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  1. that will be an interesting game to watch. it's funny that d hall said he doesn't want to play for a losing team, but wants to be traded to OAK who hasn't had a winning season in 5 years.
  2. redman is a better qb than harrington. i think we at least learned that from last year if nothing else.
  3. ya there is a difference in volume between the two SD vs HD. not sure why about that. the regular season games will almost always be in HD. but, what matters is where ATL falls on the pecking order of games each week. as i remember in 2006 the CLE ATL game in ATL was on CBS but not in HD. I believe it was because networks only have X amount of bandwidth on the signals they broadcast. So, they have to choose the top, i don't know, 5 or 6 games to show in HD and the rest won't be in HD.
  4. correct. just because you have an HD channel doesn't mean the current broadcast is in HD. for example. Seinfeld comes on re runs on Peachtree TV channel 17. MY DirecTV channel indicates WPCHD, but Seinfeld is not shown in full screen HD. HD channel doesn't always mean HD broadcast. MY ATL 36 shows some programs in HD but that preseason game was not one of them. also, did you see the NFLN rerun of the jax ATL game? it wasn't with randy watters. it was the jax crew. it was not in HD but on NFLN HD. the game wasn't aired in HD
  5. he's not saying he doesn't want to be part of a rebuilding team. he's saying he doesn't want to invest the latter part of his career this year and not be here next year when the team starts winning. this is such a stupid topic. anyone comparing d hall to lawyer milloy needs to take off the d hall underoos.
  6. local channels like 02, 11, 46 will show an HD broadcast. MY ATL 36 for a preseason game will not show the game in HD. It is on an HD channel but it is not an HD broadcast game.
  7. i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that youth and preseason = penalties.
  8. i don't buy into the notion that TD knew mostly about the LB's and DB's. front office guys spend their entire work day studying film and evaluating all positions. TD said it in his post draft interview that 'you can never have too many LB's and DB's especially for special teams.' he also stated that he felt the talent level dropped a lot after the 1st round for DT and DE in this year's draft. now, DL is our biggest weakness, but i'd rather him draft lofton in the 2nd round than reach for a DT if he thinks that lofton is a better player.
  9. ryan definitely made quick decisions. i was most impressed with his pocket presence and quick decision making. in any sport u need to trust your instinct. even if you make the wrong decision you can't second guess yourself because that's when an incompletion turns into an int or a sack.
  10. hey, this sounds an awful lot like bonds hitting 2 home runs on april 1st and the announcer saying "hey, he's on pace to hit 324 home runs this year!"
  11. true true. either way i don't think it was a bad pass. nfl wr's should make that catch 95 out of 100 times.
  12. i also thought ryan put that ball to roddy's back side b/c the saftey drifted over to cover jenkins in the slot. to me it looked like he put it on roddy's back side to keep it away from the saftey. we don't really know either way though.
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