imo. jordy had a different skill set, someone had mentioned him, Jordy is a long strider with top notch down the field speed....
  21. We haven’t done a bang up job with Vic at this stage...
  22. 50 thousand dollars is a lot of money...yes he will be able to write it off in taxes, but any time a person ponies up 50k for charity, its a lot of money. Whether he makes 350k/yr or 15 mill/year.
  23. Amazing. Good job solider, mashburn, and medical staff. Unfortunate the perps got away, hopefully just for now, and there are leads on their arrest. And to others hijacking the thread with political rhetoric, please chill. We are talking about a man, an individual, a Falcon fan. No reason for any persons to turn this particular thread political. Go chat on pro-liberal and NRA websites about the politics if you want.