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  1. Hurt what exactly? Are you an owner of the Atlanta Falcons...did Julio take money out of your pocket?? Julio is going to be a 1st ballot HoF when he retires...what are you talking about??
  2. Probably because he wasn’t answering his phone? based on what little there is to go on, unlikely a primary medical issue...I always liked the guy since he was drafted
  3. Hard to argue after 7 Super Bowl victories...yeah it’s a total team effort, but why has Brady’s teams so often won in the last 20 years when most teams don’t even sniff the SB let alone win it? It’s well beyond coincidence at this point.
  4. So his extended family owns Jet Blue....our new head coach's dad owns Fedex....so they will fit right in together
  5. 7-9 with Winston is pretty good I think...and the defense improved dramatically. Brady last time I checked doesn't play on defense.
  6. A knock against Fields: There have been no successful NFL QB's to come out of Ohio State. EVER...thats not hyperbole. Unless you count Terrell Pryor as a receiver, Tom Tupa as a punter, or Kent Graham's 7000 yards passing in a total career. Alabama has not had amazing recent success, but at least historically has had: Bart Starr - HoF Joe Namath - HoF Ken Stabler - HoF Richard Todd - not household, but had 108 starts in the NFL ....problem is most recent success has been Brodie Croyle, AJ McCarron and his 1000 yards passing, and two guys that have a lot to pr
  7. Exactly, he plays up his guys and marginalizes the competition...not enough to be untoward, but just enough to get into people’s heads and influence
  8. He did play most of one season sandwiched in between his 2 IR years
  9. Dan Marino was always very well compensated throughout his time with the Dolphins...no championships. I guess he shouldn't be remembered as the greatest Dolphin of all time.
  10. I’m confused why this literally matters at all to fans. How does it change what product you see on the field? Does anyone on this forum get a chance to draft any of these players? I get why a coach or prospect would have something to say about a significant change in process...but why a fan?
  11. Jerry Rice would like you to hold his beer. The key to championships though is in coaching, and to a lesser extent, the QB.
  12. Hurts was playing like Doodoo in that game and deserved every bit of his benching...except his backup is Doodoo too....sooo obviously you stay with 1-A doodoo over 1-B doodoo
  13. I’m over in Coventry, what town u hangin in? Effing Pats...local talk radio is bearable again now that they are terrible
  14. He is one of the best route runners in the NFL...god forbid he run upfield after a catch though
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