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  1. Wizeone I had the same feeling after San Francisco. At that point I knew that we probably will never win a bowl in our lifetimes. If we let that one slip away we probably will never be fortunate enough to be in that position again. And football doesn't matter nearly as much to me as it use to
  2. I agree with your point hateme. My point is looking back after the game finished they could have won without scoring in the 2nd half as pathetic as that is. It's ugly either way. But, fumbling an opportunity to run out the clock is what ultimately cost them that football game. Not scoring in the second half is just as bad but that game was a "w" at 21-19 at the 2 minute warning and Detroit having no timeouts left with 3 downs left. That's a fact.
  3. do you agree or disagree? i mean ya the 3rd and 25 got them back in the game. you can point to that for sure. but, when all you have to do is run out the clock at the 2:00 minute mark you win 97% of the time according to stats people who posted yesterday...
  4. i honestly didn't think we'd even come from ahead to lose up 21-0. i knew it would be close though. the point for me where i knew we would lose was after the point where i knew we would win. when harry douglas caught the first down pass on a he11 of a catch, i just knew they could ice the game with a few runs and run out the clock to a few seconds where even our inept defense could hold them at bay. but, the stone holding penalty in all actuality was what cost them the game. that resulted in the 3rd down play call of a pass. there is no doubt that another running play would have been the p
  5. Doesn't matter. A hacker practicing an atrocious golf swing isn't helping himself by beating 1,000 golf balls a day is he?
  6. interesting i remember seeing detroit snap the ball during the game a full second after the clock hit zero. yet, it's called under that scenario. to the OP's point, it's not the main story, but there are a ton of rules in the NFL that don't allow for a well flowing sporting event. replay is waaaaayyyy over blown. at this point replay should be scrapped all together and go back to refs deciding plays on the field. i remember when replay was being toyed with and people didn't like the flow of the game as a result. everyone has totally blown that up. the flow of the game is atrocious. ever
  7. pretty well written. the 97% chance of winning at the 2 minute warning is particularly daming. i was thinking to myself "surely, i'm nervous for no reason whasoever." and then stone holds suh and the rest is a domino effect of that penalty. stepping back to reflect on that 2nd half - it is a microcosm of mike smith's regime. how many times has he watch a lead blow up in his face. matt ryan bailed him out for his only playoff win under the exact same circumstance. i can no longer give two chits about this team when the continually trot out the same scenario over and over. i'll still keep a
  8. If the holding penalty didn't occur I am positive they run on 3rd down. The wr screen was a "safe" attempt at a 1st down. They were desperate for a first down at that point.
  9. Any equity gained in that game was flushed down the toilet with a holding penalty inside 2 minutes trying to run the clock out. Makes the whole game a wash. I agree he played well but Cardinal sin of a penalty. Timing of that penalty was as bad as a turnover. I don't care either way though about his penalty. This team has bigger problems than running the clock out after scoring 0 2nd half points again. Losing 22-21 or winning 21-19 Id feel the same.
  10. appreciate a fan sticking with it and reliving such misery. I've had to check out. Didn't watch sunday won't watch this Sunday and can't really dissect this in depth. Too disgusted. Kudos to you though.
  11. Yeah. No, no, no, wait a minute, I always have tuna on toast. Nothing's ever worked out for me with tuna on toast. I want the complete opposite of on toast. Chicken salad, on rye, untoasted ... and a cup of tea.
  12. Agree with clownorg. I think smith finishes the season even if it's 2-14.
  13. Worst team based on pff? What team? These are individual players. Is this the roster of your worst team? This title certainly implies the falcons until you read the post. Seeing as how the title is on a falcons message board and reads worst team based on pff...
  14. yup. not sure why perera agrees with the no call when helmet to helmet is supposed to be a penalty...like i said before, i hate the rule and the PI rules in the first place, but it should've been a flag. i'd prefer the old rules anyway then we don't have to bich about it.
  15. i see babs playing DE a lot. while he is a good athlete he needs to be at DT. it's like horford playing 5. he's good, but not his natural position. that seems to me to be the biggest problem - guys playing out of position. maybe it's only babs, but it seems to me that way...too much out thinking the room.
  16. one angle looked shoulder to shoulder. the angle showing roddy's face it was clear it was helmet to helmet. someone surly has a giff of it by now somewhere. there was absolutely helmet to helmet contact. me, i hate PI and defenseless anything. but, it sucks that they got a missed call on it. i miss the days of old where they played physical football.
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