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  1. Some will try to throw that "He was just a situational player" A superbowl and 4 more 12+ sack season
  2. I just think its more about a experience thing........We have young DB's..... 1 season does not make you a experience player.....Chris Owens and Chevis Jackson has a future with this team but since we are so good now we cant do a "learn on the job" type deal....... Chevis is a good NB but a experience guy like Brian Williams has seen every route in the NFL so he will have a chance to make more plays on the ball........ I want to see what happens also when Hill is activated.... I think he will take Grimes spot (as the 3rd CB) unless Grimes start making plays on the ball.... The thing that hurt
  3. I agree.... Chris Owens and Chevis Jackson should take this time to watch and learn...... The experience is needed in the backfield right now....... We actually have good future depth at CB.... We just need a #1 CB
  4. Falcons’ Jackson takes demotion in stride By D. Orlando Ledbetter The Atlanta Journal-Constitution FLOWERY BRANCH — Chevis Jackson, a third-round pick in the 2008 draft, is the odd man out as the Falcons play musical cornerbacks in the secondary. Not pleased with the play of the secondary in the preseason, the Falcons made a trade for Tye Hill and signed Brian Williams, who was released by Jacksonville. Williams had played under Falcons coach Mike Smith when Smith was the defensive coordinator for the Jaguars. He started the season opener Sunday against Miami at left cornerback. In passing sit
  5. Wow..... I love this organization and the guys running it
  6. Linkism Body balance key to Falcons staying uninjured By D. Orlando Ledbetter The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Just hours after joining the Atlanta Falcons, new cornerbacks Tye Hill and Brian Williams received their equipment, playbooks and their functional movement screens. The battery of tests, designed to reveal hidden weakness in the muscles and imbalance in the joints, is the cornerstone of the Falcons’ performance plan. And, no, Vince Lombardi didn’t exactly do it this way. The team charts data and tries to determine if there is a higher frequency of, say, pulled muscles if a player’s bo
  7. Everybody said the same thing about Shawn Nelson, and Jared Cook I like Dennis Pitta but right now he is not a great blocker and he is kinda on the older side .... I would put Dennis Pitta in the same categpory as Shawn Nelson......Both are ultra talented,fast, and athletic...... Both has the ability to be a good blocker but both has to improve on their blocking technique. I think Dennis Pitta isa 3rd round pick.... He may sneak at theend of the 2nd round but i think he will be a 3rd round pick....... Its a good chance that he will not be there at our 3rd round pick tho (he should be a high-
  8. Actually..... Brian Williams played NB on 3rd downs........They moved Grimes to the LCB spot on 3rd downs and Brian Williams played NB (during the Nickle package) ....
  9. ..Dude.... again...... I tried to get on for the 1st time today to post this spencer adkins articulate and it said im suspended for a month..... I don't know whats going on but its cool
  10. All you have to do is sit and learn Spencer Adkins...... You have the talent...... Just learn from Mike Peterson and in 2 or 3years you will get your chance........ Iwant Spencer Adkins to be like Stephen Nicholas (las year Stephen Nicholas) ....... Next year make the coaching staff find a way to get you on the field (because you have shown the coaching staf that you are a playmaker)
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