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  1. I gotta admit, I kinda agree why else would you go out and get a hall of fame TE who has 2 years left in him , if you werent trying to win it all in those 2 years?? and what did we do at the CB or DE position to get better??? nothing we resigned Davis=fail and we drafted Sidbury who was a project player in the secondary...... we did nothing we drafted small college project DB's did they really think it was going to be better with just Houston and Grimes?? we got lucky we got Williams for 5 games great pick up in Gonzo and Peterson, but nothing else was done at the positions we knew would be a weakness we could have at least brought in someone with CB experience, even if you over pay him for 2 years, thats why we traded for Gonzo
  2. dont think so man, i thought the same thing, but the hike was on the 6 he threw it from the 8 sorry
  3. I wish that were the case, but their WR's could tell our CB's "psst, im gonna run a fade route" and we still wouldnt be able to stop them we brought him in a couple of weeks ago, so I think this has more to do with Norwoods injury he fits the smaller, quick RB that has experience that we need right now
  4. hmm, wonder who gets cut???? any guesses?? safety???
  5. Really??? this has to be the earliest troll activity on a message board before an opposing teams scheduled game in the history of the internet I am sorry for having responded to it
  6. ohh boy, not good, Norwood might be out awhile
  7. Say what you want about the man, but he did finish 3rd all time in passing yards for the Falcons, I dont know if that speaks more about him or more about the Falcons problems at the QB position but I'm guessing in 2 more years, Ryan will be taking that position from him
  8. I tries to use mine during the Super Bowl, but Eugene Robinson and Chris Chandler, said they werent taking deposits that day
  9. the 2 picks I realy didnt like were Moore and Middleton Moore... I understand he would have been a 1st rounder if he had come out in 2008, but he has a list of injury problems, and Middleton I thought was a reach for him at CB, coming out of Furman College???? but I was watching NFL network and they had the top 10 overall drafts and the 49ers 1986 draft was #1 and Bill Walsh admitted they drafted players with histories of injuries that other teams shyed away from,(it was a calculated risk he said) eventually it turned out to be Larry Roberts, Charles Haley, Tom Rathman, Tim McKyer, John Taylor, Steve Wallace and Kevin Fagan our 2008 might rival that one
  10. which again, most teams and FANS will take , obviously you cant last year we got 5 starters and 2 backups this year we are 6 games in, and have had 2 injuries, give it time man I really cant believe you are slamming our draft, 6 games into a season, Sidbury was not expected to come in right away, he was a project, we all knew that Owens was expected to come along slowly Jerry had an ACL injury, TD has no control over that Moore is the only pick I will give you most teams are lucky to get ANYTHING out of a pick past Round 4
  11. Considering we got Ryan Baker Lofton Douglas Bierman DeCoud Jackson in last years draft, I will take 1 bad draft alternating with a draft like the 2008 draft
  12. I thought about Jamal, because for those couple years, he was the face of the Falcons, but i didnt put him in because of injuries and he didnt really have that long of an NFL career, but he would have otherwise
  13. I think its coming back to me now, I seem to remember Chandler even ripping the city in general saying it wasnt very nice of a city, low class, etc
  14. 5-3 is fine, which leads to 10-6 i dont know if 10-6 gets us in this year with Dallas, Philly(maybe even NY), Chicago, Green Bay and either SF or Arizona thats why the Philly NY games are so important if things come down to a tiebreaker
  15. mine 1. Nobis 2. Bartkowski 3. Tuggle 4. Mike Kenn 5. either Mathis or Alfred Jenkins in a couple of years, someone will get bumped in place of Ryan
  16. so lets see..., things players did either while they were here or after Tony Casillas leaves to the Cowboys and rips the organization a new hole verbally Deion says he owned the Georgia Dome, and its his house Jeff George does a stupid victory lap around the stadium YKW gives the finger to the crowd Chandler gives a finger to the crowd and rips the organization on a whole and Brooking acts like a girl scorned and mocks some type of bird dance Jim Mora says he would love to take a coaching job back in his home state, while still employed as our HC during a playoff run am I forgetting anybody or thing is it no wonder, some of us fans act the way we do about this organization guys like Tuggle, Nobis and Bartkowski come along only so often
  17. I dont remember what he did I remember him going to the Bears and then the Rams, but what did he say or do?
  18. sitting here watching MNF, and have seen 4 of those plays so far, in 1 half
  19. Loveall, Calvin (CB), Idaho. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1988 but god it was one heck of a year
  20. I can understand 1 guy, but 3 players not being able to beat out 1 thats like saying Tye Hill cant beat out Grimes, but 3 all drafted in the top 3 rounds, sorry but I aint buyin it
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