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  1. refs should also "play advantage". for example: a questionable fumble or incomplete pass too often is blown dead if the ref thinks it's an incomplete pass. the "crossing the plane" on the goal line is dumb. the ball should have to be touched down like the name indicates - touchdown. a "try" in rugby is literally a ball possessed by the offense that is touched down in the end zone. a touchdown is just a ball possessed by the offender and crossing the plane of the endzone.
  2. i think he wants to stay, i think atl wants him to stay. it's just a matter of dollars and cents and if his agent is a jacka$$
  3. i saw a lot of empty seats until about the end of the first quarter. after that it looked pretty full.
  4. it's tough for any rookie to be an impact and DT is definately tough. i just want to see a FA like wishful thinking haynseworth or something. as for the draft i'd say LB and OT
  5. turner broke the franchise record in his first start with ATL. of course he's gonna look slower since then. they destroyed the lions and now teams are loading up to stop turner. dc's would rather leave it up to a rookie qb then to a power rusher who can also break off a big run. turner is doing a fabulous job and is doing really well at getting yardage through the teeth of all defenses he faces. the fact he's rushing for his yardage is opening up single coverage on roddy and jenkins.
  6. i think the whole time they knew jennings was temporary and that douglas would at some point take punt returns in addition to his offensive snaps. the eagles game sped up that transition.
  7. those announcers are fox's bottom of the barrel. they did the lions-falcons game also. everyone watching knew he was getting everyone into the right play.
  8. i miss mike vick. what he did on the football field was unlike any other quarterback. people who dismissed his ability to throw must've missed 2002 and fail to recognize what the jim mora regime did to his quarterback play. a system like dan reeves' or this current system would've benefited mike vick much more than mora's. matt ryan has exceeded everyone's expectations and for him to get the accolades he's gotten so far he deserves ROTY and mike smith deserves COTY. i am psyched to see what this team has done this year. as much as i wish this was with mike vick under center i'm just as psy
  9. thanks for the update. rome is annoying and the way he interviews is annoying. but, it's always good to hear about a falcon interview.
  10. brees will get his yards and td's. the only way to slow brees down is to control the clock and keep him off the field.
  11. this is a very simple point and for the people that don't put any blame on jennings....they must be looking at the fact that the refs got the call wrong. the point is that a good punt returner doesn't have such poor judgement with a ball in the air to begin with.
  12. there are 3 sides to this story: 1. jennings blew it 2. the refs blew it 3. mike smith blew it 1 puts all the blame on jennings which isn't fair but he definitely lost his job at least long term. he may be on the team still, but he will be faded out at least by the end of the season. which is a good thing. 2 is a cop out to cover up the play on the field. there were plenty of things that atl did poorly in that game. 3 is the dumbest side. to expect mike smith to not use his TO's to prevent the clock from running out is asinine. if he didn't use his TO's he'd be lambasted for poor clock
  13. it shouldn't be just up to the coaches to get the call right. the "2:00 booth rule" is what screwed ATL. if a ref or booth ref think a call is wrong they should stop to have it reviewed.
  14. i don't think norwood is your typical punt returner. those guys need to be more of jennings' build but Jennings is horrible. a lower center of gravity and he'd be perfect, but he is a little too tall and doesn't have the same elusiveness that a steve smith or devin hester has. i'd like him more than Jennings but have thought harry douglas was the best choice.
  15. almost is close enough in the NFL. which stands for Not For Long when Jennings makes those kinds of plays. it was close enough to get called a muff so he played it poorly. people are too caught up in W's and L's and almost a muff and not a muff to see that the performance is more important. did jennings look comfortable fielding any punt yesterday? no, he did not. look back at every punt return attempt and you'll see his indecisiveness. that is why he is to blame since you don't know dirtybirdies...
  16. jennings is the only roster spot i have disagreed with all season. this isn't a surprise. the KC game should have sent red flags to this coaching staff. had that game been competetive, his muff punt could have cost a game there. but since it wasn't close nobody remembers it.
  17. he muffed against KC but nobody cares because that game was out of reach. this isn't the first time.
  18. the fact that he was close to the ball DOES make it his fault when he makes a weak a$$ attempt to catch it. he looked like a girl trying to catch that ball and for an NFL punt returner to look like that is foolish. that ball came within 2 inches of touching him and people are trying to tell me that those 2 inches makes what he did okay? please, that ball hits him 99 out of 100 times. that's why you don't let the ball bounce or if you do to run 15 yards away from the ball signaling that the ball is not being caught.
  19. the number 1 rule of fielding punts is to NOT hesitate. take a look at all of jennings' attempted punt returns against the eagles. he had more than 1 punt that he let bounce where he could have caught it. punt returners have to be decisive and he looks like he can't judge the ball in the air well enough to be a national football league punt returner. he has made many fielding errors and letting balls bounce when he could catch them. to be called an idiot is a joke. jennings does not make quick decisions with fielding punts and he looks scared.
  20. he has no decisiveness on fielding punts. the good news is he won't be here at least by next year, but he shouldn't have made the preseason cuts anyway.
  21. i think the bigger game will come from michael turner. atl will have a tough time in the passing game this weekend so it's mainly up to turner to run it down their throats. but, all it takes is a crease for norwood and he's off to the races.
  22. jenkins has proven to be worthy of the starting wideout opposite roddy. douglas is the best slot WR. i think douglas will be a better WR than laurent. WR is a position of huge strength and one reason matt ryan has been an effective passer thus far. i too liked laurent over jenkins until the start of the regular season this year. jenkins has stepped up huge and has stayed healthy. it appears laurent's biggest problem is durability.
  23. jennings should not be on the active roster. he should have found a new career by now. this is the only personnel decision that i have hated from the start. norwood can't return punts. it's different than kick-off return. punt returners need to have a little lower center of gravity than norwood has to avoid gunners . i love norwood, but he doesn't fit the body type of a punt returner.
  24. boley isn't worth a huge contract. if he demands too much let him walk. i hope we can keep him but we don't need to go al davis on him and blow our load to sign him.
  25. LOL a "mimics the falcons". that sounds completely ********. i guress all those teams will conveniently reach for sub par qb's all in the first round.
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