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  1. what about Civil War? it was a sneaky origin story for Panther
  2. IDK, Rogue One was a great prequel....sure Solo was not. Captain America was solid too
  3. Heres the most updated Nebraska Med protocol, where they are doing Remdesivir research at the moment. There is a lot of conjecture about azithromycin in this whole situation, as it has antiinflammatory factors anyways(why it is hypothesized to be helpful in non-infectious COPD exacerbations) and some ID docs/ICU docs are using it in conjunction with hydroxychloroquine. FDA did approve Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine on 3/28 for emergent use on COVID tx. Remdesivir has not been approved yet, but there are ongoing research trials on ill and nonill patients in hospital systems(like Nebraska Med)..hopefully will be fastracked or given orphan status soon if things continue to go well. In the mean time, early intubation in critically ill, or at the very least high flow nasal cannula(not to be confused with normal nasal cannula administration) to stave off days spent on a ventilator. Some places are using ECMO as well...but even regular ECMO centers don't have a ton of these available for the surging numbers. We continue to hope to receive critically ill in a spread out fashion; New York has not had such luck unfortunately.
  4. I have worked in medicine for 14 years....I haven't had to make decisions about which people may have 'time' to intubate later in the hopes that other people currently intubated may come off of their vent...and I am in a state that is not as severely hit as the ones around me...yet. You can come up with whatever numbers you want, but this entity unfortunately is tipping the scales on our critical care system in this country that it has not seen in modern history. I agree that the infection has likely hit millions as we are significantly undertesting at this time due to lack of testing capabilities and/or flat out actual need to test. About fatality numbers...we are seeing people become severely ill around days 5-10 in many cases, so there is often a delay between diagnosis in the ill, and when they decompensate completely into ARDS/cardiopulmonary collapse. ------------- To Gazoo's point; position statements from various entities like ACP are pumping the breaks on hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, because of the paucity of rigorous study of their utility in COVID-19, and that positive studies are a combination of anecdotal/case based or non-peer reviewed, etc. BUT, show me in any novel fast developing situation where there are multiple rigorous studies in the course of 3 months, and I will give you a zillion dollars...because there is no way to roll out rigorous studies in a short time frame in this environment. Nebraska has some of the best ID medicine in the world, let alone the US, and they are utilizing these medications in situational trials. They are pushing remsdesivir right now as their preferred treatment it does have noted in-vitro capability against COVID-19, and had previously shown to be effective on coronaviri in animal trials. Biggest problem I foresee with remsdesivir is cost, in comparison to generic antiinflammatory/antimalarias that have been around for 50 years.
  5. That is not best practice. I’ve used my same mask for 2 weeks....and that is not best; we should not be reusing an N95 after performing an aerosolizing procedure....but we are, which is terrible. i bought an ozonator that I use to firebomb my PPE with....seems silly but if no one is going to give me the protective equipment necessary to keep myself safe, then I will do the best I can....and my hospital is doing slightly better than most in regards to PPE
  6. CDC numbers lag behind the states and local level of testing...they say as much on their link you provided.
  7. You are using logic that the same number of people/day will continue to die....the death numbers will exponentially increase to go along with total case #'s
  8. I would trade Watson for Ryan at their respective stages of their careers. Matt is the GOAT of Falcons Qb’s though by a wide margin.
  9. Polio? Measles? Mumps? Rubella? Tetanus?
  10. We are the ones that brought him into the NFL and made him is that a failure on our staffs fault again?
  11. Weird though because Bill has been there 7 seasons...these are all his people. I’m f Bill doesn’t have a miracle season he is gone. Back to college
  12. Not only that, but Kwon is no slouch in the speed department....and his combine weight was around 225, almost the same weight as Who.
  13. His dad was a pimp...if he is half as tough as his dad he will be good
  14. No surprise that Todd has a home in the A
  15. I'm an ER doctor...I am in the thick of this thing every day. I am not crapping on everything...I am a realist because I have to deal with it every day. I don't have the option or choice of hanging out at home or working in a low risk environment. I am simply saying that this a very challenging issue. That's literally all I said. You can stop attacking people.