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  1. Man I'm thinking the same thing. It's such an elementary skill to have. How can a professional at such a high level be so incompetent.
  2. They're blocking fine, but its baffling how something as simple as snapping a ball is out of our center's skill set.
  3. Feel our defense is due for an interception this drive
  4. Barwin never turned his head tho, shouldn't that be a PI?
  5. Julio slipped on that, should've been a first down otherwise
  6. Can't wait till he and Grady Jarrett start reaching their full potential
  7. Good call. Down for trading some of our Dlinemen for bubble wrap
  8. We also need to draft a physician that can keep everyone healthy.
  9. Teddy Bridgewater can move in the pocket but he's not a scrambling QB, he reminds me more of a Sam Bradford or a poor man's Aaron Rodgers. Still a cause for concern though.
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