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  1. Subliminal message to Mark Barron, please play the ball and not the man, thank you!
  2. Julio is going to set a record today, im thinking. Lets roll tide!
  3. Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' keep them elephants Rollin' Roll Tide!!
  4. We need a general on defense, i so miss Rolando McClain.. Hightower needs to fill those shoes.
  5. Well stump, i cant figure it out, imo its the tebow factor.. He motivated that team to move and go forward. It cant be that you dont have the talent, cause you do, so its my take that no one is there to motivate or move the team forward. just my take on it.
  6. Defense is just not where it needs to be! Young
  7. What was i saying about richarson duo? TD trent!!!
  8. Jim Mac's play calling is suspect! We have an awesome duo in ingram and richardson and yet your calling QB fakes. What gives?
  9. The barn #2 i dont know about that. if they are granted that spot it wont last.
  10. meyer is a good coach..Its not like florida does not have the talent, they do, they recruit well. The tebow factor is gone. Meyer does not have an answer to that loss, yet. No one is stepping up for the gators to fill those shoes.
  11. The SEC is not or never a joke the talent and overall comp is just to fierce. If we were talking the mountain west then yes a joke, but not the SEC.. The east has suffered some losses but all in all its wide open and going to be an interesting finish to say the least.
  12. Disagree. Its not a joke just wide open. The comp is fierce in the sec no easy games no gimmies anymore.
  13. Wow the gators are pitiful this year. just my take but what a set back losing the "tebow factor". where does meyer go from here?
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