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  1. all the substitutions and snap counts are over thinking the room in my opinion. pass rushers can't get into a rhythm when they are on for one play and off for 3 plays. if they're not in good enough shape to play a full game than that's on them as players and the coaching staff as coaches. if the coaches think they're smart by limiting snap counts to preserve injury and fresh legs, then i don't think the players can find a role in those limited number of snaps. pass rushing takes trial and error on the front 7's part. you have to see what failed and what worked in order to be effective on t
  2. apathy is worse than anger. when you don't care, you've lost your fan base. this was atlanta falcons football save 1980 and 1998 for 50 years. until 2008. now, i feel like we sat in a delorian and hit 88 mph back 20 years. i no longer care. i do not believe in this franchise. i will be spending my sundays with my wife and boys instead of watching football. this is THE worst defense i've ever witness play in the national football league. seriously look at the numbers posted by our opposition week in and week out. unless we catch a deplorable bucs team on a thursday night at home, we loo
  3. I don't think those men are like that. They should be fired though. Personnel on the field is an embarrassment. I can't watch it anymore. Been a fan for 30 years and I was happier in the 80s knowing Montana would torch us twice a year.
  4. Except peters is actually good. Did you see where I said he was an over achiever?
  5. the guy tore his achilles. the first year back always sucks. if he makes it through this year and into next he should be better. the falcon should recognize this and push him down the depth chart. he's not ready to be a full time starter yet. nor was he that good in the first place. a high motor guy that over achieved. now, he is recovering from a torn achilles. he may never get that motor back with a bum leg. he could be done. but he's not a quitter, nor is he taking money and running. the guy just was an over achiever who is now just an achiever.
  6. i take issue with the fact that this team in three games has forced a total of 4 punts. zero punts forced in the first half of those games. umm, that doesn't just change over night. and it's not bleeping parity.
  7. I mean ya why question the Atlanta d? Oh maybe because they hadn't forced a punt the entire first half.
  8. That's about as angry as I've been since 24-2. This time the defense is squarely the blame. I cannot continue to waste away my Sundays for this drivel. 1 punt. I know about Tampa bay game but we forced in the other three games a total of 4 blanking punts. 4. 4 in 3 games.
  9. i live next to rob in Auburn our freshman year there in 1996. he was a great man and was such a great success story starting as a walk-on at the university. the Auburn Family has lost a great person at such a young age. i am devastated for his family.
  10. This needed to be pronounced to everyone? Go get a room with ffs1970 and his " Hester prognostification."
  11. "Y'all boys like me patting myself on the back?" Move along. Dimitroff'd
  12. Actually they split Holmes and Carimi week 1 just the same prior to Matthews injury.
  13. it's called pass protection. without it, hooks, crosses and outs are all you have time for. the problem isn't too many weapons, the problem is not enough time to pass protect. look at week 1.
  14. issues as a whole are a collective issue. one thing fans need to remember is you're rarely as bad or as good as the fans/media will lead you to believe. however, in this case no sacks in 2 games, dead last in ypg defense, and forcing 2 or 3 punts total in 2 games are telling statistics. if this trend isn't changed, we may be looking for a new front office and HC by december.
  15. well, if you can only force what 2 punts in 2 games, you're going to be giving up boat loads of yards. no sacks and 3rd down conversion rate has to be about 75%. wake up call time.
  16. it looks to me to be a jimmy and joe problem. they flat out aren't as good as their counterpart lining up against them. that's a personnel decision and lays on everyone involved. not just the gm.
  17. what screams off of the tv screen to me is that whether it's offensie line or defensive front seven, we struggle to win the one on one match ups. whether it's a blitz pick up or defensive rush or blitz, our guys just get stonewalled by the man in front of them. it destroys any scheme/game plan/ route running/whatever. when you lose one on one matchups so badly, it'll blow up the best of a play call.
  18. I hadn't seen this addressed so i thought i'd create this for discussion. i unlike many here am a fan of our front office and mike smith. however, sunday smith called a timeout with less than a minute left after a first down play. it was a run to the left that atlanta stuffed. we called a timeout immediately and sure enough next play was a 20 yard or so pass to help set up a fg attempt. i imagine had we not called that timeout that the bengals would have likely let the clock run. i guess mike has confidence in his defense. it must be stubborn confidence because i thought to myself this i
  19. i also wonder through 2 games the team that has forced the fewest punts. i bet that honor would also go to atlanta.
  20. except for the tiny little detail about how dimitroff traded up to get him. that is not a no brainer.
  21. i find this to be a cop-out answer. no offense to you in particular, but in general, uhh no sh!t after three or more years anyone with a pulse can grade a draft. it's like projecting matt ryan...you either want him or you don't..swift and co. say once he wins a bowl he will be good enough for them. well, no sh!t swift. i mean let's bet on the come before the river for once in our life.
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