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  1. Pretty harsh i think ppl wanted to see throwbacks and a black home jersey. I dont think it makes u a puss just cause ud like to see cooler looking jersey. Just like u probably buy a car that looks cooler than a prius.
  2. Can quizz catch the ball? Do u think we can use him on screens since hes small and can dissappear behind blockers? I do this in madden and it works quite well against most players.
  3. EXACTLY. Brees ur team won the super bowl while your team was egregiously breaking the rules. Deal with it. Go film some more vapo rub commercials with ur dopy kid. They should have lost first round picks.
  4. I like it cause we play denver next season and it should be interesting
  5. I also like the idea of throwbacks with red helmet and new logo like someone else suggested. Frilly shoulders are no good either.
  6. 90s black uniform, white pants, new black helmet. Basically throwbacks with a black helmet. Or the current white jersey with black pants for away games. I dont like white jersey and white pants combo for road games. Too soft looking.
  7. I hope ur right. Im not bashing him just saying it has to be considered.
  8. Im excited about screens. I use them in madden with turner and quizz and i bust off big 20+ yard plays and it is key to me winning most of my online matches. . I watched all the games and didnt see us do this at all. The whole 32 rating scares me though.
  9. You know the qb sneak that brees had either last week or week before where he jumps over the line and sticks the the ball out on 4th down? Why doesnt ryan do that. Ryan always turns his back to the lineman and tries to back up for the first down. Why does he do this? He cant even see whats going on to get the first down. I really want a new oc, dc, and secondary, as well as o line and d line. I let it bother me for about an hour but like alot of people when i saw how crappy we played against NO i knew it wasnt our time. This blows!
  10. Yea im pissed too but this is what i signed up for. Im a 27 year old fan whos only been seriously following falcons since 98 and everyrhing u say rings true. I thought we would gradually get better and even though we kind of have we still are a team that is pretty good offensively but our defense fails big time. I didnt think we did enough last offseason to make our d legit. I think some ppl should lose their job. When i use the falcs in madden its tge same story. I can put up points but our defense gives up wide open plays to opposing wrs consistently. During each brees pass play we would mis
  11. Positive spin, maybe saints wont beat us 3 in a row if we face em in playoffs.
  12. 3rd down is horrible. We give up huge plays through the air. Matt puts up points in every game but our defense rarely helps him out. We are good againt the run. I have the same problems in madden. I hope im wrong!
  13. Yea we need to stop fing around an throw it deep. I love that because that is my mentality in madden 12 online. I throw it deep to julio and roddy on many first or second downs.
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