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  1. After seeing this video again I am not suprised that academics are a issue.
  2. I bet Max Jean-Gilles wished this guy was around when he was on campus. He went to extreme measures to get his weight under control this off-season. I hope it works for him.
  3. According to the united football league website a former UGA player or players have had tryouts for the new Hartford team of the UFL. Does anybody know who this might have been? http://www.ufl-football.com/news/former-uconn-players-participate-open-tryouts-hartford-colonials
  4. Any chance we use Rambo or Marc Deas as emergency backup?
  5. I can see it now everytime he comes up big on a play, regardless if he's drafted by us.
  6. He held his own pretty good against SEC caliber players(see video). If he has a liability it's pass coverage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGCsQaqGZCs&feature=PlayList&p=D3186346C122A0C9&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=23
  7. He is the next Jessie Tuggle as far as size and productivity. He would be an OLB anyways.
  8. http://projects.ajc.com/gallery/view/sports/uga-pro-day-0316/ Falcons scouts all around Curran and Mike Smith has a converstation with him at UGA pro day. Hmmm? I wouldnt mind him in the Late 3rd or 4th round.
  9. Could he be a good utility player for us? Wildcat,KR/PR,WR. I think he would be an upgrade from Weems. Joshua Cribbs type player maybe?
  10. Does anybody also know what time it begins?
  11. 2 GAP 3-4-Groh The 2-gap alignment leaves both offensive guards uncovered by defensive linemen. Instead each ILB covers the “bubble” left by the line. This kind of 3-4 requires a specific class of player. The defensive linemen have to be monsters, able to handle the lineman in front of them and control the gap to either side. Ideally, they’re disruptive enough that the guards have to help in many cases. The inside linebackers need to be big enough to take on a guard on every play if the linemen aren’t good enough to keep them clean. It’s Parcells’ “Planet Theory” - there are only so many men o
  12. If we lose any recruits in the secondary its probably because their "lakatos" intolerant.
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