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  1. i'd be surprised if another team wouldn't try to claim him off of the ps.
  2. i do think that reeves would've been a better choice than mora jr. the brand of football that old school vets bring to the table is what keeps programs stable and consistent. mike smith will get at least 3 years even if he wins 9 total games i that span. that said, i think he'll be here at least 5.
  3. jamaal will be a solid starter this year IMO. he won't ring up the sacks but i think he'll make some solid contributions on the DL.
  4. going into the 08 draft our biggest need was QB. but, i didn't think matt ryan was worth the #3 pick and i aslo wanted dorsey even though the injuries would probably be a factor in his career. after one preseason game there's no reason to jump ship and change our minds no matter what we thought. the earlier post is right, we need to wait a full season and re evaluate this discussion to be more objective about it. it will be tough for ryan to live up to his contract status. i don't think he's that good, but his work ethic and respect for the game appear to be on par with the greats of the g
  5. why are there no black out restrictions on preseason? cause they usually dont get sold out?
  6. ya i don't care about W's and L's in preseason. i just want all the bubble players to get a good shot at showing their potential so the coaching staff can make the best roster decisions.
  7. that is worthy of being banned? wow. i didn't realize this was church boards.
  8. the bulls will kill you whereas grady will just cause internal bleeding.
  9. i also agree that bush and leinart benefited from a juggernaut college team picking on the weak fresno st's and washinton st's. drop usc in to the sec and then see what happens to their annual championship runs.
  10. norwood doesn't get enough touches to have the TD's that bush has. his 3 TD's are all more exciting than any of bush's.
  11. who's characterized that the worst in the history of the nfl? mark bradley? ajc is such low grade dog meat.
  12. i still like mike vick, but i also support matt ryan. i am a falcons fan and mike vick has been my favorite player since i watched him start in 2002. i miss seeing him in a falcons uni, but i'm not going to take out my issues with not having vick on the field at matt ryan. none of our past issues is his fault and he deserves a clean slate to begin his career. with that said i miss seeing mike vick do his thing.
  13. i would be in the minority of liking to see him take snaps in an ATL jersey again. the way i see it if he's allowed back in to the NFL why not have him play in ATL. what's the difference? i guess people will say he screwed us, but if he is the best qb on the roster why not let him repay his debt to this team. he probably would be willing to play at a marked down price to have the chance to earn our respect again.
  14. go to this link below and you'll find his name on the roster as "suspended". he won't be cut until some resolution is made about the money owed. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/People/Roster.aspx
  15. the first reply is the truth. ATL must create their own history to bury the past. this team was and still is the ATL vicks until we have a winning season w/o him.
  16. LMFAO! it all goes back to madden football. the fact that he went from 87 to 94 is the end all be all of player evaluation.
  17. reggie bush is a college phenom that won't translate into the NFL except for punt/kickoff return or gimick plays. teams don't need to gameplan for bush except for keeping him contained in the slot. teams welcome him lining up at RB.
  18. i sympathize with milloy, but the guy did win championships with the pats. if ATL should let him walk at least the guy has a ring already. it's not that bad for him, but i do agree with him that he deserves to play with ATL once the team starts winning and not just during the growing pains.
  19. i am definitely psyched about our future. but, sadly i must be honest. i find myself saying "**** what could vick have done in this offense"... as much as people got on him prior to the dog fighting, he meant a lot more to ATL than people knew.
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