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  1. Here is Colin Cowherd's Top 10 teams so far through Free Agency...I think it's fair. 1. Packers 2. Pats 3. Eagles 4. Pitt 5. Baltimore 6. Jets 7. Atlanta 8. Indy 9. Saints 10. Dallas
  2. Colin is my favorite analyst..him and Jim Rome. Colin Cowherd is actually a big time Falcons fan, he always has good things to say about us.
  3. ****, I wanted to see this man in camp.
  4. It' ok to be excited about getting a player we all wanted to DRAFT. Life must suck for people like you...
  5. AWESOME! Also, who cares? Roddy is allowed to be disappointed he doesn't get to hang out with his son.
  6. Would be nice to see Derrick Locke compete as well.
  7. I thnk Mitch Mustain could become a very nice backup in the league. He was the man coming out of high school and not bad as a Freshman. What a fall from grace. Same goes for Vidal..I just think if healthy, he could really go into breast mode.
  8. I sure would like to see Hazelton and Mitch Mustain...That would make my night..
  9. Jeez, guys...calm down. Have faith in TD and the rest of the Front Office. The UDFA we sign tonight aren't gonna take us to the promised land. The negativity associated with this team is just so disenchanting sometimes. :ph34r:
  10. Just watch them online, bro, PM me for sites..I live in Arizona and watch all the games.
  11. I think Sid is gonna be very nice. I think a lot of people were high on Johnson cause of the whole GT thing. However, I'm sure we can see Ray Edwards in a Falcons jersey, Charles Johnson is just gonna want way too much.
  12. I think it's awesome that he even mentioned us. It's nice the Falcons are actually becoming a mainstream team.
  13. DeCoud for sure didn't have a GREAT season last year, but two seasons ago he was amazing. We def will have one of the best secondaries PERIOD if they continue to develop.
  14. I am so tired of hearing people say we overpaid. Its not often a #1 seed team can get a type of WR that comes along maybe 5 times every 10 years. Julio Jones had the best combine ever for any WR on a broken foot! I know combine doesn't mean everything, but it def means something. Let's be happy for the Falcons and Julio. There's no telling who we could have picked with the picks we gave up, they could have easily busted out. I love Mike Jenkins and am thankful for what he did for us, but we needed a solid #2. The same people who say we gave up too much are the same people who complained that w
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