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  1. I appreciate the feedback. Well, he made a lot of money and did what he could do to get us a Superbowl. Peace Julio, you are a beast. But gotta be honest, Roddy is Mr Falcon if Julio is gonna leave like this.
  2. Serious question…I realize he’s all done as a Falcon currently, marched on north a few hours. But why? Honest question. Money? The Falcons always ponied up for him. Better town? ATL is a pretty decent city/market, certainly beating out anything in Tennessee Stats? He piled them up with Ryan Competitive? That’s the only one I can fathom, honestly Better QB? Also the only reason I can swallow…but he certainly is not improving in Tennessee either
  3. I see this often with physicians as well...I work in a training program, and many training physicians have little financial literacy. I was no different at the same stage...but the earlier into a career you can make good financial decisions, the better (no pun intended) . This is pretty awesome to read.
  4. Patterson is not a viable RB...he is a good returner and can cover kicks. He will get forced fed some snaps though no doubt.
  5. Recent memory; Warrick Dunn, Danny Woodhead, Quizz, a handful of others...while only Dunn was a number 1 back, the whole notion of Bell Cow backs are fewer and far between and the years go on
  6. Coleman was here at the time too...none of them could be healthy together. 2005 was a tough season to handle...and 2006 was worse
  7. Calvin was one of the few prospects I have mentally said "yeah, he is going to crush it in the NFL". Pitts.....meh To be fair, one of the other few I said the said thing about Calvin was Aaron Curry....and well....
  8. I don’t get the hate, but it’s also hard to root for him when he really doesn’t have any specific wow qualities either. And he isn’t a rook...
  9. Race certainly has a role to play in player decisions, you would have to be blind not to see that; ie few non-black running backs, no CB’s and few overall non-black DB’s. But is race the major motivating factor in these decisions? Doubtful, people want players on a team that will lead to increased brand recognition and success. Aaron Rogers almost fell out of the first round after being a top pick. Stuff like this happens every year for a myriad of players.
  10. Just tough to remember the days of having a good red zone offense...not counting 2016 it feels like it was when Tony G was terrorizing the middle of the field
  11. Are a lot of people comparing Wilson to Trubisky? Is that a thing?
  12. I'll second Aaron Curry; I don't get what exactly happened to him in the NFL. He is smart, hard working, great athlete, nations top LB. He was in my eyes similar to Calvin Johnson....an elite athlete that worked very hard and is very smart. What is cool about Aaron now; he is a good coach in the NFL. I'm sure he is a good dude to boot.
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