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  1. We’re really asking the wrong question. Number 1, number 2, number 3? This isn’t the question. The each play has a #1, #2, and #3 depending on the route combinations and defense. Our #1 or #2 will depend on who lines up where on any given play. The real question is the X, Y, and Z receiver position as it applies to Gage. Can he play the X, Y, and Z? We saw him in the Z mostly and sometimes in the Y. Can he play the X? Ridley can play all three. I’m sure Pitts can too (what a freak). As I mentioned earlier, I’d love to bring a vet in that can play all 3. But can Ga
  2. I’d feel better if we’d sign a vet to come in and push for the #2. A player like Golden Tate. He’s long in the tooth but would bring some veteran leadership to the room and is still got enough gas to be a potential 2 and certainly a slot #3 guy.
  3. I think you’d have to take into account that much of his ratings was him at guard earlier in the season. He was definitely over his head with the combination of being out of position at guard and being a rookie early in the season. By the time of the KC game, he’d not only played his true position at as a center but it was much later in the season. I’ve gone back and watched that tape over and over and he didn’t do too bad versus Jones.
  4. All you fans crapping on Eugene Robinson and saying he’s linked to hookers should be ashamed. Robinson never propositioned a hooker. He propositioned a COP!! 😋😫
  5. I’d rather see a broke Hooker than a broken Hooker. 🤔
  6. Another thought not being mentioned is that we’ve also improved our position in negotiating Jarret’s next deal. If we had kept Julio or not gotten his salaries paid, we would have had to go through Jarret to get money for this years rooks. Now TF can approach that negotiation in more of a position of strength.
  7. God I wish I could find the interview but not long after the draft TF said in an interview that the only QB we were interested in was Lawrence. It was like he realized what he said as soon as it was coming out and he kind of mumbled through the rest of the answer, but basically let the cat out of the bag. It was T Lawrence and Kyle Pitts at 1 and 2 on our draft board.
  8. So who has more TDs this season? Julio with Tannenhill or Ridley with Ryan? Keep in mind, both will be sharing with touches with red zone nightmares (Henry and Pitts).
  9. They played against each other in college. Well, their teams played each other seeing as they were both on offense.
  10. Kinda makes you wonder if he’d attend practice like normal, maybe he’s not standing there like a freakin statue in Dallas while the onside kick is rolling slowly by. 🤔
  11. This thought that 5 DL is an answer to the wide zone is simply not true. Where the wide zone is effective is it makes d-lineman play sideways rather than rush upfield. And on top of this, it forces each d-lineman to run sideways and still maintain their rushing lane responsibility. You get just one lineman running too fast or two slow, all of a sudden his lane is free for a RB to burst through. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3, 4, 5, or all 11 on the line. The wide zone forces a D to play nearly perfect lane integrity. Most D’s simply aren’t disciplined enough. And if you find one that is, this is
  12. So would you say the love we all share for the Falcons is an exercise in group think also?
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