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  1. Sprained both ankles this season one was against Brooklyn. I suspect he's battling through the weak ankles.

    I would hang on to him. When healthy he'll beat anyone off the dribble and his runners in the lane and layups are on. Until game 4 he looked like he was playing hurt.

  2. If the bs downfield PI and holding would lighten up the refs wouldn't have to be front and center of every game. I'm pretty much over the nfl. Between fines for legal hits, replays taking over the game, and every breath on a wr deemed a penalty oh and don't forget the ruining of the kickoff it pretty much is a weak a$$sport now.

    No instant replay is better than this. I'm 36 so old enough to recall the 80s and 90s form of the nfl and it will always be far far superior.

    Refs never decide the outcome. Players do. Players never blame a ref for a loss. Deal with it.

  3. FFS1970 I've considered starting a topic to say "you were right and i'm sorry." i never gave you much credit for dogging Atlanta's front office and head coach...so i'll state it here. i'm sorry. you were right and i should have given you more credit.

    i don't necessarily agree that us message board clowns could do better, but you did point out how bad these guys have been.

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