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  1. Well, I mean....the guy did go on to play in the NFL.... That being said, you don't have to be an arrogant prick to be successful.
  2. Davis definitely is. Lattimore and the rest of the Saints DB's are overrated.
  3. No comparison to Mac Jones? That doesn't fit the narrative of this post obviously, but to be fair, Mac Jones was certainly not a "once in a lifetime prospect" according to all the NFL minds and talking heads...Mac seems to have a lot of traits of Matt Ryan, and in the right system obviously can have a lot of success.
  4. During the Miami/Atlanta game, among JUST the tight ends there was a combined: 350 receiving yards 25 catches ----------- Thats pretty awesome. Tight ends have been a force in the NFL for many years, but their game planning usage now seems to be the focal point of attacks for many offenses. I don't claim to know if this is a record, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the most combined received yards by tight ends in an NFL game. Even the record holder for receiving yards in a game by a tight end, Shannon Sharpe at 214 yards, in that game played TONY GONZALEZ, and they only combined for 272 on the day.
  5. Its his rookie season on a team that has is trying to get its feet under it. He made a handful of absolutely awful throws though.
  6. Lol, do our players not like the football itself? Does it smell like poo to them? I'm so confused what their hatred for it is.
  7. Julio is a beast…guy took a pounding. He never shied away from contact. I liken him to Gronk…gets banged up but certainly puts it out there on every play.
  8. They cannot....that is not their build. They have years of college and NFL weight lifting/workout programs. They dont have the genetics to be bigger...but those genetics also allow them to cut on a dime and run past a lot of people. Heres the thing...size has nothing to do with hands/toughness. Wayne Chrebet, Hines Ward, Golden Tate were are are not big by NFL standards, but known for their toughness. Ridley is more along the lines of Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Tyler Lockett. Great route runners, have speed, but are not especially tough by NFL standards.
  9. Meanwhile Trevon Diggs....dangit the Cowboys are usually terrible in the draft, but what a pickup so far...
  10. I was not a huge Pro-Pitts guy myself...but here is the closest TE comparison. Noah Fant was taken 20th overall in 2019. He had 9 catches for 99 yards through 3 games (0 TD's) TJ Honkenson was taken 8th overall in 2019. He had 8 catches for 139 yards (1 TD) Pitts has 11 catches for 139 yards. ------------- No TE has been taken this early, so he is on track with the most similar persons possible in recent time, but is not at this point in his career a game changing dynamic force.
  11. It is known that Tight End is one of the hardest positions to acclimate to in the NFL...generally more challenging than wideout, much more challenging than RB or most defensive positions, but obviously easier than QB. People's expectations from TE's are always unrealistic. Since 2011 there have been 26 TE's drafted in rounds 1 and 2. Of those 26, there are a combined (7) PB's (4 players) (8) are out of the league (6) have been very good (Ertz, Engram, Gesicki, Goedert, Hockenson, Fant) (14) have been average (6) have been not good ---------------- So for all of these 'generational' talents, there have been as many flame outs as success stories, and plenty of middle of the road guys that could have been had in lower rounds based on NFL production and capability. Its a tough position to scout, like wide receiver. Everyone wants their Gronkowski or Kelce or Gates. But the transition to the NFL is a tough one to determine.
  12. Matt has never had a strong arm, but he could always put the ball on the money on the play action turn around and hit the post play that he lived on with Julio. I only saw him effectively hit that once this season....he is having a hard time putting the ball in play with any acceleration right now.
  13. Matt Ryan looked like doodoo for many parts of the game...he threw at least 3 passes that went right through defenders hands. We were very lucky there wasn't a slew of INT's.
  14. Hooper became one of the highest paid TE's in the NFL right? That guy was and is not worth that money. Matt Ryan made Hooper his money. Hoop is fine, but is not a top tier threat TE...not even in the same breadth as Mark Andrews, Kittle, Kelce, Waller. Hes more in the next group with Higbee, Hockenson.
  15. Relax....its our Falcons we are talking about. We make comeback dreams come true routinely.
  16. Matt has not been the overarching problem with the Falcons at almost any point in his career...but the last several years, and most poignantly this season, has not been a positive win factor either. He needs really, really good coaching and support cast to get W's now. This has not always been the case. He cannot literally will the team in victories anymore on an even semi-regular basis. He is serviceable, but not a + starter at this stage of his career.
  17. Julio having a good game today
  18. Ryan Nall all day, and I thought Moreland was pumped up a bit much 2 years ago by some on the board, but I’m down to get him a spot. We have weaknesses in a lot of areas
  19. 25% of Grady would still be a valid NFL starter
  20. The ivermectin argument is really fascinating. I will be the first to say it is generally a safe medication if taken appropriately at human level dosing for its intended and subsequently very effective on-label use....it is an anti-helminth/anti-parasitic drug. It has shown in vitro effect as an anti-viral. But for very unclear reasons has been latched onto by the far right as an effective prophylaxis and treatment for COVID-19. Some very dubious studies have shown morbidity and mortality benefits that are staggering.....which in and of itself should raise the question; if it is an effective treatment, why aren't more countries utilizing it? You think that most countries would rather be ravaged by the medical and socioeconomical impact this **** virus is having on us, and let China continue its dominance? You don't think every government wants to have a free flowing economy without worrying about pandemic outbreaks? All because of 'big pharma'? Seriously? You think the relatively minor impact that vaccine distribution has financially compared to a country free of lockdowns and slowed commercial profits? You think hundreds of thousands of physicians, statisticians, and other health care alliance professionals that have no financial interest in vaccinations just want to push vaccines over a long generic drug? I wish I didn't need a vaccine to prevent me from getting ill in a hospital because I treat COVID-19 patients, but alas, them is the bricks because fragile people and their fragile egos can't help but infect other people with a preventable disease.
  21. Too late to give ol' Schauby a call? lol
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