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  1. UGA Football lucked up on season tickets last yr.. UGA UGA everything!! FALCONS Braves season ticket holder Hawks about 10-15 games a yr
  2. I'm buying it & selling it 20 yrs from now 2 some hardcore collector 4 thousands of dollars! ! Lol-
  3. I haven't seen this officially anywhere. You'd think the media would have caught wind of this by now.
  4. You get 100 likes 4 using that big E word that I can't pronounce, & won't think about trying to spell.. lol- expo what??? lol..
  5. Assuming Revis compensation was $16M as NJ resident (8.97 rate gross income tax state) he would pay approx $1,435,200 in state tax. In TB assuming he becomes FLA res, he would only pay approx $89,600 in state tax. So difference is. APPROX $1,345,000 in YEAR 1. Whoa that's a big difference. . I need 2 move 2 Florida lol.
  6. So basically we're looking @ every draftable def player from Florida State lol.. to be honest I don't remember Florida State def being that good last year.. especially not 3 1st round picks good.
  7. All this talk about 0 guaranteed money is crazy. You just gave the THIRTEENTH overall pick in the draft + at least a 4th next year for a two year rental? You could have drafted one of these young guys and kept that money (cap space is valuable, just ask us Falcons fans).. by the way, no way they cut him after two years anyway so there is guaranteed money involved. . About 38 million lol-
  8. How does Amerson from NCST go from being a 1st team all American in 2011 to over looked in 2 years.. if dude would have came out after after his jr year he would have Milliner buzz.. 11 picks in one year! I think the kid is going to be a steal for someone. .
  9. You know everyone on this board keeps talking about keeping draft picks and building depth and etc... well we traded all those picks to Cleveland & they still suck... the draft is a crap shoot & the best players are usually at the top.. I say quality over quantity any day..
  10. I watched those highlights closely & all I really saw was a lot of holding & pass interference from those guys. . I really don't get the hype about Milliner..
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000159282/article/ten-players-from-2012-nfl-draft-poised-for-bigger-roles
  12. I agree. . No way should Manning & Thomas be on the list over Ice & Roddy. . Not even Matt & Julio. . They are both better receivers. .
  13. Per Ian Rapport #LSU's Barkevious Mingo has worked out for at least: #Chiefs,#Browns, #Falcons. Visits with:#Titans, #Jaguars, #BIlls, #Browns,#Panthers2:21pm - 8 Apr 13 Could just be us working out different guys, because I don't think he will be there @ #30.. I also don't really see us trading up this year either..
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