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  1. The purpose of the practice squad is to simulate the upcoming opponent for our team to practice against. We play a different team each week. We should expect our practice squad to be tweaked each week to mimic our opponent. Arthur Smith has mentioned this in press conferences when the subject of the PS is brought up.
  2. I guess. If we’re talking about signing a FA, I’d rather work one of the FA tackles at LG rather than mess with what’s working. IMO
  3. Why? McGary played well today aside from one penalty. That right side of the line was the only thing consistently working. But you’d change it?
  4. While you are correct, the Bucs weren’t getting penetration based on speed, which is what is required for wide zone penetration. They were getting penetration based on power, which is slower and less effective against wide zone. Like I said, it’s not much of an advantage. But I’d rather have a wide zone scheme against a power line than power on power. Also, it’s worth mentioning the wide zone is more effective as those big boys start wearing down. And one last point, the wide zone paired with power runners (like we’re trying to implement) forces those Tampa undersized backers to make the tackle. This combo also begins to wear out the defense as the game progresses.
  5. Actually, we’re at an advantage over Dallas in that we run the wide zone scheme. Our line moves laterally and forces those big men to have to move more sideways than straight bull rushing. While it’s not a huge advantage, it’s better than straight drop back/power scheme.
  6. Dallas drops an INT that could have sealed it. Why does that seem so familiar?
  7. I gave up on these dreams when I saw Bartkowski under center for the Rams. 😢
  8. Well, I’d probably have to say Jim Brown was the greatest if I was forced to be honest. But Andrews “could have been” had not been for injuries. That dude was a beast.
  9. FB - Fullback Turner, Riggs, and Dunn are all Halfbacks. Lynn Cain and later Gerald Riggs were the HBs during the era that William Andrews was the FB. The topic was team/league FB records.
  10. Not to pile on, but I’m pretty sure William Andrews holds just about every FB team record. Just sayin…
  11. Oh snap, only us old timers are gonna get this one. Makes me feel like declaring “Go The Falcons!” or “Spiderbite!”
  12. Did you have to slam the door on him that bad? I almost feel sorry….almost. 🤣
  13. Do we think he’s better than Blake? That’s the real question.
  14. I heard he had just received a congratulatory handshake from Mayfield for winning that starting LG spot when something just…happened?
  15. I’m in no way saying Josh wasn’t his own worst enemy or perhaps a bit immature. But I get the feeling that if the on field mics had overheard him yell at Fitzgerald “Get fu**ing set!” or telling the Rams’ Dline “You can’t stop it!” or had the cameras picked him yelling to the 49ers sideline “Get off our fu**ing field!” that it would be viewed by some as another negative or a sign of his arrogance and immaturity rather than championed.
  16. I can’t understand how some think we’re “thin” or are going to be looking at other teams’ cuts. People, do the math! We’ll likely only keep 5 WRs since we’ll be running more and will carry an extra TE. So I’m thinking 5 WRs at most. Locks - Ridley, Gage, Zaccheaus That leaves 2 open slots. Darby - was a draft pic, so he has the advantage. He seems serviceable at gunner so his ST value is there. Only one spot left for Sharpe, Blake, Green, or Rowland. Keep in mind, your #4 and #5 have to provide Special Teams value. Unless some team cuts a stud, we’re not going to be looking elsewhere. Our 5 are currently on the roster.
  17. I think so if for no other reason just to have his threat of an onside kick available.
  18. Isn’t it obvious. You don’t need a mic to know that coach is clearly talking about how he plans on evacuating the remaining Americans from Afghanistan.
  19. Franks has not shown anything suggesting he’s ready to be a QB2 at this point and all teams are going to be like the Falcons and want a QB2 that can step in and play. The days of wasting a roster spot on a QB3 to develop are over. My point - we aren’t risking a thing putting Franks on the PS. No teams gonna want him at this point for the primary backup.
  20. Well, in his defense we’ve not really had many safeties to be happy about since, maybe Milloy? Wow, what a drought.
  21. I know some of the packages we’ve seen so far have been awfully familiar with those we used in ‘77. Just sayin…
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