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  1. He used to this run with people that wanted to train with him, called 'the hill' or wasnt him bench pressing all day that may him great, it was his CV endurance, and the ability to still be above 90% in the 4th Q, let alone later into his career.
  2. Even more to be excited about
  3. I have to say, looking at our CB depth, I am extremely excited: 2 bonafide starters at the perimeter with Trufant and Alford. Well experienced but young nickel CB in Poole(and Allen could always come down into this position in a pinch). Bethel has a significant amount of experience but is still very young, and a great spec teams player as well. McFadden is a vet, already knows the system from last season, and is young as well. Blidi has a fair amount of experience, a year in our system, and is young too. Lastly, Oliver is a high draft pick with high hopes, and good size. ------------ There are a few more guys on the roster, but it will be hard for them pending injuries to get an upper hand over: 2 established starters 1 proven nickel 2 young vets with a ton of experience 1 young vet that knows our system and has bounced around some 1 high draft pick --------------- Interestingly, Alford is our oldest DB on the entire team....(29)
  4. In first 5 posts of this thread, you are crushing it...I dont need to read any more of this thread, im out!
  5. Deion would have lived in social media if he was drafted nowadays...people that talk are going to wanna talk.
  6. He went to UAB, but grew up in SC I think.
  7. At what point exactly do you think he is allowed to take time off, just curious?
  8. They both played college ball in 'Bama, and both are on the same side of the ball, they never directly go against one another anyways. I don't get why people are having a problem with this in the slightest.
  9. Um, I dont know why he didn't make a similar post about him being an honorary Stanford QB too...smh /purple
  10. What exactly is his heart condition? I am having a hard time finding the information.
  11. In before someone makes a comment how he is replacing Allen at FS...
  12. Im down...I dont even care if he isnt a good pass rusher...tie up some guys for our good pass rushers, and keep Deion clean
  13. Sanu operates best out of the slot....makes sense to get an upcoming perimeter guy
  14. Thats 275...pure weight numbers are not supremely important to NFL'ers though...he is obviously in very good shape and plays at a great level.
  15. I don’t know....OL struggles in large patches last season...wideouts dropped the ball time and time again...and Ryan/Sark combo looked very anemic. Doesnt give me a ton of confidence, but 2015 has similar struggles...