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  1. What a great night for Jamarr Chase. Watching his son make his football dream come true and become a 1st round pick for the Atlanta Falcons has to be a special feeling for JaMarr.
  2. As good as he is, the Falcons were doomed when they make that moronic trade for Julio. You guys failed to build a team, and that’s a large reason why.
  3. It's arguable that Trufant isn't even a top 3 corner in the NFCS...lets slow down with that.
  4. It really is. We all already knew your fan base sucked, we didn't need this article to confirm that.
  5. I would be trying to get away as much as I could to if I owned the Falcons.
  6. Lol how many years ago was that? I don't think any Saints fan cares about that loss anymore. We are in brighter times, an actual winning football team (which is something everyone here can't claim).
  7. WFW is still a clown? Can't say I saw that one coming...
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