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  1. Falcons 34 Saints 31 in an insane highlight reel game from beginning to end. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Potential playoff game in January for a third time is very possible.
  2. Is dwelling on it because it hasn't happened yet, and very well may not either.
  3. Roddy having a SF like performance would sure be a nice present for all of us. ( It would definitley improve our chances of winning this game too!) Happy Birthday Roddy. Go get 'em!
  4. key the subway jingle.... "5...5...5, INTER-CEPT-IONS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. We are going to win a wild, wild game in the end. Falcons 34 Saints 31. It's going to be a shootout until the end and 1 pick by Brees will be the difference. We will be viewed as legit again when we win on the road. We will contain the Saints juggernaut enough to hold them under 40, because of our familiarity with them. That's why we'll be the first team to beat them. We are better than Miami, that is a given.
  6. Ray's best comment to date even still in a losing cause was after the MNF barbecuing we recieved courtesy of St. Louis "We couldn't beat Florida State right now". Even though we got embarrassed on national tv, that was hilarious.
  7. I really hope so. If we spent a bottom third first rounder on him and he turns into a perrenial force and our defense into a legit unit, I'll be sold.
  8. Had we not gotten Ryan, we'd have been 4-12. If Ryan had the Ravens D, we'd have gone 15-1 and beaten the daylights out of Pittsburgh. With our offense, we'd have won 31-13 in the Super Bowl. That may be the case this season. BTW, if my aunt had balls , she'd be my uncle too.
  9. Nothing will ever top a Super Bowl win, especially a first one..... But no doubt 08 will be one of our most memorable seasons ever. If we win it all this year or next, (or both!) 08 will be viewed as the catalyst when it all started because of the change of the franchise from top to bottom, and no one thought we'd win more than 1-4 games last year. The foundation was laid last offseason, now the foundation becomes an unstoppable force in year two and three.
  10. Wow, this might take a few minutes.!!!!!!...... FALCONS- Chris Miller- (87-89 style) red replica Deion Sanders-white players of the century (rookie 89 style) Hebert-black champion replica jersey w/sewn #'s Rison-black authentic w/ 75th anniversary nfl patch Buchanan-black authentic Dunn- Old style black authentic Vick- 03 pro bowl authentic Crumpler- new style black authentic ( not ebay) D.Hall -black authentic ( not ebay) Dunn-white authentic ( not ebay) Ryan- Red authentic ( not ebay) just purchased, still waiting to recieve...... **White Brett Favre 91 jersey ( black #'s with red outline
  11. This is great that we are getting so much love and people are considering us a strong contender in the NFC overall. Our offense is going to be outright sick now with Gonzalez. Think what the 99 Rams had and they came out of nowhere from 98 having been 4-12. They had Warner, Faulk, Holt , Bruce and Hakim. no great defense. We have Ryan, White , Turner, Norwood, Jenkins, Douglas , Finn coming back from last year and now add TG as well, best TE in NFL history. St.Louis had not true TE to speak of. WE had a decent Defense and now I feel we will have a solid defense which is younger and faster. We
  12. Never draft a safety with a high pick? How about Ed Reed and Sean Taylor ??? ( and no, the fact that he got shot was not the Redskins fault for drafting him).
  13. With The Pats already owning Moss and Welker, two premiere WR's signing Galloway is hardly a huge move. I don't see him making that much of an impact for them. Thier opponents will focus on Moss and Welker.
  14. I wouldn't say the best ever yet. In 96 -97, the Ravens had Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware and then added Jamie Sharper. Those 3 were like **** on earth for any running game they faced. That was arguably the greatest LB core of the last ten-fifteen years. Then recently they had Lewis , Suggs and Scott. Very hard to beat that group too. I am optimistic though that we can build a force in the middle of our own defense that can compare though and be highly successsful. We have youth, talent, and can gain more through the draft. Now the coaches just need to bring the best out of them and scheme to thi
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