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  1. 92.9 has improved since adding mike bell. afternoon show is worth listening to. jamie dukes is putrid though. 790 is dead and 680 is now the morning show to listen to and then switch over to 92.9 after lunch.
  2. agree with this. biermann is a journeyman lucky to be on a roster player. he is in no way shape or form a difference maker on the football field. to me this shows the lack of talent in our LB corp.
  3. tj yates is giving away our play calls. can't believe hard knocks filmed him whispering blue 80 set hut in the office.
  4. being under the cap is irrelevant. if money answered everything than the yankees would win world series after world series. you have to actually have a legitimate player available to sign. who is this $20 mm lineman out there?
  5. not carrying a long snapper - who's only job on the team is to practice snapping a football - is like not carrying a punter or a place kicker who's only job on the team is to kick footballs. remember when mora jr. had koenen handle all kicking and punting duties? how'd that turn out? you don't carry an offensive lineman to also be reponsible for long snaps.
  6. so is he supposed to gut the entire roster? in a cap driven league he gets to reap what he sows. the entire staff is on a 1-2 year window to right the ship. everyone knows it. his only option is to clinch an pray that half of his busts on the line somehow pan out.
  7. how about the tackle we had on their qb that was called for a blow to the head. 1. the qb was out of the pocket and 2. he ducked at the point of the tackle. garbage.
  8. 1st preseason game with a new scheme? Jump to conclusions mat gets a new customer.
  9. the "bet" was actually just a smarta$$ remark. it wasn't a bet of any kind.
  10. ya i would've thought cleveland or buffalo would be #1, but i guess the let down losses on the big stage put us at the top. i mean 0-4 in four straight super bowls isn't something you get over.
  11. except it wasn't a bet. it was a smarta$$ comment like "if duke loses i'll jump off a bridge."
  12. http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomvanriper/2014/08/07/americas-most-miserable-sports-cities-2014/ this sucks but with all the awful memories of falcons cowboys, 2012, hawks celtics, braves twins, braves yanks...no wonder.
  13. well, the idea to get an extra possession in the third quarter is what i'm considering. i have noticed just about every other coach out there defers...anyone who doesn't?
  14. winning preseason games does matter. it shows that depth is there. but as the great marv levy said, "depth is great until you have to use it."
  15. i've often thought the 3rd quarter was our nemesis because we do always receive to start our games. i think the general preference to receive the ball in the second half is a good one because generally you'd rather win the second half than the first half. good insight on smith for sure. he hopefully has gone back to the drawing board on a lot of things after last year including his coaching style...
  16. as stated squats are primarily a quad exercise. to focus on the hamstring a better exercise is the leg curl. think of it the same as your arms with your hamstrings as your biceps and quads as your triceps. all that stated, balanced exercise to work all muscles equally is just about always the recommended weightlifting regimen.
  17. Well honestly I haven't done so either just assumed you could. I guess the challenge would be how to burn hd programming? I'll do some research and see if I can help answer that for you.
  18. I ended up having to call them last summer when high winds damaged our dish and when I told them I moved to my "new address" they gave me Sunday ticket last year for free as a moving deal of course with a new contract...but over 10 years that was the first time I had to call them for a service. After having the ticket it is worth it to have the ticket. Red zone channel is awesome and the 30 minute replays you can record the whole season and burn them to a Dvd. But still cool to have local channels for local inside interviews etc
  19. For hard core out of towners with directv here is a tip that has worked for me since 2003 in a neighboring state: 1. Call directv and tell them you need to update your service address. Give them any valid Atlanta area address such as a relative or friend. It doesn't matter if that address already had directv either. 2. Once completed you will have Atlanta local channels. 3. In the unlikely event you need a service call for a damaged dish just call them and tell them you moved to your real address. They'll show up and make repairs and if you want to after they leave a day or two later call
  20. glad you're ok with the falcons cutting steven jackson. i'm sure falcons brass is now considering it.
  21. If you want Atlanta locals just call up directv and tell them you want to "update your service address" then give them a relatives address in Atlanta. It can even be one who already has directv. Once you do this you will have Atlanta locals. I've been doing this for 12 years and the only problem you can run into is if high winds knocks your dish out of line you'll have to call them and tell them your "current" address and you just moved. They'll show up to install and you just tell them this dish isn't working... No sweat.
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