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  1. I heard that Anderson was going to be playing right tackle. He is going to sit on the right side of the bench and tackle anyone who comes close to the gatorade. I believe he will play. I think his playing time will be cut some. Hopefully this year will be his breakout year.
  2. Plus Abraham had his sacks with probably half of the snaps that Porter had.
  3. Good going gritz. I ve been on here for a little over a year and I always enjoy watching you get the trolls and dumba$$ on here.
  4. I can see Houston being traded. For a 5th round draft pick. -_-
  5. I figured he would be an improvement this year. I really think that Bierman and Sidbury are the future ends of the Falcons for a long time to come. Bierman has showed alot more already than last season. He looked pretty good last year. I just have a feeling that Sidbury is going to be an Abraham 2.0.
  6. Has any team picked up Paul Spicer. I believe he would help the pass rush and that in return would help the secondary. I love Bierman and Sidbury but I dont know if they will be starters this year. I believe Sidbury will be a beast in a year or two and Bierman has already showed alot of improvement from last year.Plus Spicer has ties to Jacksonville.
  7. I seen where the Saints released Paul Spicer former Jaguar DE, I think. Has anyone picked this guy up yet. Just wondering.
  8. I am glad that I will get to watch Sidbury. I believe he will have a great year. I think we will use him this year like we did Bierman last year. I also think that the DEs you named will have an better year than last.
  9. I think I saw him make a special teams tackle.
  10. I was really impessed with the first team offense. The Falcons looked good as a whole. I am really excited about this season.
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