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  1. Do you ever start a topic where you're not whining like a little bich?
  2. Not enough deception on the play calling in my opinion. More play fakes, slip screens, and creativity. 3 step drops with all wr's running standard routes is easy to defend in short yardage with the back of the end zone as an extra defender. We seem to run that type of simple play too often.
  3. Well it looks like another visiting team covering 30% of the seats. Another calm quiet game for the away team. Just like last week.
  4. If y'all think that was a loud crowd, well I disagree.
  5. People who give excuses about careers, kids etc. should just stay home to begin with. I'm not saying this to crap on people who left early. I'm saying this because the ga dome never offers the falcons a true home field advantage. I think the bigger problem is the amount of away fans who show up. It's sickening to hear a cheer when the opposing team scores which happens at every big game and night game. All the local Bostonians, cowboys etc show up and it ruins our HFA.
  6. I stayed til the last second ticked off the clock. People that leave early are contributing to the lack of energy that dome had all game. Home field advantage is supposed to mean something. At the ga dome it generally means very little.
  7. Tell that to kc fans. Tell that to buffalo fans. Tell that to steeler fans. There's plenty of fan bases that don't need a reason to support and cheer for their team. ATL apparently does.
  8. Red zone woes won't improve until ATL can punch in short yardage runs. Teams have no respect for our short yardage game and it allows their d to key on the skill positions.
  9. There was a definitive lack of energy on our parts in attendance. Any critical 3rd down, key play of the game for NE was met with a half hearted cheer. Most fans sat in their seats content with being generally quiet. Maybe it's due to the number of NE fans. Sickening when the visiting team gets a 1st down or TD you can here a cheer. I'm finally fed up with this as a hometown fan. 95% of the NE fans in attendance bought their pats jersey from Lenox mall.
  10. More snaps than I expected. Sunday at Miami he looked improved in my opinion. I think the value is playing him outweighs the value of sitting him from the perspective if rust. When he returns from a 2 month rehab stint it'll take another month to get into game shape, This method gets him into game shape earlier in the season. Us as outsiders have no business making definitive arguments one way or the other. We can only offer conjecture and discussion but people that deal in absolutes have little information to argue either side adequately,
  11. Maybe him playing is to keep him in game shape while recovering. Has anyone actually stopped to address his number of snaps? I'd venture to say the first game was < 10, second game < 15 and third < 20. It appears he's recovering while seeing snaps. Not a big deal.
  12. Offensive line cannot push forward on short yardage situations. Not a single team respects the lines ability to do this. Until those men prove everyone wrong, these other skill position players will have trouble finding single coverage or openings when the back of the end zone is another defender.
  13. you were just looking for a sap to pin it on, ya just met me. Well aren't ya!? Well ya.
  14. It looks to me that the o line doesn't allow for consistent drives. Once a team keys in on the slip screens, wr screens, and quick drop backs the team cannot translate to a 6 or 7 step drop for a different look. That to me anyway leads to the d coordinator being more able to predict plays and get their d in position. Miami didnt have to worry about one deep ball all game. The o line can't give matt the time.
  15. I really disliked not going for the td prior to half. We let them kick a fg which negated all our time of possession.
  16. Clearly red zone inefficiency lost this game. I was hoping mike other would go for it on 4th and goal on the 1 yd line before the half to make a statement. The sinking feeling about the 4th quarter drives is the difference between needing a fg to win and a touchdown to win. We have trouble finding the ending to say the least.
  17. Hawley will never play for this team on Sundays unless the 5 starters trip over their themselves and tear their knees in half. Hawley is one of the worst draft picks td has ever made.
  18. I don't think sjax was injured on the TD. I think it was earlier in the drive. ATL is just being cautious. I think he's day to day and may only miss 1 or 2 games.
  19. I feel ya in the frustration of the cesspool being 1-0 on us. That really is te only thing that chapps my hide. As far as being the braves of the nfl - that would mean we'd have 1 Super Bowl. So, yes bring it on. This season is far from hitting the panic button. No reason to think our young guys can't step up. Be patient and trust who this team chose on down the roster. Look, it's not like with bierman and spoon we were holding teams to 14 points. On O as long as Matt Ryan, Julio, tg, and roddy are out there well have a shot. Just pray the o line holds water.
  20. Good info. Thanks for the write up. Sounds like a good matchup for us. Even with the injuries I see it swinging our way.
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