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  1. I'm sure Taylor is just another jerk off obammer voter. Probably sitting on his a$$ collecting food stamps.
  2. So basically to equate this to poker: I just rivered a straight flush. Oh I guess I should bet now. Have some balls and bet on the flop already.
  3. Just me but I want my team to play to win each Sunday. Each week is a 3 and a half hour story told independently of each other. At the end of the season then the franchise will deal with the draft. I don't want my franchise hanging it's cards on one player who has yet to even take an nfl snap. The draft is 7 rounds deep not 1. This franchise will be successful with a full team posted not one player.
  4. In case people didn't know -Ron jaworski literally talks out of his butt. No really. Look at the two a$$cheeks he has as a face. Geez. Id go on a diet if I had to be on tv so much.
  5. Just my opinion - Hester will not be a scat back. He is a return man who will get a few extra touches from the slot.
  6. Steve will just accuse him of only doing it to shut people up.
  7. lose lose. Coks will obviously accuse him of only doing it to get people off his back. Mountain out of a mole hill. the internet world is full of pu$$ies.
  8. Reading ain't the problem reading your topics is
  9. The whole point of this thread was to claim that a 5th round pick was the worst pick by Thomas dimitroff. so because this 5th round draft choice was cut somehow vindicates your claim?
  10. Gotta love social media. Where ***** bags can "talk" to celebrities.
  11. Obviously word pick ever for td since swift says so
  12. Ot is priority #1. I'd rather protect the quarterback than find a better lb. Both are areas to improve personnel but fixing ot is higher on the list IMO.
  13. Check out the piece on the browns when they left Cleveland. I think it's an nfln Americas game piece. A long list of coaches. Off the tip of my head: belichek, Saban, Schwartz, td , pioli. Probably a few I forgot
  14. i'm already tired of hearing the term "gritty" out of dimitroff. like "explosive" the year he drafted julio.
  15. much to do about nothing. tg was due a roster bonus so why in the **** would he file retirement papers prior to getting it? so, what people are saying is if there was a large sum of money due to you and all you had to do was stay at home and collect it in a few weeks, you would move and not collect. uh huh. agreed that td deserves some blame for there even being a roster bonus but it was i'm sure to reduce the cap hit in 2013 as much as possible...but that's just a guess. look the guy wants money like everyone else. does it mean it's a slap at the franchise? maybe. maybe not. maybe he ju
  16. The fact that he was as successful in the nfl with a condition as serious as epilepsy is a huge accomplishment for him. I remember questioning how long he could be a contributor or worse if he could suffer a life threatening injury because if it. Snelling deserves a ton of praise for risking his life for the Atlanta falcons. I bet you can count on one hand who in the nfl played a single down with that condition.
  17. Rs1 has to be a fetus. Anyone who knows their nfl football knows jimmy Johnson assembled the cowboys of the 90's. Even after Jj left Barry Switzer took sloppy seconds and gravy trained his way to a bowl.
  18. I don't see it as very important. I'd prefer seeing a players agility and start/stop ability. Running in a straight line isn't football.
  19. Amazing trade idea. Wow amazing. Get this to td cause the rams are anxious to do atl a solid
  20. I bet OT is our first draft pick. Just too $$ to spend it on top FA. I expect FA signing at LB and FS.
  21. Every game counts towards building a team. To fans a win when you're 4-10 means nothing. To the actual people involved in the sport - ya know - the humans contributing, it does actually matter. It's called pride. It's called dedication. It's called perseverance. It's called determination. Athletes never cry uncle. Fans can cheer for a loss all they want so they get a better draft pick. Athletes want to win and that's called being a competitor.
  22. Anton smith is one of if not the best special teams gunner in the nfl. That is his starting role for this team. A few break out runs won't change that.
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