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  1. He is much more a class act then....Rivers, Roe, Rodgers, Brees...just among the 'Elite' QB's in the league imo
  2. Poor Dee Ford....that was nuts man. I live in NE, and I was working during the game, and there were TV's on everywhere, and nurse/doctors/registration people and patients alike were all screaming and sobbing with the 'fumble' by Edelman, than again with the INT. Too bad KC, it would have been nice for them to be in the big dance instead of the evil empire.
  3. 40.5 TFL, 16 sacks, 2 FF in 4 years on a team stacked with DL talent 53 TFL, 13.5 sacks, 5 FF in 3 years on a team that has not as good DL talent(but 2 good pass rushing LB's) Going into last season, both were considered top 3 prospects.
  4. To be fair, no OL after Wes has come close to his playing production, and overall players after Wes have been overall garbage or spec teams players, with a few exceptions; none of which are exactly lighting it up.... Derek Watt Anthony Zettel Elandon Roberts Jalen Mills
  5. Oliver is the next Donald if everything pans out. ****, another Grady-like player on the line is not a bad thing either.
  6. Whole post reflects my exact opinion. Julio is the leader and superstar...but Sanu is like the sergeant, doing everything he can to help this team win.
  7. I agree...but maybe 2017 would have gone different with an experience offensive coordinator? We were a play from besting Philly, who ending up winning the whole thing...we will never know obviously but still
  8. R can be a little nutz about some things....but lets be honest here...this guy should have been our OC here. He at least should have been given a crack at it, not Sark, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Maybe Matt didnt see eye to eye with him? Maybe Quinn didnt?
  9. Grady is similar to Babs in so many ways....but where Babs had problems finishing plays with his stellar quickness....Grady routinely finishes plays. By the way, shoutout to Babs, who was a solid DL for us for 12 seasons. Another Falcon for life...was on this team as longer than Roddy was.
  10. Quinn was quiet last offseason....howd that go?
  11. Whats the Pats identity? Truly? Being cheap? They change strategies week in and week out. In all honesty, so do the Saints(when they are successful).
  12. As long as we hit FA and our 2nd rounder on the OL, this would be very good
  13. He is going to shatter ever major category as a wideout for this a degree that puts him in consideration for greatest wideout in the NFL currently...and a top 5 wideout maybe all time....Ryan is a great QB, but is in the top 5 of the NFL maybe in any given season, not routinely considered the best. Ryan is the greatest QB of all time by a wide margin in Falcons history though
  14. Julio put this team on his shoulders...and the team obviously looks at him as a leader....see how he was dogpiled in the Washington game.
  15. Superstar of this team.... Having a remarkable season.... Even in meaningless late season games, injured, he goes out and plays at a high level. All the while, in Pitt, Antonio Brown is.....well, Antonio Brown. Pay Julio, he is a Falcon for life