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  1. Texans brass really should monitor their message board. Posters are tipping their hand. Crazy to think that a message board could cause such chaos in the war room. Well now that the texans aren't taking clowney I guess now we can move on to Jacksonvilles message board. Maybe they're posters are focused on qb too.
  2. I think you're spot on as far as addressing priorities. Contrary to many who think the defense needs the emphasis it's not even close that it's the pass protection and rushing attack that is the central reason this team failed in 2013. Find a line that can go toe to toe in the trenches and we get back to winning. I like your analysis and suggestions.
  3. Anyone who thinks Matt Ryan is a problem with this franchise isn't really a very intuitive football fan. Yes he threw some horrific interceptions this year. Yes he had a down year. Yes it is his responsibility to be better and yes his team needs to be better. The way to wins in the nfl is through building a team not an individual. Matt Ryan is perfectly capable of winning Super Bowls. This team is capable but must be retooled to get back to winning. Start with retooling the weak positions but starting quarterback ain't one of em. And yes " pay that man his money" and move on .
  4. Not enough loyal atl natives. I use to go to hawks games in the late 80's when nique was flying high. They use to practice at the Atlanta health and racquet club near windy hill road. I use to watch them practice and got to shoot around with them during warm ups. Awesome to get that close as a kid. If anyone remembers Jon sterling you would recognize my screen name. Anyway, I love the hawks and so do my kids. We support them always. Do we think they'll ever win a ring? No. But they still play hard and deserve support .
  5. Anybody else catch the irony of the 2/14 arraignment? Ha! Happy v-day sharper.
  6. Why would anyone looking to fill a need not choose bpa at a position of need?? You either choose the bpa or you choose by your specific need. Obviously if you choose by a need basis you would select the bpa at that position, no? I am just seriously wondering what bpa at a position of need even means...
  7. The execution of the 2013 team was about like the 2007 team. I don't know that I've seen a more pitiful offensive line in my life. I dot think there is a starter in that bunch that would start on any other team. That line needs to be flushed almost entirely.
  8. You mean you can't just void Aldon smiths contract and sign him? At least he could've taken Ryan Khalil from the panthers. Just tear up the contract right?
  9. I don't care who's to blame that was an embarrassing ending.
  10. I'm saying that the lay off hurts a rushing team less. If Fsu rushed the ball like auburn does I'd say the same.
  11. Lots of examples in those stats. Bowl eligible is just one.
  12. mizzou forced multiple fumbles and turned one into a defensive td. i'd say if auburn took better care of the football that mizzou would've had 14 few points. still though, expect a high scoring game but 75 is crazy high. i'd bet the under in that scenario. remember, with a month to wait, it's going to take the first quarter for each team to dust off the rust. i personally think that advantage goes to auburn because they run 3 plays with many variations. a rushing attack is something you can rely on when the chips are down. fsu is more balanced - i haven't watched enough of their games to
  13. interesting nobody comments on the graphic that falconsfan567 put up. pretty interesting that auburn played 11 bowl eligible teams. and everyone assumes fsu will win by double digits. i certainly think the game will be a good one. you've got two extremely strong offenses, and yes fsu has the better defense. but, the way auburn is crushing defensive lines right now, i'd say fsu has their hands full defensively just like auburn has their hands full defensively. the difference to me in this game is the fact that auburn has played in so many close games and won and fsu has played in zero close
  14. Oh now I see. I just thought we dropped passes and missed field goals accidentally. Didn't presume it to be "all in the plan." Good for you mike smith for scripting a plan to perfection.
  15. I just reserved tix for the bcs nc game. War eagle . Anyone else going pm me.
  16. Actually what auburn fans and Alabama fans have in common is that neither went to the university of alabama
  17. Good. I want a coach that gives the same response to the media. This has zero translation to inside the locker room.
  18. ^^yup Was just going to remind everyone that sproles was on the sidelines in street clothes. Anyway you want to chalk it up this team is failing on offense, defense and special teams.
  19. I agree that this is not a fluke season. Franchises have momentum from season to season, week to week. This season is the culmination of td and smith's footprint since 2008. This season screams of what is to come next year. Teams cannot gut their roster overnight. Game set match - expect the same next season and look for a new GM and hc and another half decade of mediocrity. I hope I am dead wrong though.
  20. Just wanted to say this past Sunday was his best game I've seen him play. Hope his hustle and attitude help lead the defense the remainder of the season.
  21. Actually an ankle injury usually contributes to an aggregated leg muscle due to those muscles compensating for the ankle. I was going to ask if you've ever pulled a muscle but it's obvious you're not the athletic type.
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