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  1. I agree with you op. But here's your answer: because of the salary cap player x is worth y which now affects signing player z. People freak out about value.
  2. FFs I'm a huge hawks fan but even daring to imply that the falcons are in worse shape than the hawks is embarrassing bro. Braves haven't won a playoff series in over a decade.
  3. Hey FFs how's that "hawks and braves putting on a clinic" topic going??
  4. Nicknames for players on the internet. Brilliant play by a fan for 30 years. An older generation fan should carry a little more dignity in internet posting. Very sophomoric.
  5. Business dealings = the national football league. Got it.
  6. I dvr all games and then can't keep it. Praying for a bowl on the dvr
  7. 92.9 is an embarrassment. I expect ffs1970 to fall in line with those blow hards. Go with 680 unless buck and Kincaid are on. Those two are as awful as 1970's lame nicknames
  8. Extrapolating last year to this year. Don't count on any improvement uh. I didn't need to research 2013 video to realize Alford got lit up last year most rookie corners do. Answer me this: why are all of your ******** nicknames negative ones? Do you have any positive nicknames? Honestly bro you sound very sophomoric there. It's not very becoming of an older more mature fan such as yourself.
  9. How much longer do internet pu$$ies get to live behind a keyboard? Answer is the same for Matt Ryan.
  10. Agree that interior line play has been addressed. We can't get two top 5 draft picks the same year so people complaining about an edge rusher should realize jake Matthews is our pillar pick this year. You just don't get madden drafts in real life fellas.
  11. - multiple scenarios drawn up for draft - likes Rams and jags and sf draft. - scouting is key and be on same page. - ignore media and fans. - small school players that dominate were interested in. - consider opponent of the college kids. - multiple picks for one star player? Td liked spot that year to take Julio but respects either argument. - falcons didn't like Sam as a fit in 7th. Preferred special teams player.
  12. Fans are fans and we should leave it at that. The coaching staff spent the senior bowl with these kids, researched for years and especially the last 6 months. Just because Mel crapper jr or Todd junkshay give you a projected draft grade for everyone doesn't mean jack shht. How frustrated should we be if we were patriot fans where some no name qb went in round 2? Point is we don't know the inside story with these kids we only know what the garbage media shoved in our faces if we choose to follow it. My advice go play a round of golf get drunk find a chick and live life. Be a fan and support the
  13. I don't see a trade down from our 2nd. Looks clear they'll go de/olb as early as possible.
  14. Atlanta will not be trading down. That is ******** since the guys they want are the guys Dallas wants to trade up to get.
  15. Trading down to draft jake Matthews??? Wtf people??? He'd be drafted by your next pick. Be happy we got arguably the best tackle in college football from day 1. Impossible to please everyone but people saying you could've traded down and still gotten him are stuck in madden world.
  16. Because we grabbed him off a practice squad in 2008 and practice squad guys 6 years later suck now too
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