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  1. This idea is why Internet tough guys, message board general managers and arm chair quarterbacks need to stare at themselves in the mirror and then jam an ice pick in their retina. Garbage garbage garbage.
  2. So pass on a chit ton of underclass men coming out this year? So the two firsts next year you taking jameis whinston I bet. No thanks. Id rather go after more picks in this draft.
  3. Ffs1970 won't touch this thread again. Lose game 6 up 5 with minutes left and get run out of the gym in game 7. Oh and the braves are putting on a clinic of how not to hit the baseball. 7 game losing streak and counting. If only the falcons would aspire to be this good.
  4. I spent my childhood attending games in the late 80's and watching practice at the Atlanta health and racquet club. Great times to be part of the team. Nique and Kevin Willis always made sure the fans watching were welcome. Even played a little one on one with rumeal Robinson.
  5. Ha...naaa. I like that you called out the losers that call in. I'd recommend tunein app check out 790 and 680.
  6. Not happening. I would love to be wrong but the only way we win is if the 3 ball is falling . We make 1-2 more threes tonight and ball game. When the pressure is on the shots get harder. How about mike Scott's dunk tonight. Jesus . Nique was proud
  7. Yes and for the past several years I will only watch a live sporting event on espn channels. I like mnf because it's football and I will watch but dvr and skip all pregsme halftime and post game crap. Who needs 15 predictions on one game? It's annoying.
  8. Just expressing a differing opinion on the falcons. I don't agree they're as bad as you think. It looks to me that you're higher expectations of the falcons and lower expectations of the hawks is the root of your comparisons. Contrary to the majority around here I like your insight I just think you come up short on giving td any credit. Does he deserve blame? Absolutely. But he also deserves credit where it's due.
  9. I'm with you kgrillz. It's amazing to consider the braves haven't won a playoff series since the Astros in 2001. My gawd that's a lot of one and dones.
  10. Pretty stupid to compare seven game series to single elimination games. At least compare series wins to nfl playoff wins. Hawks won round 1 three times in the past six years. In round two got swept twice and one two games once with a record of 2-12 in the eastern conference semi finals. So with a series record of 3-9 you can compare that to a playoff record of 1-4. So 33% does beat out 25% but not quite a clinic. Edit: 3 win out of 9 series and 1 win out of 5 games. Sorry, working off of memory here on my phone. Point is ultimately it's not much of a difference.
  11. Agree Larry. It looks to me like another left handed complement to hawks and braves and an agenda driven complaint to atl front office. Just because expectations are higher in flowery branch than they are at Philips arena doesn't mean the falcons now need to aspire to be the hawks.
  12. Mike Scott won that game last night. Hawks were up by 30 and had to hang in for dear life in the 4th q. I'm not super excited they can pull off game 6 or 7 unless Scott banks in another 3 ball. Hawks are living and dying by the 3 absolutely. It all comes down to fundamentals and if they're seeing the ball go through the hoop. Korver and antic need to deliver from downtown if Scott cools off Thursday.
  13. Don't get me wrong I live and die hawk basketball I just can't get my hopes up
  14. Hawks win tonight and then lose lose a la 88 vs celtics. Nique is magifique knows hawk basketball.
  15. Just create a player for atl and make all his attributes 100. Trade him to the texans for their 1st Andre Johnson and Jj watt. Then change the created players attributes to 0 and trade back for him for a 7th round pick. Wash rinse repeat. There you have a dynasty now. Blank call me.
  16. Jamarcus over Calvin. Swift would still find a way to blame dimitroff.
  17. Wait I thought dimitroff was supposed to be fired for picks he hasn't made in this years draft. Im confused now swift.
  18. Really the funny part about these fortune Tellers is they're 50/50 predictions. These players either bust or they dont. The logic as to why doesn't even matter. Hey you're either right or wrong.yoi don't know sh1t you don't have sh1t to back anything up with you just spew nonsense and anything that ends up sticking you get to pound your chest. Yay. Move along .
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