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  1. Buddy Curry and Al Richardson, AP Defensive rookies of the year...
  2. Big difference in saying "he needs to step it up" and "he needs to take the next step". Mayock loves Matt Ryan ever since he come out of BC...We all know Matt needs to take that next step but in my opinion he had a pretty good year last year. 4177 Passing Yards, 29 TD, 12 Picks... 92.2 QB rating... Not a bad season at all, it's just that we are at a point where just making the playoffs doesn't cut it anymore... We need postseason wins. It's not just on Matt Ryan, it's the whole team... Like Mayock said, Oline needs to step it up and protect in order for him to take the next step. Hopefully
  3. Good post Gritz. I am optimistic about the upcoming season. I still think we are a young team except for few aging veterans who still produce at a high level though (Mclure, Abe, Gonzo). Our core group is strong and 1 thing that has me excited is the new coaching staff. I think that this offseason is going to benefit our Falcons in a big way. There is no lockout, so we will have an entire offseason to learn the new playbook. At first, I wasn't excited about our OC hire, but more I read on the guy, more I am excited. I think Matt will thrive in his system. Defensively, we all know what
  4. I don't care who #1 is. Just produce on the field when your number is called!!! Julio showed a lot of promise his rookie season (not a lot of rookie WR'S do). He will be great!!! What made Peyton Manning great is he had Harrison, Wayne and Clark for all those years. Any given Sunday any of those guys was #1. Let's hope Matt Ryan can get them all producing at a high level.
  5. Wish we still had Scott Case on the team!!! Like he said though, the way he played, he'd be paying the NFL for playing!!! Hard nosed player who took no prisoners!!! William Moore reminds me a lot of him.
  6. I know Trent is poop, but I don't think this is only his opinion.... If you look at parameters, it says he used other QB's who have seen those guys up close, QBR and passer rating and QB evaluators so it's not entirely his opinion.... Only reason I posted this is because of all the negativity surrounding Matt Ryan on these boards... It is ridiculous. His peers and QB evaluators put Matt in top 10 QB in the NFL time after time after time. Just saying....
  7. Originally Published: January 31, 2012 Ranking the NFL quarterbacks A look at the NFL's top 40 quarterbacks; league perception is a key ingredient Email Print Comments240 By Trent Dilfer ESPN Insider Archive http://a.espncdn.com...jr_576.jpgGetty ImagesThe public should now agree on this much: Tom Brady and Eli Manning are both elite QBs. The No. 1 thing I learned during 14 years in the NFL is that while there's a great difference between perception and reality, perception drives reality. It's true. Owners, general managers and even scouts aren't immune to building a profile of a player t
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzPyGXmsnF4&list=UUzjCfV3LHyarKbdb-2ScGZg&index=1&feature=plcp Interesting video by Mike Smith. Love the comment about offense going in a different direction that what we did last 4 years.
  9. Mike Nolan was on conference call with the Falcons earlier: Few highlights: Build your scheme around players, not the other way around 4-3 defense best for this football team Excited to be in Atlanta and things we have a great group of guys in the organization and on the team. It was a good fit, and main thing he wants to win Secondary one of the most important areas in the nfl today. Really important to have a good secondary. Could see 4-3 and 3-4 defense, depending on situation. Same goes for knowing when to blitz and when not to blitz. Watched film with Smitty the other day and sees a t
  10. BVG leaving Falcons to become DC at Auburn!!! Mularkey, please follow...
  11. BVG leaving Falcons to become DC at Auburn!!! Mularkey, please follow...
  12. Not just any Audi... I've seen him in that car up close and it's an S8!!! 120K+ out of the factory!!!
  13. Gotta go with Tuggle!!! Heart and Soul of the Falcons for so long!!!
  14. If I offended anybody by posting a picture of a former Falcons and Saints "football player" I apologize. It was not intended as an insult to anybody. I receive emails daily about people going to Gwinnett Jail and it was funny to see Joe Horn arrested for driving without a license, that's all. He did look extremely happy to be there though.
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