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  1. Of course not, if a Falcon didn’t do it, it doesn’t exist.
  2. Oddly enough, not sure exactly when this happened, but over the last 3 years since the SB loss, I’m just kinda.....meh. i would like them to win, follow stats, follow drafting and FA...but realized that their play on the field does not characterize who I am, and that it’s just for entertainment. I root as well for individuals, and people like Matt Ryan, Deion Jones, and Julio are easy to root for. Gage is the player i am most interested in seeing in action more, he looks explosive.
  3. I think its more about him not playing in PS because of rehabbing injuries
  4. That's the difference in a professional, someone who is a master at their craft...and someone who does the job because its a job, payin the bills. Your mental approach makes a huge difference.
  5. Why did Neal get flagged on that outside run by Cook? He was still in bounds....
  6. I’m confused as to why Dalvin Cook can lower his head into contact, but Brian Hill can’t.
  7. He wont get fired if we lose a 2nd game....but is we are 1-7 or 2-6 at the break, maybe even 3-5 on the outside, he will be fired at the break. If start winning well, he will be fine.
  8. I thought Jones looked good...moving well. Neal had some bad angles in the first half.
  9. What tight leash? 2010, lost to the Iggles again 17-31, lost to GB 48-21 in OUR HOUSE in the playoffs 2011, first game of the season, lost to a very average Bears team 12-30, last game of the season lost to the Saints 16-45, and lost to New York in the playoffs 2-24 2012, let the 49'ers in our house, built a 17-0 lead in basically one quarter, only to not only squander it away....but to put up zero points in a half of football to end up losing In 2013, with his job on the line, our team put up 179 points against 262 points in 9 games, losing 8 of them. ----- I like(d) Smitty, and I appreciate his years with the Falcons...but dont come in year talking about "discipline" and "tight leash" with rose glasses on.
  10. I completely agree... The talent difference from team to team in the NFL is not as wide as some people believe...there are enough different positions and guys on the field at a time that a team could lack in talent in one area immensely and be fine in another area. The difference on a game to game basis is coaching and the players executing the plan. On Sunday, especially on the offensive line and defensive line(first half especially) they were not executing. Offensive line...they were getting whooped. Which is sad. We have 5 first round draft picks on the line(Matthews, Carpenter, Mack, Lindstrom, McGary)....and they got it handed to them.
  11. NE hasn’t tanked since the 90’s, yet continue to produce success...has nothing to do with tanking
  12. Sweet lord, it is literally the first 7 minutes of the season...
  13. tough start...alright guys, we got pimp slapped, now settle in, go out and beat some A
  14. Poor start for offense, spec teams, then defense. Good pushoff by Theilen
  15. I dont like Ollison and Hill inactive...what is literally the point in having two big backs inactive? Why keep both on the roster if both are inactive?