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  1. I was there for the Rams game...all I can say is if today was louder...then **** good job fans!!!!!!!!
  2. I know it's a days less of rest...but I am being selfish. I have a 10 hour drive on Sunday, so it would trouble the **** outta me to get the game in there. I really want the Saturday game so I can watch!!!!
  3. I really hope Douglas gets the ball thrown to him a decent amount today. With the Chargers horrible pass defense, White, Jenks, and Douglas should have a great day. Other than winning, my only other wish is for Turner to get over 100 yds and the D to keep LT under 100.
  4. How happy would INDY fans have been if they had gone 8-8 before they got Peyton?
  5. I didn't "choose" Atlanta. I was bred into Atlanta. My dad has been a Falcons fan since '66, I was born in '82 and have grown up watching them. My girlfriend is a huge Titans fan, she is friends with Mike Keith & Larry Stone. We live together in Chattanooga, and I'm tired of catching **** from her regarding the Titans always being on CBS, and yet Fox chooses to show F'N Cops & America's Most Wanted. Dave ******* FM sucks also, why the **** can I hear streaming music up until game time BUT no game. On a positive note.....**** Turner's stats look good.
  6. I'm assuming that your name implies that you have STRIPES on either a Camaro, Monte Carlo, 454 SS Silverado, El Camino, Chevelle, Impala, Cobalt, Malibu, TrailBlazer, or HHR. So why should we take you seriously?
  7. When I was a kid my dad used to load the family up and get a motel room for the day in Dalton just so he could watch. We haven't done that in forever. Those were fun times. He's coming to my house tonight to listen, but it'd be a helluva lot better if we could WATCH! Oh well, I'll be having beer in a Falcons Koozie and pigs in a blanket...guess I'll make the best of it.
  8. I will love 7-9 this year....10-6 next. I think that is reasonable.
  9. Ok, I'm gonna fill-in for him........my thoughts Carolina-Win @SD - Loss TB - Win
  10. I live in Chattanooga, TN....about 100 miles from Atlanta, and about 130 from Nashville. Granted, the Titans are a TN team, but I would love an explanation as to why the local stations choose to show the Titans and then turn around the next night and show Cops & America's Most Wanted in place of the Birds. We have called the stations and griped, but get nowhere. The local radio station who airs the games is choosing to not air preseason. Does anyone know if DaveFM streaming will be up & running tonight?
  11. Matty Ice sounds absolutely ********. Let the man be "Matt Ryan." Jesus Christ, does everyone have to have a ******* nickname?
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