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  1. you may need to look into the "Oops I crapped my pants" SNL brand depends.
  2. glad to hear about turner. this thread was very informative. much thx!
  3. for those of you in the situation of not having ATL games in your area. if you have directv you can either subscribe to NFL superfan for a large fee. or, you can change your service address by a simple phone call to customer service. just tell them you moved (a valid ATL address is all you need) and that your system is already installed you just need to update your service address. they will update your address and you will recieve ATL local channels.
  4. braves have been disappointing this year. i'm tired of hearing about injuries.
  5. hall did lay a pretty solid shoulder down in run support. he is a head case though. he deserves OAK and OAk deserves him.
  6. was that not the play where ATL ran a stunt and jamaal went up the middle. garrard was able to get to the outside b/c we had no DE there cause jamaal ran a stunt. however, he did trip due to a lineman in his way.
  7. he had thomas brown in the flats for an easy score too.
  8. sorry i didn't mean to strike a nerve on you. i guess the insane asylum in milledgeville is a sore subject for you.
  9. answer: get DirecTV and either subscribe to nfl superfan or the cheaper route is as follows subscribe to DirecTV and have them install your dish at your bham address. then after about a week, call up and "update" your service address to be any address in the ATL area. if you have a relative that lives in ATl that would be the address I would use. have your bill go to paperless and wala...you have ATL local channel. I do it in huntsville and when i lived in auburn.
  10. stats don't tell a whole lot about a qb. it is a nice summary of how a qb performed, but to throw out stats and say this guy = that guy based on stats is taking it too far. after one preseason game there is no need to draw any conclusion with matt ryan. let time play out for a season and get a time weighted average.
  11. this team is too young to make a deep run at the nfc south this soon. it is a long season and it takes some seasoning to make it through an nfl season. these rookies will hit the rookie wall by november. unless ATL shows some tremendous depth defensively, i don't see more than 6 wins this season.
  12. i am glad we addressed our offense if ryan is as good as this front office thinks. with all our d problems...the o was the bigger prob last year.
  13. harrington kicked the PAT and the FG too? did i miss some of this game?
  14. i like the "pound" teams quote. vick needed this offensive philosophy. it is the right compliment to his skill set. it would have created better match ups for him.
  15. i agree. the biggest need is DL. our secondary and LB corp will benefit from a strong front 4. my view is that with a new GM and new coach the 2008 draft was a draft where every position was up for evaluation. I would imagine that best player available was a big factor in the selection process for that draft. hopefully as TD and smitty get there guys on this team that there draft approach will be more of a combination of need and bpa vs almost all bpa.
  16. jamaal has one year under his belt. this year will determine if the pick was a good or bad one. i'm more concerned with the health of abraham. if abraham and grady can eat up blockers it should make jamaal's life easier.
  17. ryan's ball looked very catchable. not as strong a throw as some of the more seasoned vets. what's more important is his progressions in the pocket and not telegraphing his passes. vick was able to get away with telegraphing his passes b/c he threw lasers, but ryan will not be afforded that luxury.
  18. snelling is a better RB than brown at this point. brown will make the team as a kickoff returner. maybe they'll keep both and slot snelling behind mughelli at FB.
  19. no redmOn on the depth chart so only choice is ryan :P
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