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  1. What a great night for Jamarr Chase. Watching his son make his football dream come true and become a 1st round pick for the Atlanta Falcons has to be a special feeling for JaMarr.
  2. As good as he is, the Falcons were doomed when they make that moronic trade for Julio. You guys failed to build a team, and that’s a large reason why.
  3. It's arguable that Trufant isn't even a top 3 corner in the NFCS...lets slow down with that.
  4. It really is. We all already knew your fan base sucked, we didn't need this article to confirm that.
  5. I would be trying to get away as much as I could to if I owned the Falcons.
  6. Lol how many years ago was that? I don't think any Saints fan cares about that loss anymore. We are in brighter times, an actual winning football team (which is something everyone here can't claim).
  7. WFW is still a clown? Can't say I saw that one coming...
  8. I thought it was three, regardless, most fans have always been left scratching their heads in what the team saw in him.
  9. I really don't think anyone could be "awarded" Bryce Harris. That guy is awful.
  10. Yeah it sucks, but are we really going to sit here and act like the Falcons don't have 8 figures of dead money against their own cap? Also, do you know what's common amongst the top 12 teams in dead money? 75% of them have won more than 1 playoff game in the last decade, and half of them have been to a Super Bowl in that same timespan.
  11. Refusing to make a bet because you know your team doesn't stack up really isn't something to brag about. I've never lost a bet either. I've also never made a bet. Should I brag about that?
  12. It is obvious you did nothing more than pull up the ESPN stat page and look at it. You have to look at the entire picture, you also have to take into account what the Saints did with Terron Armstead at LT instead of Charles Brown. Completely different story. 129.3 yards per game with Armstead last season, 89.2 yards per game with Charles Brown. If you want to take it even further than that, through the first half of the season the Saints averaged 79.8 yards on 3.3 ypc per game. During the second half they averaged 112.8 yards on 4.3 ypc per game. Like I said, look at the entire picture. and the Saints offensive line was 6th in the league at protecting Drew last season between pressures, hits, and sacks. Drew Brees was 4th in the league with the pressures he took per drop back as well. So obviously you are greatly exaggerating there, if you drop back alot you will probably have the appearance of making it look liek you gave up a lot of sacks.
  13. WFW never losing a bet? lmao So are the Falcons undefeated against the Saints under Mike Smith?
  14. This is one of the worst posts I've ever seen. I don't mind if you point out the Saints flaws, but atleast be realistic about it.
  15. If the Saints cut Bailey they obviously did it for someone who they believe will have a bigger impact on the team. So why exactly would any Saints fans give a crap? They should all be happy to eat their crow.
  16. Maybe they don't live up to expectations, but they'll be an above average defense. Can you say that for Atlanta?
  17. If you really saw our secondary you wouldn't be so confident. Are you basing this off of one missed assignment?
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