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  1. Do we finally have a thread that can challenge the infamous “James Stone” thread?
  2. Wait just a minute. Are we sure this is what Mel really thinks and not just some type of revenge mock he’s showing to get back at Todd McShay for using trades in his? Perhaps Mel wanted to show McShay he, too, could do a mock draft while throwing out there some of then stupidest, ill-informed, most asinine trade ideas ever conceived.
  3. It’s not so much about his injuries as it’s about his recovery. His last injury was an Achilles. We’ve all seen how this affects a safety and it’s normally well over a year for full recovery if ever. I guess my question is what will a 2021 Malik Hooker look like?
  4. I’ll take a stab at this. I’m hoping for: BPA BPA BPA BPA BPA BPA BPA BPA BPA How did I do?
  5. He is a monster. A monster that I’m pretty sure is going to stay in college one more year.
  6. LG - Nick Easton S - Marcus Williams Edge - Carl Lawson NT - Snacks Harrison RB - Mike Davis TE - Jonnu Smith
  7. Personally I think we’ll be replacing Julio before Ryan. He’s got a greater injury history and is in a position that takes some punishment. I hate to say it because I love the player so much, but I’m guessing his skills decline much faster that MR2.
  8. I just REALLY worry about an Achilles tear. More so than an ACL tear. Now days an Achilles tear is like a 2 year recovery before there any resemblance to a player’s former self.
  9. I never was that impressed with Shawn Williams. Granted, I haven’t really watched much of him in the pros, so I’m sure he’s developed a ton. But in college he seemed to do everything ok but nothing really superb. He’d certain be an upgrade over what we’ve had, but I’m taking Williams or Mayes all day if I had the chance.
  10. And since he balled out in front of every scout, coach, and GM at the Senior bowl, he’s likely found his way in the first round.
  11. Trying to decide who is the best out of those TCU safeties is like me trying to decide who is the best out of those 3 UGA corners.
  12. How about your FA choice? Give me either of the Marcus’s and I’m a thrilled.
  13. “Jevon Holland aligned at safety for the Ducks defense. He shows excellent versatility and football intelligence to align in multiple places in the secondary. He demonstrates good leadership and communication on the back end and easily adjusts with motion. He is an excellent athlete with loose hips, agility, and body control while in coverage. When aligned in the slot, he demonstrates the coverage upside to allow the coordinator the flexibility to make different calls. As a result, he demonstrates the skill set that will allow the defense to stay in base against 11-personnel. He has tremendous
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