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  1. bonds was on pace for 324 home runs after hitting one opening day a few years back too.
  2. i like seeing a RT used at TE in short yardage. we're going to line it up and play smashmouth.
  3. bonds was on pace for 324 home runs that year he hit 2 opening day.
  4. is this ncaa?....please take the poll bee ess to kiddie blogs. who cares.
  5. ATL ran a vanilla offense in that game. they'll have to take more risks with ryan in the reg season. 5-7 step drops and throwing the ball downfield. BAL took away the small ball, and ryan wasn't going to stay in long anyway. i wouldn't bank too much into although it's obvious an 8 win season is over achieving. what do you expect out of a rookie qb running a vanilla offense?
  6. if ATL resigns him and gives up a 6th, to a say 3 yr deal then i like it more than just a 1 yr rental. ATL is young enough and giving up a 6th rounder 22 yr old is not a bad thing considering how young this team already is.
  7. sacks are just as much a team stat as td's. for de's to get sacks it takes more than just 1 impact player.
  8. the report i saw said if he's with ATL next season it includes the 09 6th round pick as well.
  9. and what about that Texas Tech user....that donk was busting over harrington. his sig is annoying to.
  10. thanks hokie. i didn't find that summary page. i appreciate your help!
  11. shockley gives the scout team more options during practice. i think harrington is redundant with ryan and redman already at 1 and 2. i also don't think shockley will be kept on the practice squad b/c i'd bet another team would activate him as a 3rd stringer. i'd say regardless of tonight, if i were mike smith and td i would let harrington walk. he's had his shot and his a known commodity. shockley at least has potential, albeit potential is a dangerous word.
  12. one point you guys haven't mentioned is corey mcintire. his st's play is the main reason he is on the team which will prevent ATL from being able to keep 4 RB's and 2 FB's. somethings got to give with mcintire if ATL keeps 4 RB's wouldn't you think?
  13. hands? good blocking? milner doinked a ton of balls off his hands at ga. that was the big knock on him when he was drafted.
  14. thx hokie. i did find this archive, but when i clicked on one of the hours to play it prompts me for a subcription fee. i'm not that big a rome fan to subscribe for a monthly fee. anyone else subscribe or hear the interview?
  15. just by nature of the position, LB or S would have to be your biggest hitter b/c those are the guys who build up steam for the hits. D lineman are usually stagnant on their hits. with that said it is milloy and i'd say after that nicholas. but, i also give credit to mughelli on st's and his ability to pancake block. he is a beast.
  16. did anyone catch this interview and can share what was discussed? i meant to tune in but was unable. sorry if i'm late on this one.
  17. i don't know. i just expected it to be available if you purchase the sundy ticket, but now that you mention it i think i recall the ad saying games subject to nfl blackout policy. that sux.
  18. you can switch your service address with directv to an atlanta address and get ATL local channels. that is one way to get ATL games which is what i do. unfortunately that does not solve the blackout problem. the only way i know of to solve that problem is pay up for sunday ticket.
  19. i wouldn't put too much stock into preseason pr's. i would however consder the boot off the chest significant.
  20. three good punt returns < one bounced ball off the chest. period.
  21. well since ryan hasn't thrown a deep ball wtf r u asking?
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