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  1. Wow, that was some serious hatin' on the falcons right there...
  2. That's a funny picture of Roddy. I like that one, haha.
  3. I like these boards. Jigga Donkey was crazy though...
  4. I didn't so much mean that NYC is any better, but I can understand why the GM of a sports team in Atlanta would want to make sure the guys he brings in are pretty clean.
  5. Honestly, most cities aren't as bad for getting into trouble as Atlanta is. I mean, players from other cities' teams come to Atlanta and have murder or rape charges filed against them... if Holmes couldn't get his act together playing in Pittsburgh, if he buys a house in Atlanta, it's only going to be worse.
  6. The great thing about App State is that it's Hot Hot Hot even when it's Cold Cold Cold.
  7. Gotta say it goes Braves - They have one of the best pitching staffs in the majors, a new right fielder that is looking REALLY good, Chipper, Glaus, McCann... if these guys play motivated baseball (which I think they will for Bobby) then they have everything it takes to win this year. Falcons - The draft and the injury bug are the two big components here. If the players we draft in the 1st and 3rd (or 2nd if we trade into it) can make an impact, and Jerry, Moore, and Douglas come back strong, it's hard to see a flaw in this team. There are a lot of ifs in that, though. I think the Falcons
  8. Yeah, I noticed that too. One other person had the Saints taking Weatherspoon.
  9. Did the Lions see that commercial? Is that why we got hosed on the trade? :ph34r:
  10. I had no idea that calling for noise was illegal before. Seems kind of dumb to me. Anyways, glad it's gone, should help us in the dome, right? Or maybe they should put ads on the screen that say, "Get to your seat on time!"
  11. For as many times as Ledbetter mentions Payton, he doesn't have any quotes or anything to back up the fact that Payton doesn't like the rule. I'm not trying to defend him, but I would at least like to see some sort of statement so that I can call him a pansy or something...
  12. Golden Tate BABY!!! No, I have no clue, but I noticed he hadn't been taken yet and was pretty much the only other name I knew...
  13. I like what you had to say, but you do know what hubris means, right? I mean, the connotation that goes with it is generally one of beings so overly proud that it bites you in the rear end later. And because of that, the flowing confidence in your post made me kind of wary... I'm not trying to put you down, I was just curious what you were goin' for.
  14. The team played hard and did well this year against a really tough schedule with all of our toughest games being against teams on the road coming off of byes. It was difficult, but we came through it with a winning record, which is a HUGE positive in my book. One game, one little thing this way or that, and we would have made the playoffs. I don't think this team underachieved, I think it was right about where the unbiased expectations should have been. That said though, one little thing this way or that, one or two non-hooked field goals would have gotten us in the playoffs. I have no rem
  15. I think there's 2 things that people need to realize when analyzing Grimes as a corner. 1 - Our CB's, especially Grimes, have ALWAYS been in the right position to make the plays, they just played the ball terribly. The prime example of this is the game against the Giants. Go back and watch that game and see how many times Grimes and Houston were in the perfect spot, just didn't play the ball at all. Houston was a lot worse than Grimes in this area. In the last three games, Grimes seemed to have a light come on in how to play the ball. Look at the last pick he had in the Bills game for c
  16. Yeah, he even said that he probably wouldn't play another game as a Giant after this season. I noticed that and was thinking the same thing. That would be a sweet D-line, eh?
  17. Would you be comfortable with Williams and Owens starting next year? I think I would. Now, I think it could be better, but Williams played pretty good for us until he got hurt, and Owens is developing pretty nice.
  18. I don't think we need DT's, I think that's actually one of the strengths of this team when we're not injured... One good CB, a LB to replace Peterson, and some RUN BLOCKING! Our run game wasn't what it was last year, even when Turner was healthy.
  19. I think all the guys we lost made a big impact, but there was only one player that as soon as we lost him I said, "There goes the playoffs" and it was Brian Williams.
  20. Man, the problem with this offense is the O-line not opening up holes like they did last year. Especially the right side. The other problem I see is the injury to Douglas. How many times have we seen Gonzalez lined up wide, or in the slot? It seems logical to me that if we had Douglas, a solid #3, we would use him in some of those situations instead of the TE, and then use that HOF TE who can also block to open up some holes in the right side of the line. Pass rush and health... that's what we need... and I think the right side of the OL could use a little help too.
  21. Jenkins is not so much the problem, I'm more of the opinion that we need to get our OL healthy and improve the run blocking a bit. We weren't complaining about receivers last year when there was a running game, were we?
  22. UNC - Chapel Hill is a great school. I'm biased because I went there, but the business school, Kenan-Flagler, is really really good, nationally ranked all the time, and so academically if you're studying business, Carolina is a great choice. As far as things to do, Chapel Hill is not a huge town, but there are definitely things to do. If you don't get involved in organizations on campus, Franklin Street has a lot to offer, and if you don't like that either, Raleigh and Durham are both within an hour's drive, and there are a ton of things to do there. The sports teams at Carolina are great,
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