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  1. PMF and SS for the win....and its not just symantics Ryne...we killed teams last year with outside zone...these tosses are brutal with our guys out there....Coleman if he gets a lane can go, but if not, he is slipping or getting TFL
  2. Robinson is useless on the roster...Gabriel, Williams, Hardy, Hall all have return experience. I would rather trot out someone that contributes when on the roster then a dedicated returner that offers no benefit.
  3. similar play style....has some upper body beef, long stride, great open field speed
  4. no 200 yards against a team lacking 2 of his probowl DB's, and in particular was down to its 4th string CB the entire game...only one decent play to Julio all night....bewildering
  5. yeah I wonder what thats about....maybe friendly banter...maybe he ran his mouth off and the players heard about it?...its pretty obvious though
  6. and then he drops a big 3rd down drop....uggh, thanks for jynxing him
  7. he is right up there with Matt Ryan for balance
  8. he has served no purpose on this roster all season
  9. All I can say, is if the offense has half reasonable, sane, people running it....that we are just setting up something off of it, because it is hot garbage.
  10. Miami and Buffalo friend...look at the Buffalo blood bath today especially
  11. I would be excited to see the Julio/Saints CB stomach rumbles though thinking about Ryan tanking poorly though.
  12. THats a classy post by Tak. I never minded Mora
  13. I’m down for Sanu giving it a crack...or least have him do kickoffs
  14. Campbell or Jones with Beas mixed in should spy, at least on third and longs. nothing pisses me off more than a scrambling QB running for a long first down