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  1. Is the whole Saints defensive line up for contract and Ryan/Koetter are trying to get them paid?
  2. Watch a rugby match...if he is physically tired from playing 40 snaps of 5 seconds each with lots and lots of breaks inbetween....he needs to play a new sport. He isnt a Dlinemen or OL who are wrestling every snap.
  3. I don't care if he isnt mobile or not...I do care if he throws the ball down the ****ed field when he has 4 seconds or more to do so. Mobility does little for bad pass blocking. Anticipation and willing to take chances on your guys is what a QB needs. Sometimes Ryan has IT....then there are significant stretches of time that he forgets how to play the game of football.
  4. He has 13 million reasons this season to have better mental and physical stamina. A person in his position should not be one of the highest paid players if he can only play where there is little adversity.
  5. Deion has played like crap this season...and a bunch of last season....he had no aggression in getting after Hill on that play. But Grady was literally being bear hugged the entire play.
  6. Combination of terrible OL play, Matt Ryan playing shell shocked and unathletic, and an O coordinator that has been considered garbage for quite some time. Perfect storm.
  7. Taysom has played 20 snaps as a starting QB....Lamar has received a ton of accolades over the last 2 years, has multiple years of experience, but has played below average season this season and deserves criticism.
  8. Very frustrating...solid wideouts all across the field and Hurst....and no attempt at passing when he had time.
  9. Sunday should be interesting, regardless of which team you root for.
  10. It makes more sense to see what Hill can bring to the table as a QB....Winston has had plenty of seasons for people to know what he is capable of. Winston can still be an average or slight plus average starter, but is prone to game changing mistakes. Hill is an unknown QB quantity. If he wants to make the big NFL money, this is his chance.
  11. Come on now....that team is overall garbage, and was in turmoil the last 2 seasons because of their inept HQ.
  12. So Sammy Watkins, Hill, Kelce, CEH, Hardman, and Leveon Bell are garbage? Kelce is considered a top 2 in the NFL at his position. Hill is considered top 10, if not top 5. Leveon Bell is one season removed from being considered in the NFL's top 3. CEH is likely better than Gurley right now. Hardman/Watkins are a wash when compared to Ridley/Gage.
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