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  1. Well I agree with the sentiment - if we can't protect Matt Ryan we lose ball games. Maybe if baker can't go his replacement will fair well ?? Who knows. Fact is, if Matt can't get protection were toast.
  2. 92.9 is the worst station I've ever listened to for sports. I'd rather watch a lifetime movie with my wife and her girlfriends.
  3. Basically ffs1970 theory goes: divide all productive stats by 5 on Julio i.e. td's, receptions, yards. But any negative play - fumbles, drops, multiply by 5.
  4. Not sure why you are so jaded on this bro. Simply informing you that throwing conjecture right or wrong on the topic is poor taste. People come on here wanting information. Your source was yourself and as obvious as the case may be its simply misleading to title a thread "with so and so out for the year" when you're predicting. I had a strong feeling kroy ruptured his Achilles but I didn't post a topic saying what to do since its true. I also didnt flame you for posting this sh1t I just am giving you my take on this.
  5. Hey you were right but the point was made which I agree with was right r wrong to title the thread as you do suggests a report was read. It really is not a good idea to title the thread that way without your source being yourself. As was stated early in right or wrong that isn't cool. People click on the thread expecting something more tangible as far as a report or w something. Just FYI I thought kroy tore his Achilles as soon as it happened.
  6. I hope I'm wrong. It just looked that way to me. Good write up rev. Even though we should've put them away early it's still a win.
  7. My guess is kroy suffered an Achilles tear. From the way the video showed the injury it clearly looked like Achilles. Very bad news. Also, with sjax not returning to the sidelines could that be a bad sign?? A win is a win is a win, but lets see how this team handles adversity going into a road game with a lot of chips down. That will be a sign of the capabilities of this team.
  8. It sure did look to me that when Ewing went down ogle tree had his arm in an arm bar and used some leverage which caused the injury. Not sure he could survive that trauma unless his arm was made of metal. It's the nfl and everyone suffers injuries. He sure hasn't been lucky with them. Now, if he was always nursing sore hammies or sprained ankles you'd have more of a point. You can't hold serious injuries against them.
  9. They should've run the play clock down to 1 second and then called timeout. No good reason not to. The only valid argument I heard was "what if New Orleans got called for a penalty and you were back to first and goal? Then you could say the extra time would be helpful." However, I say you make 3rd and 4th down the last two plays of the game to the extent possible.
  10. Hilarious how homers from other teams prance into another teams forums. boredom in the 21st century.
  11. Simplest definition is failing to perform during a critical point of the game when you otherwise would have. Or stated - when pressure causes a player to under perform. I didn't see anything like that Sunday. I saw an o-line get destroyed similar to the preseason games.
  12. No I'm simply responding to your original post that you assert he's made 4 good decisions. My first post rebutted that and then you claim there's only been 4 "key" decisions. You're the one playing semantics. I'm just stating my opinion that td has made more than 4 good decisions.
  13. Actually you said "I assert that dimitroff is coasting on three good decisions."
  14. Doubt it. At best td's getting texts or messages from friends relaying message board material. No player or personnel would waste their time on us jerk offs.
  15. Three good decisions. Did Otis Nixon count for you???? I just got three words to say "it don't get no betta den dis!" Seriously though, td has made more good moves than those you listed. Playing armchair GM is a breeze when you can cherry pick your draft years later from your couch. Harry Douglas, bierman, trufant and Alford look good, William Moore, decoud is playing for a good price....there's a lot he's done well. Unfortunately his mid round line picks have yet to pan out. That's true but he's not coasting on past glory in my opinion.
  16. Kick him in the trenches. Why do it when everyone is watching. Here's a clue fans: nobody between those lines gives a flying eff what you think about their "manhood". All of us can go back to slamming beers and bowing up but we all have no right or say as to how tough those men look and are. This isn't a pissing contest an fans don't matter.
  17. I believe he is on 790 Monday after his presser. Usually around 2.
  18. The Julio fumble changed the whole game complexion. 10 points is not much when you give up a fumble and they return it to your 30. It's also not a big lead against a brees/Payton lead team. Furthermore it's not jack when your o line forces you into numerous 3 and outs.
  19. Trades just don't happen in the nfl like they use to. I think it's because coaches and gm's like "their guys" and they "fit their system". Especially "package deals". It may work in madden but not in real life. My guess is with asante's injury he isn't worth jack.
  20. It blows. If I'm watching a game I dvr'd I just fast forward from the previous td all the way until the next play on the 20 cause its always going to be a touchback.
  21. Why negate a personal foul? If you want pay back you do it in the trenches where nobody can see it. Who knows if that did or didn't happen.
  22. Just my opinion but I don't mind it if he answered every question with the same answer. Who are we as fans and media to feel entitled to anything? The only explanation that matters is the one he gets and gives from the men in that locker room. Media press conferences are just smoke and mirrors and the smart coaches get in get out and quit effen about.
  23. Maybe it's just me but I prefer a coach who shuts the efff up and coaches.. A coach who talks as little to te media and reveals as little to the media as possible. I don't care what non-advantage it gives its still better than telling the whole world you're drafting Sheldon Williams three months before the draft.
  24. Oh and what about Sam baker ending up a play with no helmet on? I guess he just threw it off while he was dropping back.
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