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  1. Didn't swift want to package a deal for clowney or manzell that included trading Matt Ryan?? What a doosh.
  2. if it was severe he wouldn't have been standing on the sidelines at all. coming out of the locker room to start the half he went through a warm up on the sidelines to see if he could go. that tells me it is not a sever sprain. roddy last year had a severe sprain. this shouldn't be as bad considering his ability to stand all half with helmet in hand.
  3. op i completely disagree with your logic. either: a) you don't like our gm and coach, or b)uninformed drive-by fan. it's as simple as this, nothing more nothing less: renfree probably wouldn't have cleared waivers with what he showed in PS. plus, most teams do carry three quarterbacks on their 53 man roster. the 3rd qb on the depth chart rarely is active on game day.
  4. ultimately, not allowing brees to escape the pressure is the difference maker. the push up the middle is great, but if he sidesteps the pressure and escapes a sack we'll see 40 yard bombs. we'll have to set the tone with our rushing attack and front 7 defensively to bring it home. i agree the push up the middle is key, but closing the deal is tough with agile quarterbacks.
  5. Were just waiting so New Orleans doesn't know our starting RT. It's all a ploy to out think Payton. We're so smart for doing this.
  6. Good news! Mike posted this on his refrigerator!!! I know because I have falcon underoos.
  7. entitled fans aren't entitled to jack sh!t. the only thing fans are entitled to is a 3 1/2 hour game on sundays. anything else is just fluff that coaches and players offer to get media and blow hard fans to shut the eff up. information on injuries isn't anything you deserve to know fans. understand anything a coach says about his players is designed to hurry up and get the interview over with and media the he!! out the door.
  8. i'd say what you are is blind to what the purpose of preseason football is. a coach who runs an exotic play in preseason isn't the coach i want for my team. i want my coach to save his play calls that win games for games that count towards the 16 regular season schedule and playoffs.
  9. i will be disappointed if the same thing happens in the regular season. i am not as presumptuous as you are. i don't think they'll run that play in that situation. first off they would've kicked the fg, but in a 4th and 1 situation where the opponent stacks the box like that i expect them to run a play action. the cynic fans are just above the apathetic fans, but not by much.
  10. jesus....awww this makes it sooo freaking bad. a revamped offensive line, fellas. hello. it's not the team that "had this scenario play out in the regular season and playoffs." jake matthews wasn't on this team. asamoah wasn't on this team. really sad how fans are so short sided. like winning a preseason game is more important than letting the coaches evaluate their squad.
  11. actually 92.9 interviewed one of the hard knocks producers and he indicated any footage recorded sunday is the last footage that can make it for tuesday episodes. any footage on monday is a "nightmare" to get ready for tuesday.
  12. getting up in arms about a preseason play call. jesus. the point of preseason is to evaluate players - not to out scheme your opponent. no reason to audible the play call. mike smith wanted to see how the line would handle being outnumbered inside the box. big deal. oh nooooooooooo...
  13. if coaching and play calling was the only reason we lost a preseason game then we're in as good a spot as you can possibly ask for. jesus christ are you freaking serious that you're complaining about coaching and playcalling in a freaking preseason game. the whole freaking point for coaching and play calling in the PRESEASON is to scheme as basic and vanilla as possible so that nothing is scene before the REGULAR SEASON. night night wittle fella. get a sippy cup of milk on the way back to bed.
  14. i think a lot of people wanted to see osi on the left with abe on the right.
  15. my family has had season tickets since the dome opened in 92. we've talked about what we're going to do when psl's hit. i offered to help my dad and my uncle with psl payments so we can keep our season tickets. it may or may not happen - we may pull the plug as well. but, i understand why it's happening. they must finance a new stadium. the decision is made. they want a super bowl back in atlanta. they want to host the ncaa football playoffs and championship game. it's part of running a business. fans will be pissed, but i don't think fans will run for the hills and become steeler fa
  16. i don't see the situation quite like you do. they signed a RT after a RT went on IR. they signed a former special teams ace after showing a very poor performance on special teams. they want antone smith getting more offensive touches which means his special teams role will diminish. they drafted about 4 LB's this season and didn't want akeem dent, so they traded him before they knew they would cut him for a backup qb. yates has struggled in preseason, fine, he won't play anyway for some time and will have time to grasp the play book. i don't see the problem in this. now, relying on baker,
  17. because a new stadium costs 1 billion dollars. "billionaires" don't just have a billion dollars floating around ready to pay for new stadiums. just like i can't pay cash for my home. if people don't want or can't pay for a PSL and season tickets, others will. it's a simple supply and demand concept. with 6 million people in metro atlanta and all the businesses in town, they will sell tickets no problem. folks who can't afford it can go back to finding single game tickets. sorry.
  18. i generally agree about 680 except i like their morning shows - the early show with dimino and then their lineup with finn, sandra and steak is entertaining. i think above any other radio show out there buck and kincaid are the absolute worst. i loved 790, so i basically am tuning in to those former guys. anybody know if cellini found a gig anywhere?
  19. yes you can. last season i listened to 790 on the app and it included the pregame, game and post game. it's not like baseball, at least last year...
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