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  1. So who all's been staying active in the cold months? I'm keeping up a good routine. I moved to colorado to skibum. So far I've got in 35 days skiing and about 10 climbing sessions at the gym since November. There's ice climbing a few miles from my apartment so I'm trying to get in shape for that. Snake would have wet his pants if he heard another poster was training for ice climbing lol. Does he still post here?
  2. Cool. I'm a large frame (there's actually a chart on the internet to determine frame size and ideal weight) so I don't need to bulk so that's prolly why my diet is much more carb loaded. Yeah dude, add some more calories via carbs and see if you notice any difference. Clear pee is the only way to live, lol.
  3. What are you looking to get out of P90X? Cardio strength or muscle strength or muscle toning? How quickly do you think your muscles are recovering during your P90X? With all that protein, I'd imagine you're building good muscle but are probably getting very tired during your workouts b/c your only carbs are the bun on your turkey burger. Muscles fuel on carbs and rebuild with protein. I'm not a nutritionist but I take interest in nutrition. It's really cool how much my energy, strength, and even personality hinge on exactly what I eat. I ate a lot of junk in my teens, then changed diets and started cycling 25-150mi. per day and running1-3 mi. during off days and I'm 100% more in-tune with my diet. Seems like you're eating whole foods which is more important than anything else. typically on big riding days I eat B: 2 eggs, 1bowl raisin bran cereal, 2 cups skim milk, 1 cup oj, banana L: 3 slices turkey, tomato, mixed greens, avocado, mango salsa, sprouts, on a spinach wrap, 1 glass milk, 1 glass gatorade D: whole wheat pasta, 1 can tuna, handful peanuts, alfredo, mushrooms, 1 glass gatorade Snacks: almonds, goji berries, bananas, apples, peanut butter I try to drink at least 6 litres of water daily. When I'm riding in the summer, it's up to 9 litres.
  4. Shake Weight I've been working out with my Shake Weight For Men. It really is an explosive workout.
  5. What's your diet like?