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  1. YOu really are determined to give Brooking credit in NO area, aren't you? Its bits like that that make the Trolling designation a bit more certain. . .
  2. NAme a player we were going after that we were not able to sign?
  3. Troll isn't a matter of ABrasive either> YOu can be a passive-agressive troll. Its a matter of costantly bringing up a topic just to draw attention to yourself.; WHich this emminantly qualifies as.
  4. I can honestly say that I thought I would be satisfied either way. I might have leaned slightly towards the DOrsey scenario, but not that much. I watched quite a bit of Matt RYan and liked him ]
  5. Not that I have a dog in this fight. .but with the way SMith ROtates the Dlinemen, 'Get some playtime' is at least a distinct posibility. And is not the same as starting.
  6. I also note that for most of these people statistics are relevant up to and only up to the point where they stop supporting their argument. .and then suddenly statistics are irrelevant. .and then become relevant again afterwards. Tackles don't mean anything. Whoops, only BROOKING'S tackles don't mean anything, but wether he has zero or two pass defenses? THAT is critical. If he has zero or two fumble recoveries? THAT is critical. THey concentrate on the smallest numbers, the ones that are most prone to a 'roll of the dice' effect. The numbers that quite often come in bunches.
  7. In that case, I could consider you to be about four different posters who all use the same bad arguments. Still laughing at you.
  8. A Bi8t of projection. . . talk about 'can't stand to be wrong' And your obsession withy Gazoo is truly pathetic.
  9. No> I think people who obsess over trying to prove a player is bad, again and again, post after post, ad nauseum long after their opinion on the matter is well known, are trolling.
  10. Before I go, however. .how is Andre Woodson working out for you?
  11. Right. . .whatever you feel like you should believe. I'll leave you alone with your bizzare and perverse paranoia, where you see him around every corner.
  12. Most games, if you don't define impact as those Fantasy stats.
  13. Sorry, but no. Anyway, Gazoo actually makes posts with at least a little thought in them even when he is wrong. This? You just regurgitate a few Fantasy stat factoids and substitute them for an argument. And then try to pull a magician's trick by claiming I'm Gazoo. YOu really are fixated on him, aren't you?
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