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  1. I didn’t live in Atlanta’s at the time, but the 98 Super Bowl was technically the first. after moving to Atlanta, the first game i watched was us at San Fran in I wanna say 2000 in person? The 2004 at home against AZ barn burner 6-3 score
  2. Nope. I think we would have been in the super bowl again...but ol’ Tom was killing it that night; our D would have held in as much as possible but our O was sputtering/too dead to likely keep up. Would have been 35-13 or some shiz
  3. To be fair, TE is considered one of the hardest positions in the NFL to acclimate to...TE’s often start popping in years 3+. Im not writing Hoop off, but having more experienced TE on the roster(toilolo has years of experience but receiving is born his prowess) would continue to pay dividends.
  4. No reason to hate on Kroy...low draft pick, always a solid contributor, great special teams player, including emergency kicking(did pretty well too). He was never a special NFL player, but has a solid career.
  5. I’d be down...very challenging receiver to defend especially in the red zone, but he would be very hard to lean on because of his injury history. Someone will give him a solid 1 year or okay 2-3 yr contract though.
  6. After watching how overall well we played against the Eagles, and we had 4 plays within 10 yards to win the game...for them to beat the Pats in the SB...I feel we can accomplish a lot. Risers in the NFC though should be Rams, Eagles was o contend with for years to come(young talented coaching with young, talented QB’s at the helm). On a different note, Foles gonna get paaaid(again).
  7. Very different experience playing on offense...ever been tried in a game on defense(goes for football, rugby, soccer)...much harder than playing offense tired.
  8. Favre was thick headed and wanted to go out on his own terms, kicking and screaming. Ryan will be unlikely to do that. Look at Roddy, he contemplated other options and prolly had SOME offers, but felt it was rather time to hang it up.
  9. Roddy was a lifer. Matt Ryan was s the only other...punters get moved around a lot when they start to cost money.
  10. He'll be back better than ever next if we can just get an offensive coordinator that can do their job....
  11. LEts be honest, there’s no way in **** they would let the Jags get into the SB unless they were flat out dominating the know for ratings the NFL wants Steelers or Pats vs Cowboys/Pack/Saints in the SB...Philly is not an NFL golden child but is probably still held in reasonable financial regard.
  12. I think Quinn will be a fine head coach as time goes on...I think Sark is over his head...but I like how the defense shaped up this year with the exception of few turnovers.
  13. I want a wideout or two in the top 4 rounds...but I want OL/DL in the first. A reasonable TE would be nice too. Besides Hoops first game of the season, he did not strike any fear into defenses the rest of the season. Im not sure why we didnt get Saubert meaningful offensive snaps(besides good ol' run blocking), but maybe its because our offense was overall too disjointed.
  14. This team did invest heavily in last 3 years on’s funny because there are some great pass rush talents and solid contributors, enough that I feel our DL is a strength...but many games this last season except against Dallas did I feel like they took over the game. Our run D was generally ok except against Maimi for some reason. Our guard position is bleeding out though, we would do well with a top tier FA, and have Harlow/rest of the bunch battle for the other.
  15. Andre roberts gabriel Williams levitre coleman poe ....whoever said Allen I don’t think has a good handle on how much the coaching stuff thinks highly of him.