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  1. i don't think "knowing more than others forget" is much of a compliment. i think you got that backwards? he's supposed to forget more than we'll ever know.
  2. i believe if a team is not under the cap by a certain deadline, the nfl cuts player(s) until the team is under the cap. who is cut and how the nfl chooses that i'm not sure of...anyone else know more about that? obviously the 120 some odd million is not all this year spent. d orlando's way of making it look dramatic..it's like me saying i spend 200k on my home yesterday...when obviously i'm spending that over 15 or 30 years...
  3. arthur blank is a huge reason why. he's not a micro-manager, he doesn't have an ego which allows td and smith to operate as a unit who know what the **** they're doing. rankin smith and that whole era is getting further and further from my memory banks.
  4. can this topic be shoved up the op's a$$ now? :wacko:
  5. not at his salary. it's about value...his cutting has freed up money for hopefully ray edwards.
  6. i don't see any DE in the 3rd even making the team. the 3rd round is a good slot for a LB to come in, play ST's and one day start. TD has said you can never have enough LB's and CB's on your roster. this guy knows what he's doing.
  7. doesn't RW84 take just as long to type as roddy, or even roddy white for that matter? using the shift key always slows me down. anyway, one of my biggest pet peeves is this ******** use of JA55 JA98 etc...just say the freaking guys name already. but, i must be an old fart that isn't in to the new mtv generation, which by the way when i was a kid actually played music videos.
  8. jamaal anderson could now be actually the worst, no? he registered a total of 2 sacks?
  9. abe froman - the sausage king of chicago...(for you bueller fans)
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