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  1. All of the younger players played well. Cory Peters had Newton around the waist when he threw the under handed pass int. Spoon again showed he is the energy in the defense with the 3rd qtr pass knock down. Moore's int. JJ and his 2 TDs. (Use his speed MM on slant and deep crosses please) and quizz's TD. Quizz definitely needs to see more touches. Don't get me started on Baker...He is the negative for the team.
  2. I forgot the word "rung". He got his bell rung
  3. Weatherspoon has been a tackling machine the last few games. Last week he waqs hitting everyone till he got his bell.
  4. I watch some of the Lions game after our game. They can't run or stop the run. If we get pressure from the ends and collapse the front like today's 2nd half Stafford won't complete many of those bombs.
  5. I always thought Cory Peters was a steal in the draft.
  6. This probably won't be welcomed since everyone here wants to blast Ryan. I admit that when he goes under center he has that fear look in his eyes. But it is not the dear in the headlights look that you think. It is a lack of trust in his OL, especially LT. He knows that Baker can not protect his BLIND SIDE. Hawley is learning but the center has to call blocking schemes and he has difficult times. Reynalds is a Tackle playing Guard. He is too tall and too long in arm length. DT are getting leverage on him and driving him back. So come on guys, it's hard to see open WRs when you are looking thru your ear hole on your helmet.
  7. The truth is Capers did adjust and that is why we did not score anymore. MM can't or won't change or adjust to what the defense is giving. BVG did adjust and brought pressure which kept the GB offense to FGs. But guess what happened, the GB OC adjusted and called plays to exploit what the Defense gave them.
  8. Ray Hamilton is not getting the job done. He has old and new players. He has been given the tools but can't get to the QB. If you have not noticed but we have been run on too.
  9. The coach that needs to be questioned is Ray Hamilton. He coaches the DL and in the last 3 years and 11+ differient players he has not been able to get it right.
  10. Just a sugestion, because it is hard to get OL during the season. Reynolds is a tackle who is playing guard. He is big with a long arm length which is great for Tackles but is not so good for Guard. The DT just get leverage and push him back into the pocket and go around him. I would be for moving Reynolds to RT, Clabo to LT, Hawley to Guard for blocking experience (he can watch McClure). Put the RB or TE on the left to help protect Ryan's blind side on certain plays. Bottom line I believe Ryan owes Baker a punch in the gut for the poor blocking. I was so P_ss_d when I saw the hit he allowed on our QB. Even in the no huddle the DE was blowing by him.
  11. The difference I saw betwen the 1st half and the 2nd half made me a true believer in Matt Ryan. The 1st half, I admit he was way over his head. Got to hand it to TB and their defense. They showed him some stuff he had not seen and the showed him speed that scared him. In the 1st half he was trying to get rid of the ball to early without setting his feet. The first INT he threw from his back peddling. The ball sailed on him and was picked. The 2nd half he settled down and stepped up in the pocket and made some decent passes. He is learning along with all of the other rookies. This coaching staff will use the film and correct alot of this games mistakes. You can't simulate speed in OTA for the rookies. Now they have been in the fire and will learn from it. We will see if they understand the speed of a good defense in a couple of weeks. We have Carolina and Chicago coming up along with an oportunistic fast defense in GB. Trust me this Falcon team is better and will continue to grow.
  12. Don't forget Mr Big Vegas "Hammering Hank" on ESPN. He picked against us and he is a LOSER. I hope all of the EXPERTS stay away from our Bandwagon.
  13. I am confident that we will beat the Bucs! There are 2 big differences between this coaching staff and the last couple of coaching staffs. 1. They game plan. I admit they probably could not plan as well for the Lions because all they had were pre season tape of the starters playing only a qtr or 2. But now they have a full reagular season game tape to plan from. The Bucs can't change too much. Gruden is Gruden and he has his tendancies. 2. This coaching staff adjusts during a game.
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