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  1. This is right up there with the T-bagging he gave him a few years ago as well
  2. He is the anti-OBJ/TO/Chad Johnson...etc
  3. Solid overall first guy...can play from the outside, slot, and QB position
  4. Too bad he tore his hammy in the game...2 sack said in two games, and that FF was a brutal hit...nice to see him laying on the authority. Here's to some good hamstring rest, and he comes back with some pop
  5. I chuckled out loud at number 3
  6. 3 Arizona game in 2004 that was a barn burner against Arizona again in 2007(fun game but we of Roddys coming out parties) and last year home playoff game against Seattle
  7. And a few good months in traction no doubt
  8. I was going to say that...he was on point this week after playing straight bad week 1
  9. Didnt give out enough hats to sell out the PSL's though...
  10. Reminds me of Keion Carpenter
  11. He looked better than Jones and far better than Riley(expected). Let's see him continue to kill it.
  12. I dont like that Edelman and Mitchell are out...dont like the Amendola head injury either, but you can only play the guys that show up so....
  13. hahahahahahahahahahahaha