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  1. Would love to see it. I was blown away at Quizz buckeling the feet of Krueger the DE for the Ravens last Thursday. I really like Quizz the more I see him.
  2. I agree we need to think outside the box and not be so predictable on offense. I would love to see Julio, Quizz, Roddy and HD on the field at the same time. That's the kind of explosiveness that TD was aiming for.
  3. Sid was rocking against the Fins before he got dinged. The dude does have upside unlike Davis. Davis will not get any better that is an absolute. Is it worth it to keep him because he plays the run well, that's the question. I'll tell you one thing TD (not McKay) is freakin stocking this roster. I haven't seen a Falcon roster this deep and talented in years and years. Now that TD has addressed the secondary situation if we put it together we can play with anybody. I believe the D-line in particuliar with Abe, Bierman, Edwards, Sid, Mathews, Peria, Peters, Babs, Vance, etc is a really, really deep and talented NFL caliber D-line. These boys have the potential to wreck untold and profound havoc upon the likes of that pansy Drew Brees and those overgrown punks Freeman and Newton. I really look forward to our D-line just punishing those guys.
  4. Owens has got to go. All hype and no bite. The dude is like Jamaal Anderson if he was a DB. You had your shot bro and you blew it. Thanks for nothing.
  5. Sidbury looked pretty good against the Fins before he got hurt. Chauncy seems to be doing his best Jamaal Anderson impression.
  6. Mr. Blank don't let that imbecile ever have any input over player or coaching hires ever.
  7. No way. Even Pat Y. said the Falcons let Williams go because they thought the coaching staff would play Williams this year instead of Franks and Owens because they can't beat him out head to head. Last year obviously they could not out play Williams and now we bring in Hayden there is absolutely no way either Franks and Owens comes close to beating out Hayden. I agree with FFS1970 that the only scenerio that lets either Franks or Beans play NB is if Hayden is brought in to play for Dunta if his hammy is whammy.
  8. I think there are several people on the AFMB that could do a better job reporting. Not only is the reporting spotty but you never get any questions asked by the local media in general other than softball questions. Did anyone hear or read anyone in the Atl media ask M Smith about the Cards getting a read on our snap count and why we didn't make any adjustments or if we did why did it took so long to make an adjustment? Did anyone hear or read the atl media asked TD about the wisdom of making Frank and Beans (FFS1970) our NBs after the playoff NB meltdown we had last year? I know we addressed it the last few days but even Pat Y acted like it was no big deal before that. Has anybody in the media asked McKay how he felt about signing one of the biggest draft busts in the history of the Atl Falcons? Let Jedi, Peyton, the Prof, FFS1970, etc get a chance to report on the Falcons for the AJC and they would blow away the local media pathetic coverage. I can't even bear to watch local interviews of Falcon players and coaches because it's so freakin vannila. This board is a much better source of Falcon news. For ex. the NB situation has been front page news on the AFMB for weeks now and now we see TD address this very situation. Was DLed or the rest of the Atl media even aware of this crucial shortcoming on the team?
  9. +1. Being able to say you're wrong is a sign of wisdom and character. Well done.
  10. Oustanding job by Gritz. Ryan looks a little more dangerous with the facial hair I think he should go with it who knows it could give him a little more cockiness like Phillip Rivers which wouldn't be a bad thing for a starting NFL QB.
  11. Come on man, what freakin difference does it make who acquired the players the point is this mgt and coaching staff picked some guys to start that flat out sucked. On the other hand they have made some very good moves and in the aggregate they are doing a heck of a job but you cannot just blindly try that "the coaches know best" bull crap because we've all been there, done that over Busterson, especially, and we're not going to listen to that kind of juvenile, mindless, illogical cheerleading foolishness again. On the snap count give me a break. The coaches call all the plays to Ryan's helmet the dude was in his first playoff game, don't you think the coaches had a responsibility to help the guy out. Believe me if Smith and MM didn't see it on the field the coaches up in the booth could see it because every freakin Falcon fan in the freakin country could freakin see it on the freakin TV.
  12. Right on FFS1970. This regime tried to make Adam Jennings our PR, Busterson our LDE, Crisp Houston our CB, Chevis Regal our NB, etc plus the coaching staff could not make adjustments when the Cards were reading our snap count in that playoff game and they left Crisp Owens to get blown up in the other playoff game. I support the team and generally like the mgt and coaching staff but to make the argument that these guys are infailable is laughable and juvenile.
  13. What are you talking about, Busterson got so much negative attention that it was epic. In fact a legendary, stud poster fled from the MB because he went off the deep end supporting Busterson even in the face of all the facts, logic and rational thinking being against his pro Busterson position. I think you are following in his footsteps.
  14. Pat Y said the coaches would choose to play Williams if he was on the team moron. I never said the Falcons were being forced to play anyone I said if Williams was on the team the coaches would choose him because he is the better player. If Crisp Owens or Franks or even Walls could beat out Williams head to head fine but the truth is they couldn't. That kind of crap gave us Busterson starting at LDE for years even though the guy couldn't get it done on the field.
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