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  1. ima soa higha rightnowa did any body ever consider the fact that the earth the earth is a farm put put here by aliens? soa a higha
  2. Yes , i understand that this is a football site and i myself need to pay attention to what i am going to write. FANS NEED TO PUT FOOTBALL IN ITS PLACE i love the game of football but like i said it is just a game, some people , including myself at one point take football too seriously. No i am not addresing anyone in particular but fans sometimes overreact to losses or even big wins. bottom line: football is a game (yes a freakin awesome game) but it is still a game, people overreact so much that there is even a new rule towards banning rowdy fans, so i ask no, i beg you falcon fans , do the right thing, i didnt say not to be a fanatic but put football in its rightful place 1.god 2. family 3.friends 4.work/school 5.football that is my list.
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  4. bman8


    your right ............................ but i still dont want to associate with him
  5. bman8


    i havent been a falcons fan for that long so yes, this question is serious will vick ever come back i mean he is a big stupid idiot and i dont want him with us even if he will be better than before (which is almost impossible)but will he come back to the national football league!?!?
  6. he was amaizing in hawaii coming off jail time but may not go far in NFL
  7. yea man pretty good but not very good for the heisman runner -up
  8. if we didnt have to have two then i would cut all but ryan
  9. im as freeeeeeeeeee as a bird now!!!!!!!!!!
  10. yea but ryan is loads better than him jamarcus is a piece of crap for all i care about oakland my point was tha RYAN RULES!!!!!!!!
  11. jamarcus was oaklands # 1 and so ryan is ours so lets friggin start him who cares if it jus preseason
  12. why are we starting those losers the depth chart may be temporary but COME ON if matt ryan was our # 1 choice and he is as good as he really is why start redman and harrington over him i mean jamarcus russell started in oakland right off the bat
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