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  1. My only concern are the lines. I’m more than fine with the other position groups. A recurring issue for the Falcons. If the lines perform better than expected, so will the Falcons.
  2. Overall measurables on Etheridge are average but he is green where it counts for an inside linebacker.
  3. Etheridge really stood out. I had to look up his measurables after that performance. He has strong explosion numbers and a very fast 10-yard split at 1.61. It translated on the field.
  4. Agreed. To add to that… he displayed poise under pressure and made relatively good decisions (his biggest criticism in college). The first dropped ball was a laser.
  5. He will see the field. PlayStation is perfect for the zone blocking scheme we will run. Better than Michael Carter.
  6. I said he was our best LB “last” year. Which is true.
  7. Foye was our best LB last year ... let’s hope cap limit is majorly raised next year.
  8. I believe Mayfield and DD will be starting. Dalman is stronger and more athletic than Hennessy and it’s not even close. He is also smart as a whip and perfect for the new zone blocking scheme. He was hand-picked for it.
  9. We invested in the line with two recent first-rounders. And Hennessy. Just need a LOG.
  10. No chance with the JM restructure unless they think Mathews can move inside. Very doubtful.
  11. I’m ok with Collins, Paye or Lance at 12. SF is our best chance at a trade down.
  12. I’m not comparing the top QBs year-to-year ... only the number of top tier QBs coming out this year. There are at least 4 that could be considered top 15 and possibly 6 top 32. Only time will tell which draft year yielded the best QBs when this settles out... but don’t be surprised if it’s this one.
  13. The problem is this is a crazy strong draft for QBs. Similar to the 2010 draft for TEs. And a weak one for defense in the top 10. In fact in other draft years the top 4 QBs could have gone number 1. I’m sure we will try to trade back but if we can’t, don’t be surprised if we take Lance or Fields. And if we can, don’t be surprised if we still take a QB at some point and part ways with Schaub.
  14. Actually Trey Lance has the most upside. Maybe we can trade back and still draft him. also Jets may not go QB.
  15. Nothing official yet but multiple reports now. Wikipedia actually states he is our DC. I’d be ok with that. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Pees
  16. You could literally make a living betting on the opposite of anything La Conforna says.
  17. The existing line will thrive in an outside zone blocking scheme.
  18. You would prefer at least a Russell Wilson level of mobility... both QBs have that. They both also have arms and are accurate. Temperament is probably the biggest difference with one firey and the other stoic. Pros and cons to both.
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